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Covertus animal health is a leading company that is offering veterinary supplies, products, and services for the healthy life of animals such as nutrition, grooming….etc

Covertus animal health enhanced the leading practice management software to help veterinary clinics drive better outcomes and compete online.

It is serving approximately 1000 veterinary practices with more than 35000 pets which are benefiting from wellness plans enabled by VCP.

By adding VCP's technology to the company system is making wellness accessible for both practices and pet parents to help veterinarians strengthen their relationships with their clients.

VCP's technology enables veterinary clinics to deliver plans designed to their treatment protocols and specific client needs, it is headquartered in Irvine California.

It is the source of livestock veterinary products. its products, performance, and solutions increase your efficiency, productivity, and ultimately cash flow.

Covertus animal health presents a livestock gear up program to earn rewards for growing livestock business.

PSI vet service through covertus provides mixed animals practice veterinarians with more tools to improve the efficiency of companion animal clinic activity, this department with discounts and services that can help them to save thousands of dollars per year.

Equine therapy is a single-vet practice that provides style care focused on sports medicine.

PSIvet member providing care for equine patients, so clients will receive all the savings and services of membership plus exclusive benefits from Covertus.

It is a trusted advocate with extended services and support systems that help independent veterinarians go toe-to-toe with corporate competitors and succeed.

This company presents supplies and equipment and products for the equine veterinary practice.


       Covertus animal health


Some Of Covertus Animal Health Products :

It presents a lot of products that serve in many directions such as : 

Nutrition : 

It is a vital part of keeping the animal healthy so covertus animal health offers extensive lines of prescription pet foods such as:

  • KMR kitten powder 

  • PRO plan veterinary diet canine gentle snackers

  • PRO plan feline adult savor shredded blend chicken with rice formula

  • PRO plan puppy focus chicken and rice formula 

  • Pro plan canine adult savor braised beef with wild rice entree.

  • Pro plan veterinary diet canine en gastronomic low-fat formula

  • Pro plan veterinary diet DRM naturals dermatologic management.


Grooming :

Covertus animal health browses a large selection of professional grooming supplies and grooming equipment such as:

  • Pulse L 15 clipper

  • Cord/ Cordless nail grinder, 2-5 speed

  • Aloe and Oatmeal shampoo

  • Stainless steel ceramic edge blade

  • Miconahex + Triz spray 

  • Douxo calm mousse


Dentistry : 

Dental health provides much more than fresh breath or white teeth for a pet because an unhealthy mouth can lead to severe problems.

Periodontal disease appears in pets over 3years old and it may not be visible but it can be painful for the pet and will get worse without proper dental care, so routine dental cleanings can prevent periodontal disease and detect health.

Covertus animal health presents a wide variety of veterinary dental equipment and dental supplies such as:

  • Vetro high-speed handpiece 

  • Luxator, luxating dental elevator

  • Equine mouth speculum save, economy McPherson style


Veterinary Examination:

This company is offering all veterinary supplies for the veterinary Exam room including exam tables, medical supplies and more such as:

  • Microchips-save this left pet recovery system, platinum vet pack

  • For- BID packet 

  • Elastikon stretch adhesive tape roll

  • J-lube

  • Monoject disposable needle 


Boarding and Kennel:

Covertus animal health offers kennel supplies and equipment for animal accommodations such as :

  • Modular stainless steel, cage unit

  • Polyethene lash with ring 

  • Sedivet injection 

  • Norm foal paste

  • Bio-sponge equine intestinal adsorbent paste

  • Dexomitor injection 



Covertus animal health company providing product distribution, practice management software and online pharmacy services for veterinarians such as:

  • Thyro-tabs for dogs

  • Gent-L-Tip enema

  • Nutri-cal supplement gel

  • Salix tablets 

  • Panacur equine paste

  • Regumate oral oil solution 

  • Betadine solution 


This company offers surgical supplies and equipment for veterinarians including veterinary surgical tables and pet surgical supplies to accommodate the practice's unique surgical suite throughout their online market such as:

  • Operating scissors

  • Tomcat catheter

  • Backhaus towel clamps

  • Stomach tube

  • Instrument sterilization wrapper

  • Stomach pump


Treatment And Recovery:

This company provides the veterinary clinic with the necessary tools for treatment and recovery such as :

  • Piezowave 2 vet equine system

  • CTX-IQ companion therapy laser

  • LED 130 treatment light

  • KVP cura patch

  • Christy sponge

  • Kerlix AMD super sponge 

  • Argyle penrose tubing 


Imaging and radiology :

The company browses extensive offering of imaging and radiology products include x-ray and ultrasound equipment such as :

  • HF100 + x-ray generator 

  • TR90 tough ray and x-ray generator 

  • Bloxr mitts for radiation protection 

  • Mindray DP-30 vet portable ultrasound system with 1Probe

Vaccines :

Because animals become more socially involved in pet owner's lives, the need for a proper vaccination regimen becomes more important.

It offers the top animal vaccines from the most popular manufacturers such as:

  • Botavex B vaccine(clostridium botulinum toxoid)

  • Tetanus toxoid concentrate injection

  • Pneumabort K+1B vaccine

  • Nobivac feline 1-HCP vaccine

  • Rabvac Rabies vaccine

  • Strep Vac 2 vaccine 

  • Nobivac canine vaccine

Covertus animal health



Dr Liza Malony (owner, equine therapy) said that: the Covertus Prescription Management Platform has revolutionized my ability to engage my clients and grow revenues without having to work longer hours, more than any other new system 


The Covertus Prescription Management Platform, not only creates and renews prescriptions easier than ever but also powers deeper inventory management and client engagement.


Resource Center :

Covertus animal health allows the pet owner to obtain information about animal health, marketing tips, practice management, regulatory information, news and more.

Featured resources are the mastitis tube reference chart and fela, tick and heartworm product chart.



Covertus animal health presents the right medicine, services and products at the right price and the right time.


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By:  Dr.Islam Mahmoud Saleh

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