Top 13 Ways To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Naturally

Good night, sleep tight and get rid of bed bugs naturally to prevent the bloodsuckers from stealing your peaceful sleeping.

Bed bugs are smart enough to be hidden in crevices and avoid sunlight making them a pest not to be underestimated.

Fortunately, we can become even smarter because we have a variety of control options to get rid of bed bugs naturally you just need to know what to do.


Get rid of bed bugs naturally

How do know when you have got an infestation? 

Bed bug bite marks are one of the most noticeable signs, but you won't be able to feel them since bed bugs inject an anesthetic and anticoagulant when they bite you.

The majority of people aren't aware they've been bitten until bite marks develop, which can take anywhere from one to several days.

In the meantime, there are a few other major indicators to look for. If you see bed bugs or themselves in your mattress and sheets, you have an infestation; however, if they have gone into hiding, you may notice rusty-colored blood spots on your mattress or nearby furniture, along with a sweaty, musky odor. So you can call a professional exterminator or read the next effective ways to get rid of bed bugs naturally.


1.Steam away from the bugs 

Releasing steam around the house can help take care of bed bugs. Steam can assist lure the bugs out of their hiding places, and at high enough temperatures, it can even kill them.


Get rid of bed bugs naturally


Lemongrass is one of the most effective ways to get rid of bed bugs naturally and forever because it kills them not just repelling them like other natural ways. The acid kills the bugs as well as their eggs. Because they loathe the fragrance, it also serves as a deterrent.


3.Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth is a type of diatomaceous. This product is effective against a variety of insects, including fleas. It's made of naturally occurring finely crushed sedimentary rock. To get the best effects, spread it all over the floor, as well as in cracks and crevices. The thin powder, which is made up of microscopic shards that kill insects, takes up to 10 days to work.


Get rid of bed bugs naturally

4.Stiff brush 

Use a stiff brush to get rid of bed bugs naturally from the mattress seams. That's also an effective way to get rid of eggs that can withstand a vacuum cleaner's suction.


5.Bean leaves 

Bean leaves act as natural flypaper, trapping insects such as bed bugs. The limbs of these critters were entangled and impaled by the minute hairs on the leaves. Prepare to be impressed if you place these leaves on the floor of any room with unwelcome guests.


6.Silica gel 

Do you know those little packets of silica gel that come with new shoes and clothes? You can use them to get rid of bed bugs. According to studies, the gel can aid in the absorption of lipids from the cuticle of bed bugs, causing them to dehydrate and dry out.


Get rid of bed bugs naturally

7.Place your dirty laundry in plastic bags

If you regularly have your clothing cleaned at a laundromat, make sure to transport them in sealed plastic bags. It's also a good idea to keep your things in plastic bags at home to keep bed bugs out.


8.Dry ice

Dry ice can kill bed bugs by releasing carbon dioxide which attracts insects. Fill an insulated jug with dry ice and lightly coat the base with talc powder to help keep them inside.


9.Vinegar spray

Vinegar contains an acetic acid that hurts the neurological system of insects. So you can use it to make a spray to get rid of bed bugs naturally by spraying them directly.


Get rid of bed bugs naturally

10.Combine the cayenne pepper, oregano, and ginger

You may also make a spray with spices you already have in your spice closet. Combine the water, cayenne pepper, oregano, and ginger in a large mixing bowl. Fill a spray bottle halfway with it and squirt the afflicted regions with it.

The pungent scent of oregano, mixed with the spiciness of cayenne pepper and ginger, will keep bed bugs at bay.


11.Dry your clothes at high heat 

Bed bugs should be killed by washing bedding, linens, curtains, and garments in hot water at temperatures over 47°C.


Get rid of bed bugs naturally

12.Essential oils 

Using essential oils is one of the most useful ways to get rid of bed bugs naturally by acting as an insecticide according to a study in America. 

Geraniol, rosemary oil, mint oil, cinnamon oil, peppermint oil, and clove oil are among the natural ingredients that can kill 90 percent of bed bugs. If you want to make a spray, mix lavender oil, peppermint oil, and water into a spray bottle. 



Using a strong vacuum cleaner and a strong hose attachment, sucking the babies up. Vacuuming should be done at least once every few days when fighting an infestation. Vacuum thoroughly the mattress, sheets, and soft furnishings like sofas and plush chairs.

Begin on higher ground and work your way down, paying great attention to the carpet, floors, and any cracks in the walls.

When the vacuuming is done, throw the vacuum bag as far away from your house as possible.


How do you get bed bugs?

After we knew how to get rid of bed bugs naturally, here's the time to find out how to get bed bugs. Travel is a huge catalyst for bed bugs infestation as they can hitch a ride back home with you in your luggage and on your clothes. So always check your hotel for bed bugs. Examine the baggage racks, upholstered furnishings, headboards, and bed frames in addition to the bed.

If the luggage rack is bedbug-free, keep your suitcase there instead of on the bed or the floor.

And when you get a home wash and dry your clothes in hot water. 

Another way you can get a bed bug infestation is from second-hand items like clothes or furniture.



Bed bug infestations are inconvenient and expensive, So take every precaution you can and always remember that: "An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure."


By: Dr. Aliaa Nabil

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