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If you are in love with shopping, all you need is reading our top 7 tips to choose your favorite brands, let's start our journey.

Brand guidelines

Brand guidelines are also called the brand book and defined as a set of rules you should be aware of them well to know how your brand works. Basically, this is an overview of brand history, personal criteria, value, and vision.

Brand mission-Slogan

as your brand message statement is a crucial item for each as; 

  • Subway; eat fresh. 

  • Salesforce; no software. 

  • Nike's brand message is; just do it.

  • Levis; quality never goes out of style. 

  • Adidas' message is; impossible is nothing.

  • Walmart's message is; save money-live better. 

To create a perfect message for your brand:

it should represent your brand identity, inspire the customers, and motivate them to buy your products. Message clarity is important especially if you intend to spread your brand to multiple media platforms internationally. 

Follow the six message strategies

emotional, generic, brand Image, unique selling proposition, positioning, and preemptive. 

  • Brand logo; you should adjust it to be the minimal size with spacing and to be inspiring.

  • Choose your primary and secondary color palettes with color breakdowns for prints, screens, and web.

  • Typestyle with a specific font with details and other fonts for web use.

  • Perfect photographs that work well with the brand.

  • Business card printed with the brand logo and font to be used for standard company literature.


For a more professional brand look, you should take more steps than the previous notes. For example, the social media profile is a promising and successful way for advertising besides the ordinary website layout and brochures. 


Take our tips

  • You can create your brand guidelines document in Adobe InDesign.

  • Brand guidelines should be clear enough to help the customers especially the visual components like the brand logo and its displayed colors.

  • When you start choosing your brand name, keep in mind that your brand identity should optimally represent your values and its name should be special and inspiring to your customers.



brandy Melville

Brandy Melville

Melville is an Italian brand marketed for teenage girls and young women.

The first Melville company was established in 1970 by Silvio Marsan and his son Stephan Marsan. Melville was named and inspired by a romantic tale of an English guy called Melville who met an American girl in Rome and fell in love.


Brandy Melville has 95 stores around the world. Although it is originally a European brand, it adjusts the price of its pieces to accommodate the Americans also. Melville clothing style and accessories are adjusted by “store style" photos which are pre-taken to the customers wearing Melville clothes while shopping in-stores. Brandy Melville also marks the clothing pieces by fake "euro", one euro equals one American dollar. Melville pieces are sold in physical stores in Canada, Europe, United States, and the United Kingdom or on their online websites. 


Brandy Melville apparel offers are mostly "one size" which fits only a small aspect of customers, so the company faces some argument except for certain styles of jeans.

Brandy Melville is categorized as trendy, cool, and fast fashion.

Brandy Melville company depends on social media for advertising, it also employs teenagers at 15 years to update its products for youth needs. 

If you have a small chest and a small waist,  you can wear Melville skirts. Their denim clothing is cute and the quality is good and if you are not skinny or small you can pick a bag or other accessory pieces.

Merville Return policy states exchange or return within 14 days of purchase.

brand name

brand for less


Brandy Lee

Brandy Lee as an American brand established by Henry David Lee in 1889 in Salina, Kansas. The company owner "contour brands", the current head office in Merriam, Kansas, and outside Missouri.

Brandy lee byproducts are denim jeans. 


The company first produced dungarees, jackets, and then union all-work jumpsuits in1913, first overall in 1920 then the zipper fly.

Brandy lee becomes the basic work clothing manufacturer in the U.S in 1944, then it became expanded out Kansas City where the lazy " S" became the lee back pocket.

Lee ruined the whole stock of merchandise except buddy lee dolls while in 1945, it expanded to casual wear, and in 1960 it far expanded to 81 countries.


In 1970 Lee shifted from workwear to another fashion cycle (all-new fit ) for women.

The company launched Lee National Denim Day as a part of the National Breast Cancer Awareness month. These day sales raised over $75 million in funding for breast cancer research.

brand ambassador

Brand shoes

Shoe brands are varied in the USA like piper sandals, mocap, SOM footwear “Colorado-made”, Island slipper, Capps shoe company “Virginia-made”, double H boots, earth runner sandals, and bloggers which are colorful and waterproof.

brand shoes

It is really tough to get brand shoes made in the USA but the companies that still produce shoes are mostly boot makers ...hiking, Cowboy, and casual styles.


