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Essential oils for ringworm can be used for health support as these oils contain high amounts of antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Essential oils for ringworm

What is ringworm?

It is a common fungal skin infection otherwise known as tinea. red, scaly patch or bump that turns into a ring- or circle-shaped patch.

It may turn into several rings .it may affect the skin on the body (tinea corporis), the scalp (tinea capitis), the feet (tinea pedis), or the groin (tinea cruris).


Causes of ringworm:

The condition is caused by fungi called dermatophytes, dermatophytes thrive in moist and warm areas.


How can you get ringworm?

-Playing with pets especially kittens and puppies and touching other infected animals, such as cows and goats that lead to an infection.

-Having direct contact with affected areas

-Having contact with items that have the fungi on them, such as clothing.


Signs and Symptoms of Ringworm:

-Itchy skin.

-Red, scaly, or cracked skin.

-A ring-shaped rash.

-Hair loss.

Symptoms of ringworm can be different according to the affected part of the body.


Ringworm of the Body (Tinea Corporis)

It often produces itchy, red, raised, scaly patches that have sharp edges.


Ringworm of the Scalp (Tinea Capitis)

It affects children in late childhood. appears as patchy, scaling spots on the scalp.


Ringworm of the Foot (Tinea Pedis)

It causes itching, burning, redness, and inflammation in the toe webs, especially the one between the fourth and fifth toes.

Essential oils for ringworm

Ringworm of the Groin (Tinea Cruris)

It has reddish-brown color and may extend to one or both thighs mostly in adult men and boys. It occurs due to sweating, hot and humid weather.


Ringworm of the Beard (Tinea Barbae)

The bearded area of the neck and face with marked crusting and swelling.


Ringworm of the Face (Tinea Faciei)

It causes red, scaly patches with indistinct edges.


Ringworm of the Hand (Tinea Manuum)

It causes thickening of palms and the spaces between the fingers often on only one hand.


Ringworm of the Nails (Tinea Unguium)

Artificial nails increase the risk for tinea unguium. It can make fingernails look thick, white, and brittle, but more often toenails look thick, yellow, and brittle.


Risk Factors for ringworm: 

-Have wet skin for a long period due to sweating.

-Do not bathe or wash your hair regularly.

-Have close contact with other people or animals.

-Have nail or skin injuries.

-Live or spend time in a hot and humid climate.

-Having diabetes.


-Wearing clothes that are too tight.

-Having  a weak immune system.

-Don’t dry your feet well before putting on shoes and socks.


Preventing the spread of ringworm:

-Avoid contact with infected people.

-Avoid contact with infected pets.

-Don't share clothing, hats, brushes, towels, or linen with an infected person.

Essential oils for ringworm

Ringworm treatment


It depends on the severity of your ringworm infection. It can be treated with topical medications, such as antifungal creams, for body and foot. oral medications for scalp and nails.

medications and antifungal skin creams together may be recommended for use as well.

Essential oils for ringworm

Lifestyle adjustments

-Drying areas after bathing.

-Wearing loose clothing in affected areas.

-Washing clothes daily during an infection to help disinfect your surroundings.


Ringworm home remedies:

Most fungal infections respond very well to home treatments. Let us take a look at some of them.



Put a thin layer of garlic paste on the affected skin. Keep it for 2 hours and after that rinse it. If there is stinging, swelling, or redness, rinse off the garlic paste immediately and do not reapply.

Powdered licorice

Mix 2 tablespoons of powdered licorice into a cup. Bring this mixture to a boil

Once the liquid has cooled, you can apply it to the affected area.


Grapefruit seed extract

Grapefruit seed extract may treat fungal infections. To treat ringworm, mix 1 drop of grapefruit seed extract with a tablespoon of water and apply to the affected area two times per day.


Essential oils for ringworm

Essential oils for ringworm are one of the most common home remedies. 


Essential oils for ringworm (definition)

Essential oils are the extracted oils of different plants. That contains chemical compounds that support the life cycle of the plant. These oils are natural substances with powerful properties.

Types of antifungal essential oils for ringworm:

The essential oils of herbs like Thyme, cinnamon, oregano, clove, and mintome are the most powerful antimicrobialTrusted Source essential oils.

Citronella, eucalyptus, and peppermint geranium, lemongrass, have been testedTrusted Source specifically against fungi. Tea tree oil is another Trusted Source that has antifungal capabilities.


Benefits of antifungal essential oils for ringworm:

Essential oils have:

- Antiseptic properties.

-Anti-inflammatory properties.

-Astringent properties.

-Fungicidal properties.

-Stimulating new cell growth.

-Potent treatment for fungal infections on your skin.


General benefits of essential oils:

-Relieve constipation.

