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Gum boil home treatment is the simplest and the fastest way to deal with the symptoms, but the abscess must be treated and drainage by a dentist. 

What is the gum boil? 

A gum boil is an abscess on the gum surface, it looks like a bump filled with pus and is painful once touched, it is characterized by swelling in the surrounding area, however, in some severe cases, this area gets red.

Gum abscesses are different from dental abscesses, although they may share some of the same treatment, and the symptoms which gum boil home treatment may help to relieve them.

Gum Boil Home Treatment


Types of gum boil:

Types of gum boil are based on the abscess location, it divided into 3 types:

1-In the gum line: Gingival abscess

2-Within the tooth: Periapical abscess

3-In the gum tissue: Periodontal abscess


Symptoms of gum boil:

The major symptoms are pain and swelling in the infected area, the pain will make you uncomfortable and you will find it difficult to eat or drink or speak but other symptoms may appear and annoy you as:

1-Bad odor in your mouth.



4-Bleeding from your gum. 

5-Pus discharge from your mouth. 

6-Bad taste in your mouth.

7-Pain inside your ear. 

8-Loose teeth.

Some of these symptoms are easy to be treated by gum boil home treatment, but the boil must be drainage by a dentist.

Gum Boil Home Treatment


Causes of gum boil:

 Gum boil is caused by infection of bacteria and this bacteria is able to invade this area due to :

-Dental abscess 


-Trapped food particle 

-Not paying any attention to personal hygiene in this area.

Your body gives a response to this infection by sending immune cells and blood cells to the infected area, that’s why this area gets swallowed, red, and forming pus.

To avoid any serious problem, you should visit the dentist before this bacteria get spread or multiply.


Dealing with gum boil issue: 

Your dentist will manage the treatment protocol, give you some advices, and recommend a gum boil home treatment to deal with gum boil issue as:


Your dentist will give you a prescription that contains a course of antibiotics to kill, eliminate the growth of causing bacteria, and prevent the spreading of infection, this will reduce the pain and swelling in your gum.

Antibiotics will give fast results in a short time because they go deeper, unlike the topical treatments which reach the boil only.

2-Deep cleaning procedure:

A deep cleaning procedure is recommended to remove any plaque and support the gum healing 

2-surgical removal of the boil:

It May also be recommended by your dentist the dentist will make a small incision to the swell area to drain it and remove the pus.


Gum Boil Home Treatment

Gum boil home treatment:

1-Saltwater rinse: 

Add half a teaspoon of table salt to a half cup of warm water and rinse it then use it as a mouthwash, if the salt sinks there is no problem, but be careful not to swallow it, use it 4 or 5 times daily to give you an acceptable result. 

It is a popular gum boil home treatment, it has an anti-inflammatory effect, it can reduce the pain and promote the healing of infected gum.


Gum Boil Home Treatment

2-Baking soda:

Baking soda is used the same as salt water, add half a teaspoon of baking soda to a half cup of warm water then use it as mouthwash then split it out.

Use this way more than twice daily to get an acceptable result. 

Baking soda is another option of gum boil home treatment, it has an antibacterial effect that may help the healing process.


Gum Boil Home Treatment

3-Hydrogen peroxide:

Mix equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and warm water then rinse your mouth with this mixture.

Hydrogen peroxide is a very strong gum boil home treatment that can kill bacterial infection and reduce plaque.


Peel a clove of garlic and bite it then leave it for minutes against your infected gum, although you may don’t like the smell or the taste of garlic the effect may be worth it.

Garlic is used as a gum boil home treatment that can be easily found at home,

its active constituent “Allicin” has an antibacterial effect that can reduce bacterial infection and can relieve pain.


Gum Boil Home Treatment

5-Aloe vera gel:

A gum boil home treatment which has an antibacterial effect against gum abscess, it’s effective in stopping the pain of the gum boil.

 Apply the cold aloe vera gel in the infected gum to relieve the pain, it’s safe to ingest food containing aloe vera, it’s also easy to apply aloe vera liquid to your gum.

Gum Boil Home Treatment

6-Fenugreek tea:

Pour a glass of boiling water into one teaspoon of fenugreek, allow this mixture to cool then apply it to the infected gum, use it twice daily or more.

Fenugreek tea is the most popular gum boil home treatment, it has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect on gum boil that can relieve the pain and reduce the inflammation in this area.


Gum Boil Home Treatment

7-Essential oils :

Essential oils are recommended in case of gum boil because of their ability to alleviate the pain and eliminate the inflammation. 

Essential oils should be cool before applying on the gum, dip a ball of cotton into the cool oil then apply it to the infected tissue.

Here are some essential oils that are used as gum boil home treatment:

1-Oregano oil:

Oregano oil has been proved that have antibacterial and antioxidant properties on the infected tissue.

Mix oregano oil with a carrier oil, dip a ball of cotton on the mixture then swap it to the infected area.


Gum Boil Home Treatment

2-Thyme oil :

Thyme oil is used as gum boil home treatment because it has been proved that it can kill bacteria or parasites and eliminate the infection which results in relieve the pain and reduce swelling.

It has two ways to use:

-It can be used the same as oregano oil. 

-Or used as a mouthwash by adding it to a small glass of warm water. 

3-Clove oil:

Clove oil has a long history of being used as toothache because of its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

It can be used as:

-Dilute oil on a ball of cotton to swab to the infected gum.

-Or as a mouthwash by adding it to a small amount of water. 

Other essential oils could be used as:

1-Lavender oil.

2-Tea tree oil.

3-Coconut oil.


Personal hygiene is very necessary, so please always keep your mouth and your teeth clean to avoid any issue that will make you suffer and not able to enjoy your favorite food or drinks.


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