The Best Tighten Neck Skin Home Remedies | Step by Step

Tighten neck skin home remedies is the dream of every woman who loves to get rid of sagging and loose neck skin without spending a lot of money and women who don't like chemical products or surgical procedures.


Tighten neck skin home remedies

Wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin are some signs of aging. When you grow old your skin grows old too because it loses its elasticity due to the loss of collagen and other components that make your skin look tight and smooth.


Although you may be young because of some causes like smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, weight loss, dehydration, bad dietary habits, etc your skin may look older.


Most of the women care a lot about their faces but they do not give their necks the same amount of care which makes them look looser and saggier so in this article we will tell you some of the best tighten necks skin home remedies which you can apply easily at home. 


The Best Ten Tighten Neck Skin Home Remedies 

1- Aloe Vera Gel Mask


The first tighten neck skin home remedies we have is an aloe vera gel mask.

Aloe Vera is a plant that you can plant at your home easily with less amount of care and cost. 

Aloe Vera gel ( the translucent gel inside aloe vera leaves )  has astringent power on the skin so you can use it for sagging neck skin it will help to make it look tighter and younger. 


Let's see how you can make it step by step:

1- To make a skin lifting aloe vera gel mask you need to scoop out the gel from an aloe vera leaf

2- spread the gel across your neck.

3- make sure that you spread the gel upward 

4-let it still on your neck for ten minutes then rinse. 

5- repeat these steps two or three times per week to get satisfied result.


2- Green Tea Mask 

The second tighten neck skin home remedies we have is the green tea mask. Green tea extract contains polyphenols which make it a powerful astringent. So that green tea can tighten your neck skin effectively when applied topically. 

Green tea also is a great antioxidant that helps your body to get rid of free radicals that cause health problems including early aging so drinking one cup of green tea daily may help you to have tighter skin generally. 


Now let's jump to steps:

1- First mix three teaspoons of matcha green tea powder with two teaspoons of molasses syrup 

2- The mix will make it a smooth paste 

3- Apply all over your neck 

4- Let it still 15 minutes 

5- Rinse it with warm water 

You can make this mask twice a week to get tighter neck skin.



3- Ground Coffee Mask

Coffee beans are the best source of caffeine which tends to constrict the skin when applied topically making it appear tighter and younger. So that ground coffee mask is one of the helpful tighten neck skin home remedies we have and here you are the steps to make it at home:

1-Mix about ½ cup of finely ground coffee with three spoonfuls of olive oil 

2- Spread the mix on your whole neck 

3- Let for five minutes

4- Rinse well with warm water

5- Make this mask part of your skincare routine ( 2 or 3 times per week ) to get tighter neck skin 


4- Facial Exercise

As our feces and necks contain muscles so they need to be active to maintain their appearance and performance.

Over time and due to aging our muscles including the muscles that support our neck skin tend to lose their mass which makes it appears less tight. 

So you need to activate and strengthen these muscles by stimulating blood circulation around your neck area to prevent skin sagging.


5- Cucumbers juice mask 

One of the easiest tighten neck skin home remedies is the cucumber juice mask.

Cucumbers not only contain a lot of water but also contain traffic acid which considered a great antioxidant that helps combat the oxidative stress of UV rays.


How can we make this mask? 

1-You need a few slices of cucumbers

2-Then mash them into a puree

3-Apply the mashed cucumbers with juice on your neck 

4-Leave it for 15 minutes

5-Rinse with water 


6- Avocado oil recipe

One of the high benefits tighten neck skin home remedies is avocado oil massage. 

As avocado contains a lot of vitamins like vitamin A, B, and E which can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles so you can use avocado oil to retain your neck skin elasticity. 

 1-Just apply a few drops of avocado oil on your hands and spread it across your neck in an upward motion. 

2-Leave it on your neck for 15 minutes then rinse with warm water.


7- Epsom Salt Water 

Epsom salt is effective at improving and stimulating blood circulation so if you soak Epsom saltwater it helps you to have tighter neck skin follow these steps and enjoy your bath.

1-Add two cups of Epsom into your bath water 

2-Soak for 30 minutes or more if you can 

3-Repeat this bath at least twice a week to get a visible result.


8- Tomato juice tighten pack 

Another tighten neck skin home remedies is to make tomato juice pack which is an easy and beneficial remedy because tomato is a natural astringent that makes skin look tighter.

You just need to put medium-sized tomatoes, spread the mixture on your neck, leave it for 20 minutes, then rinse well.


9- Banana peel recipe

Do you throw the banana peel away? You will not do that again.

Banana peels contain potassium, which hydrates your skin and boost collagen production which makes your skin appears younger.

Althatat you need is rapping a banana peel against your sagging neck skin then rinse with water after 15 minutes. 


10- Jasmine oil massage

Jasmine oil massage is one of the best tighten neck skin home remedies that you can apply easily at home. 

Jasmine oil is an essential oil with a calming effect. Just mix 3 drops of Jasmine oil with olive oil as a carrier oil ( you can choose another carrier oil if you want ) then apply the mixture to your neck, leave it for 20 minutes, or all over the night then rinse with water. 


You can not completely prevent aging because it is a natural thing that happens to all people, but the previous beneficial tighten neck skin home remedies can improve your appearance.

Just give yourself more time and care.

Written by: Sh. Makki


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Read about: Home Remedies

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