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Are you looking for the best products for low porosity hair?

Sometimes the appearance of dry hair with low porosity causes concern for some women, so they resort to searching for more than one product in an attempt to eliminate this problem.

Is there a quick and effective solution to this problem? Of course, but you must know the cause and treatment method to get the best results.

Best products for low porosity hair

What do we mean by low porosity hair?

Many of us always suffer from the problem of curly hair, as the hair may seem very dry, so it is necessary to look for a solution to moisturize and maintain the hair. It is possible to enter the bathroom to wash the hair and the hair does not move to the stage of moisture, which means that the hair is less porous.

"Low porosity hair is resistant to water absorption and rapid loss due to the tighter hair structure," said dermatologist Francis.



The follicle is a channel or tube for components to enter the hair shaft. Therefore, we can create a simple equation that hair with low porosity is more impermeable to water and moisture because it contains intertwined hair fibers that form a barrier to water entry that is difficult to penetrate.

Dr. Francis summed it up and said, "Hair porosity refers to the extent to which the hair shaft opens to receive and lose the substance, which is mostly water and moisture."


Treatment method:

We found through many experiments and as Dr. Hill explained that the best way to open the hair cortex and thus treat low porosity is to create an alkaline environment to get the best results, so washing hair with alkaline shampoo helps to introduce moisture into the hair, the ingredients of the shampoo help well to lighten the skin and break down the protein That's why Dr. Francis emphasized, "Alkaline ingredients open the skin to facilitate absorption; acidic ingredients close the skin's pores."

A major question that may be on your mind is, isn't protein cracking bad for hair?

Hill explains that this process is an effective way for moisturizers to penetrate the hair fibers deeper, increasing the elasticity, softness, and shine of the hair.

Curler, Jamila Powell, points out that dry hair that does not accept moisture needs to be moisturized frequently. The best way to do this is to wash your hair frequently with deep conditioning. Low porosity hair needs a lot of moisture, often using water which is the best way to do this.

Dr. Gaunitz notes that using alkaline water or products with a pH greater than 8 can effectively increase hydration.

After shampooing it acts as a sticky moisture layer directly enough to penetrate the skin, the next layer should be straight away from the sebum. 

You should not use materials that contain heavy oils because they stand on the hair and do not absorb. First, you must use moisturizing products such as natural glycerine, lanolin, avocado, jojoba, and shea. These products facilitate opening the pores and moisturizing, so it is easy to absorb. Refreshments permanently. 


The Best Products For Low Porosity Hair :

1- Cleaner: Briogeo Be Gentle Be Kind Banana + Coconut Nourishing Superfood Shampoo:

The use of this cleanser is essential for care, as it contains fatty acids and coconut enriched with vitamin E, which is the best solution for moisturizing low-porosity hair without stripping the hair. This cleanser has been awarded the Allure Readers' Choice Award.

Best products for low porosity hair

2-Conditioner: Design Essentials Almond & Avocado Moisturizing & Detangling Conditioner:

To ensure the penetration of moisture and its depth in the skin, Burton recommends the use of a steamer like blow dry, because the heat helps to open the skin, which ensures the penetration of moisture to the hair follicles, but before using the heat, the conditioner must be applied. 


3-Conditioner: Oribe Intense Conditioner For Moisture And Control:

This conditioner is one of the best products for low porosity hair, as it holds the brand in moisturizing and strengthening hair, as it gives hair gloss and smoothes curls.


4-Treatment: Naturally Drenched:

Rebalancing the hair is one of the necessary steps to restore the acidity of the hair and re-moisturize it. There are many natural materials available that work to rebalance the hair, such as aloe vera, honey, and glycerin. It must be rebalanced before applying the conditioner.

Best products for low porosity hair

5-Oil Treatment: Kreyol Essence Haitian Black Castor Oil:

After the success of the hair moisturizing process for easy penetration of low-porosity hair, castor oil is one of the best oils for low porosity hair. It has a tremendous ability to make it thicker with the help of fatty acids and vitamin E, and it also contains lavender that works to calm the scalp. 



Hair with low porosity and less water absorption should be specially treated to get the best results through the use of a good cleanser, heat, conditioner, and certain types of oils to restore moisture, density, and shine again.

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By: Dr. Nada Elashkar

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