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Comprehensive women's health, for believing in women's health is the most important issue you must seek to, there was a need to have such a center only for women. 

Comprehensive women's health not only a term، but an entity concerned with women's health، by all love and care for all of the women because there was a high need to the foundation of this amazing edifice for whatever the female has ensuring right diagnosis, proper treatment, the appropriate consulting for each


So let's talk about everything related to comprehensive women's health. 

Comprehensive women's health

The location of comprehensive women's health & phone number

The address is 724 NW 43rd Street, Gainesville, FL 32607 Phone number is (352) 332-7222. 

Fax is (352) 332-7330

Services of comprehensive women's health 

You can enjoy a set of distinctive services in comprehensive women's health, as it has well-trained physicians board-certified diplomates in gynecology and obstetrics, and also specialize in all aspects of women’s health. 


As we mentioned before comprehensive women's health has a team of professional gynecologists well trained who specialized in :

  • Well-Woman Health Maintenance and Preventive Care

  • Family Planning and Contraceptive Management

  • Menopause Management

  • Management of Abnormal Pap Smears

  • Infertility and Gynecologic Surgery

  • Pelvic Floor Therapy Also, they participate in testing and diagnosis including

  • Annual Screenings

  • Urodynamics (urinary incontinence testing)

  • Hysteroscopy (diagnostic assessment of structural abnormalities of the uterus including abnormal bleeding)

Comprehensive women's health


Comprehensive Women’s Health is here to help you through every step of your pregnancy. Your health, and your baby's health, are our main priorities.

We specialize in high-risk obstetric care. Visits include highly diagnostic and treatment procedures, recommendations for keeping you and your baby healthy, and a lot of time for having a discussion. Phone calls are answered personally every day, as early as 7:30 am – as well as during lunch hours.

Ranked as one of the top 10 maternity units in the country - the comprehensive women's health Center at North Florida Regional Medical Center is where they deliver all of the babies.


In comprehensive women's health, there is the highest technical mammographer that uses X-rays to diagnose and locate tumors of the breasts. So in one place designed only for your convenience, you can get your mammogram and visit your doctor and save your effort and time.



If you have any of the below symptoms you may have hormonal imbalance:

  •  Difficulty sleeping

  • Lack of Energy

  • Lack of focus and memory

  • Moody, anxious or depressed

  • Weight gain, including increased fat around the midsection

  • Inability to lose weight regardless of diet and exercise

  • Decreased muscle strength Muscle and/or joint pain

  • Reduced sexual desire and performance. 

So after testing and diagnosis, female hormone replacement therapy must start, if there is a hormonal imbalance. It can be taken in the form of patches, creams, pills, or pellets. These treatments and therapies contain estradiol, progestin, and testosterone. Hormone replacement therapy helps in many different symptoms including emotional, reproductive,  and non-reproductive symptoms.


Hormone replacement therapy helps those whose hormones are out of balance at any age. However, the most common time women need hormone replacement therapy is when they reach the menopause period. There are three stages to menopause, perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause. There are also cases in which a woman has imbalanced hormones, as proved by excessively painful menstrual cycles and extreme mood swings.


In comprehensive women's health, you will enjoy a healthy life for you and your baby, with the most professional gynecologists providing you all the care and services you need in every chapter of your life. 

Written by: Dr. Sahar Eisa


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