Top shoe brands in 2020

NIKE, Adidas, New balance, ASIC, PUMA, Sketchers.

Fila, Bata, Burberry, VF corporation.

Other popular brands 

Jordan.converse.Reebok.under armor and Vans.


brand shoes

Here check the 2020 ranking below! 

Nike is the best-seller brand. Number 1 popularity in the global sneakers market. 

Where the most expensive shoes in 2020 are Cinderella slippers with $2million.

The best luxury sneakers brand is Gucci.

The coolest sneakers in 2020 with super fashion style are Golden Goose superstar with a comfortable edgy design.


brand belt

brand belt

Brand belt and T.shirt

Your belt is one of your beauty icons if you choose the perfect brand. Know the following best leather casual belt brands like Timberland, Bulliant Slide Ratchet, Dickies, Fossil Joe, Carhartt Legacy, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike G flex, Calvin Klein.


LV belts are more classy not casual, while Gucci belts are edgy and flashy, but both brands deserve the money you spend on. Funny to know that if you earn a belt with high quality, you can leave it even for your daughter.

X Flex belts are the most comfortable with extra stretch, Grip 6 belts are suitable for jeans and casual wear as they have no moving parts.

brand logo

The most popular brands t.shirt are Nike, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Lactose, Gucci, Ralph Lauren Corporation, and Versace.

Newly added tees to brand t.shirt are extra soft, premium, heavyweight, and tri-blend.

Premium t.shirt offers a smooth silky one with high quality and mid-weight fit


Look our awesome details pre-buying; 

  • Tri-Blend looks vintage with broken-in softness.

  • Extra soft is super soft with light Weight jersey 

  • Regular tee is the everyday form with a soft and classic form.


Brands for less

Every woman's search for brands for less nearby or online shopping to buy high-quality brand clothes with fewer prices. 



We offer you here the top seven websites to buy brands for less like; Outnet- Rue La La- Beyond the Rack- Private shopping club- GILT- The Real Real- online luxury resale store- Moda Operandi- Mytheresa- online luxury.


brand diapers


Brand clothing diapers

No doubt that cloth diapers are money-saving, instead of throwing money with each disposable diaper. Also, many brands went to provide what is chemical-free so they fit babies' skin smoothly. 


For further details, you have to check the cloth diaper styles section for the perfect choice.


The best brand clothing diapers are best overall. 

  • bambino Mio-best-all-in-one, Bumgenius free time best flats

  • Oso cozy unbleached prefold, btw they are inexpensive. 

  • Best splurge and charlie banana reusable diaper which is hybrid.

  • Best pocket diaper...Kanga care Rumparooz.

While the best cloth diaper for a newborn


But the best overnight cloth diaper; Grovia O.N.E.


NB) Cloth diapers are better than disposable ones only if you choose a good brand which suits the sensitive skin of your babies and afford heavy water.




Have you heard about Brand ambassadors before? 

A brand ambassador is a person hired by a company to represent their brand for more selling purposes. He/she works on boosting customers’ awareness of the brand.


There are some keys for a successful ambassador :

  • He/She should be aware of marketing principles and how to advertise on social media.

  • He/She should have a strong online power to represent the brand in multiple channels and platforms.

  • He/She should be professional to encourage people to check out the brand products.

  • He/She should have leadership skills and passion to continue and social relationships for more sales.

  • He/She should be able to gather feedback well.


Being a brand ambassador Notice the following; 

you either will be directly paid about $15-$25 per hour or you will receive some of the brand products like clothing and accessories to make your reviews on them to your audiences and followers. 

Our dewTreats for you today are about the most popular brands across the world. Here you were supplied with all tips about brandy shirts, brandy shoes, brandy clothing, and also brands of diapers available and still safe to your new baby. 

If you are in love with any brand of those mentioned, you can share your experience below in the comments with your lovely shots and moments. ♥️ Join us for more fashion coming tips. 

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