-Treat cold sores.

-Aid weight loss.

-Beat Addiction.

-Help treat cough and cold.

-Soothe insect bites.

-Improve blood circulation.

-Warm up cold hands and feet.

-Treat nausea.

-For toothache.

-Fight gum disease.

-Open up airways.

-For headache relief.

-Help you sleep better.

-Relieve anxiety and stress.

-Alleviate depression.

-Boost immune system.

-Relieve arthritis pain.


Essential oils for ringworm:

-Soapy water

Rinse the infected part with warm water and soap once or twice per day. Be sure to dry the skin fully after washing.


-Apple cider vinegar

Put a cotton wool pad in the vinegar and wipe it on the affected area.


-Aloe vera

Apply the gel from onto the ringworm patch three or four times daily as it has a cooling effect.

Essential oils for ringworm


It has anti-inflammatory properties.mix it with water and then apply to the skin.


-Coconut oil

One of the essential oils for ringworm treatment, it helps treat ringworm infections. It is considered an ideal treatment for scalp ringworm. It has antifungal properties.

Essential oils for ringworm

-Oregano oil

One of the best essential oils for ringworm that can be used to treat fungal skin infections, including athlete’s foot and ringworm. It has antifungal properties.


-Lemongrass oil or tea

It has antifungal properties. You can apply it to the skin two times per day.


-Thyme Linalool

It helps fight infections, it also calms inflammation and nourishes the skin.



It is considered a natural antibiotic that inhibits the growth of the fungus.

Essential oils for ringworm


Prevent the growth bacteria and fungi. It has anti-inflammatory properties.



It reduces redness, irritation, and inflammation, helping to kill and inhibit the growth of these microorganisms and clearing infections.



It Reduces skin inflammation and irritation and promotes healing of the skin.

Essential oils for ringworm


It Is one of the finest essential oils for ringworm to prevent fungal and bacterial growth .you can add six drops in diffuser that eradicate spores of Ringworm.


How to Use Essential Oils for Ringworm?

By topical application. However, be sure to dilute properly before using.

Why Should You Always Dilute Essential Oils for Topical Use?

To avoid skin reactions such as:




-Avoid systematic toxicity.

So, apply essential oil to your skin after diluting it.


General Dilution for Healthy Adults

It is approximately 12 drops of essential oil to 1 oz of carrier oil.

2% essential oil dilution is The recommendation to use.


Diluting Essential Oil for Children and the Elderly

The recommended dilution for children and the elderly is half that of the adult. And that comes down to 1% dilution approximately 6drops of EO per 1 oz of carrier oil.

Remember to do a skin patch test if you are not sure about the reaction, or have never used a single essential oil or combination before.

Apply a very  (diluted) to the skin inside your elbow, wait for about a few minutes to see if there is a negative reaction.

Essential Oil Recipe for Ringworm

1 oz virgin coconut oil

8 drops palmarosa

6 drops tea tree

5 drops thyme linalool


Add the essential oils and mix it very well with the coconut oil. Apply on the affected area 2 times per day.


A note about using essential oils for ringworm:

First you should do an allergy test When using essential oils to see if there is a negative reaction. Then Dilute the essential oil by adding three to five drops per ounce of a carrier oil such as olive or mineral oil.. Rub it onto an area of the body that is not affected .The size of this area like the size of a dime. If you have no reaction in 12 to 24 hours, you can use it safely on your infection.


Side effects and risks of antifungal essential oils for ringworm:

Because Fungi differ in behavior, according to their host. So Not every kind of essential oil can be used against every kind of fungi.

Sometimes after treating fungus with essential oil, symptoms from the fungus will remain. In this case, you can seek advice from a doctor before complications become worse.

An allergic reaction is one of the side effects of using essential oils so Before using any essential oil on your skin, do an allergy test with a  of the diluted essential oil on a small part of your healthy skin first to see if there is any negative reaction.

For at least 24 hours Monitor that part to make sure that you can use the essential oil topically.

 Don't use diluted essential oils internally .Essential oils are not for there are  Cases of essential oil toxicity have been reported when people have consumed essential oils.


When to see a doctor?

If using essential oils for ringworm didn't let the symptoms clear up within 2 weeks then it may be necessary to see a doctor.

A doctor may suggest using a lotion that contains clotrimazole or terbinafine. These lotions must be applied two times per day. In severe cases, the doctor may recommend stronger antifungal medications.

Teachers and athletes who are likely to spread ringworm to others through their job or lifestyle — — should see their doctor.


Essential oils for ringworm are a perfect choice for treatment at home as several essential oils have strong anti-fungal properties, and also work to help decrease the pain, itching, and irritation.


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Written by: Dr. Al Shymaa Ahmed 

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