12 Effective Home Remedies For Itching In Private Parts

Home Remedies For itching in private parts are effective for all causes of vaginal itching (chemical, fungal, bacterial or sexually transmitted disease "STD"). 

To urge obviate the itching you ought to determine the cause, Vaginal itching could also be a result of chemical itching caused by detergent or soaps, fungal (yeast) vaginosis, bacterial vaginosis, or STD. 

Remember that it's vital to ascertain your doctor before trying out home remedies that will assist you to determine what the cause is and recommend the simplest thanks to treat it.

Home Remedies For itching in private parts

Home remedies for itching in private parts consistent with the cause:

-Yeast infection


-Chemical irritation. 

-Skin conditions. 

-Bacterial vaginosis. 

-STI ( sexually transmitted infection)


1- Yeast (fungal) infection 

Fungal infection occurs when there is an abnormal overgrowth of the yeast that naturally lives harmlessly on the skin and inside your body parts such as throat, mouth, genitalia, etc...

Several Candida species can cause a yeast infection, it's typically caused by Candida albicans. 

A mycosis is typically accompanied by vaginal itching, burning, and abnormal discharge. 

Home remedies for itching in private parts caused by a fungal infection.


Probiotic foods (ingesting yogurt) 

It can help correct the imbalance in bacteria. Bacteria and fungi within the vagina keep one another in balance, but when there is a scarcity of bacteria, the yeast can grow out of control and keep your vagina healthy. 

Eating food containing probiotics increases the expansion of healthy bacteria and obviates nasty bacteria.

Research has shown that by eating yogurt, the intestinal microbiome reduces the amount of yeast in the body. 

Choose a yogurt without sugar like greek yogurt because yeast feeds off sugar " Too much sugar in the body can help the fungus thrive". 

You can take probiotic supplements instead of eating yogurt. 

Researches showed that a mixture of honey and yogurt was more effective at treating itching in private parts caused by yeast infection than OTC ( over-the-counter) antifungal medications. 

Home Remedies For itching in private parts

Bathing in baking soda 

Baking soda is one among the home remedies for itching in private parts because it has been shown to kill Candida ( anti-fungal properties) that will kill irritation caused by bacteria. 

The way to apply

-Put ¼ to 2 cups of bicarbonate of soda into a warm bath. 

-Soak for 20 to 40 minutes.


Make a paste which will be applicable then put it on the vaginal area.

Using essential oils

Tea tree and oregano essential oils are the two most effective oils which will be used for an itchy vagina because they have antifungal effects.

How to apply

Take 2-3 drops of the essential oils diluted into a carrier oil and rub it to the outer skin of the vagina. Please do not take it orally. 

Hydrogen peroxide for the vulvar itch

It is one of the home remedies for vaginal itching because it has a yeast-killing effect.

Put it into a warm bath or dilute it with water.


2-How can you apply home remedies for itching in private parts caused by hormones? 

When estrogen levels become low, it can lead to dryness, burning, and itching in the vagina that is caused during Menopause, perimenopause (  the transitional period before menopause), pregnancy, or throughout your menstrual cycle.

It is difficult to manipulate hormonal changes within your body, but there are some ways to relieve your itching at home.

Using a cool compress

It can be used in the vaginal area to help soothe any irritation and ease itching.

Using a colloidal oatmeal bath

Oatmeal contains compounds that are thought to inhibit skin inflammation and can help alleviate itching and irritation.

How to apply 

-Dissolve colloidal oatmeal (comes in a powder) into a warm bath 

-Soak for up to 20 minutes.


3-Home remedies for chemically induced vaginal itching

It depends on changing the daily routine besides home remedies for itching in private parts 

1-Discontinuing use of the product

This will typically clear up the itching such as :


-Cleaning products especially that contain parabens and dyes.

-Latex condom.

-Synthetic lubricant.

-Shaving pubic area.

-Performing extreme scratching around your genital area.

2-Wearing cotton underwear 

Discomfort in the private area could be relieved by changing the type of underwear you wear.

Because cotton is a breathable fabric, it can help in reducing irritation because yeast thrives in areas that are not well ventilated.

3-Douching with a good manner

Douching means cleaning the insides of the vagina with water or vaginal washes.

It is used by women as a step of hygiene, but doctors believe that it is harmful more than useful.

It can cause vaginal infections and itching.

4-Taking a colloidal oatmeal bath.      


4-Home remedies for itching in private parts caused by skin conditions

Skin diseases such as eczema or psoriasis typically affect the body's skin, but they can sometimes affect the vaginal area.

Besides soothing the itching by using coconut oil or taking an oatmeal bath, you can ease vaginal itching by these skin conditions in other natural ways.

Home Remedies For itching in private parts

Applying coconut oil

Coconut oil is effective for irritation related to eczema.

Clinical research in 2016 revealed that topical application of virgin coconut oil was more effective than mineral oil.

Take a few drops of coconut oil on your fingers and rub them on your skin.

Applying aloe vera cream

Aloe vera is a proven topical soother for a variety of different skin ailments.

It can be safely applied around the outer parts of the vagina and vulva and inside to help relieve itching.  


5-Home remedies for itching in private parts caused by bacteria

Bacterial vaginosis occurs when there is an overgrowth of bad bacteria without enough friendly bacteria that live in the vagina known as Lactobacilli.

Besides itching, bacterial vaginosis causes white or grey discharges, a strong fish-like odor, and burning during urination.

 Natural remedies that treat bacterial vaginosis

Home Remedies For itching in private parts

Raw honey ointment

Honey has an antimicrobial effect besides a soothing effect.

It is one of the most used home remedies for itching in private parts. 

Home Remedies For itching in private parts

Eating garlic tablets 

It is believed that inserting raw garlic cloves can balance vaginal bacteria and prohibit the growth of yeast, But it is a very dangerous trick and you should not try it at all.

The way to use it is by eating garlic tablets.

For better results, You can insert garlic into your diet.

Home Remedies For itching in private parts

Apple cider vinegar bath

Apple cider vinegar has antibacterial and antifungal properties in addition to soothing effects, it prevents the growth of bacteria.

Unfortunately, there is no research for its efficacy, but it is a cheap remedy and without side effects to try.  

The way to apply 

Put ½ a cup of apple cider vinegar in a warm water bath.


6-Other home remedies for itching in private parts 

Vitamin C for vaginal itching 

It is an immune system booster, used to strengthen your immunity through intake of a proper amount. 

Vitamin C is found in lemons, Oranges, tomatoes, guava, etc. 

Hygiene of the private parts 

Maintaining hygiene habits is essential. 

Make sure that you wash your vagina and vulva with warm water daily. 

Avoid using harsh soaps or cleaner. 


When should you see your doctor?

If the irritation stays for more than 5 days after applying the home remedies for itching in private parts and it still exists, you should visit your gynecologist. Or if you have some symptoms such as: 

-An unpleasant odor.

-Discharge has a cottage cheese-like texture or looks frothy.

-A change in vaginal discharge, especially discharge that is green, grey, or yellow.

-Pain or discomfort during urinating or sexual intercourse.

-Pain in your genital or pelvic part.

-Genital redness, swelling, pain, or tenderness.

-Blisters or ulcers on your vulva.

Applying the home remedies for itching in private parts is easy and effective but you should consult your gynecologist to know the exact reason for the irritation that helps in speed cure.



There are several home remedies for itching in private parts which are effective and easy to apply at home that you can apply after knowing the cause.


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By/ Hagar M. Gomaa

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