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Boil under armpit home remedy can be very effective in treatment of small, painful boils , the maximum effect will be shown if used with traditional therapies.

If you use home remedies as directed you will see the best results within days to three weeks. 

Boil Under armpit home remedy can also cause dermatitis or skin irritation so you must do a patch test at first.


Causes Of Boil Under Armpit:

The main cause of Boil Under the Armpit is a hair follicle infection which is often by  Staphylococcus aureus. 

When the pus is collected under the skin with a hair follicle in the centre,  a boil is formed.

Many times boils are due to autoinflammatory issues such as hidradenitis suppurativa.


Causes Induce Staphylococcus aureus Infection:

1- Excessive sweating.

2- Shaving. 

3- Poor Hygiene.

4- Immune system deficiency.


The Infected Area Will Show Symptoms As:

1- Redness.

2- Raised area.

3- Lesion with additional pus. 

4- Itching.

5- Pain. 

6- Fever. 

 Usually, boil under the armpit open and drain in 2 weeks and not considered as a life-threatening condition. 


Top Boil Under Armpit Home Remedy:

1- Warm Compress: 

Applying heat by warm compress for 20 minutes each time is a favourable boil under armpit home remedy.

 Applying heat will increase blood circulation, which means increase the number of white blood cells and antibodies in the infected area which can fight the microorganism. 


Boil under armpit home remedy

2- Epsom Salt: 

Epsom salt is not considered only as a relaxing remedy but it can be used as a boil under armpit home remedy.

Epsom salt may be effective in drying out the pus.

Epsom salt compress is prepared by dissolving salt in warm water then soak the compress in the solution and finally adding the compress to the area for 20 minutes each time.

You have to buy Epsom salt from a reputable supplier.


Boil under armpit home remedy


3- Turmeric Powder: 

 Turmeric powder has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties so it can be used as a boil under armpit home remedy.

Both methods for using Turmeric powder even topical on the infected area or taken oral are effective. 

 You can take Turmeric powder orally by boiling one teaspoon of turmeric powder in water or milk then drink it 3 times daily.

Turmeric supplement may be effective but you should take it with caution as it also contains black pepper extract which increases absorption of curcumin. 


4- Tea Tree Oil: 

Tea tree oil is a powerful antimicrobial and antiseptic agent so it can be helpful to boil under armpit home remedy.

Tea tree oil is an essential oil so that it can't be applied directly to the affected area, it must be diluted by a carrier oil such as coconut oil or jojoba oil or olive oil not to cause irritation or burning sensation to the sensitive area. 

Apply the diluted tea tree oil 3 times daily by cotton swab to the boil until it completely recovers.


5- Castor Oil: 

Ricinoleic acid which is the main active ingredient in Castor oil is a potent anti-inflammatory and has antimicrobial activity, this active ingredient makes castor oil a good boil under armpit home remedy.

Castor Oil can be applied directly to the infected area until the complete recovery.


6- Neem Oil: 

Neem oil is known as Indian lilac which is considered a boil under armpit home remedy.

 Neem oil is a powerful antiseptic, antibacterial, and antimicrobial active ingredient, which effectively treats skin conditions. 

Neem oil can be applied directly to the boil until the complete recovery.


Boil under armpit home remedy


7- Tridax Daisy Oil: 

Tridax daisy or coat buttons is a tropical weed that is commonly used as a boil under armpit home remedy. 

Tridax daisy oil is an essential oil that comes from leaves, stems, and flowers of the plant with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activities.

Like all essential oils, Tridax daisy Oil should be diluted by a carrier oil like coconut oil or castor oil before applying to the affected area.


Boil under armpit home remedy


8- Onions: 

Onions are considered a dual mechanism boil under armpit home remedy.

Onions contain natural powerful antibiotics which are called Allicin, so onions can help in drawing the pus out of the boil.

Applying Onions directly to the skin will generate heat and stimulate blood circulation especially WBCs.

Direct application of onions should be done with caution as onions can cause irritation or rash for the sensitive area.


Boil under armpit home remedy

9- Garlic: 

Garlic is also a member of the allium plant family, so like onion garlic contains the natural antibiotic Allicin.

Squeeze the garlic clove, apply the liquid directly to the boil then cover it.  

For potent effect, a combination of garlic juice and onion juice is recommended. 

If your boil is open, garlic juice will be used to prevent infection from spreading but in this case, you should rinse afterwards. 

Like an onion, garlic can cause irritation or skin rash, especially in long term use.


Keep In Mind: 

Boil under armpit home remedy methods ( except warm compress ) aren't routinely recommended as side effects are unknown. 

OTC antibiotic ointments like Neosporin, bacitracin, or Polysporin aren't helpful as they can't penetrate the skin so they won't work, also they are a common cause of allergic contact dermatitis.


You Have To See The Doctor In Case Of: 

1- The boil under the armpit grows rapidly.

2- The boil under the Armpit doesn't improve in two weeks. 

3- Carbuncle, which is a group of boils, affects a large area of the skin. 

4- Long term home treatment with no improvement.

5- You have Diabetes mellitus or any immune system disorders. 

In this case, the doctor may give you a prescription for antibiotics or open and drain the boil. 


Some Advice In Armpit Boil Treatment: 

1- Never squeeze your boil as it may lead to bacteria spreading and worse your case. 

2- Apply antibacterial soap to clean the infected area.

3- Adding a warm or wet compress on the boil with pressure may help.


Boil Under Armpit home remedy usually shows the effect within days to weeks even the boil can improve and heal by itself within two weeks.


If your boils become larger or still more than two weeks, you should call your doctor as you should have a prescription for antibiotics or your doctor may open and drain the boil.

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By: Dr. Esraa Hassan Khamis

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