Yoga For Everyone: A Beginner Guide, Yoga Types And Practices

Have you ever known the top tips of yoga practice before! Starting from Yoga history to different Yoga types according your need and the Yoga recent applications, you can use without any instructors. Therefore join our journey to know tops of Yoga secrets. 

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What is the meaning of yoga?

Yoga is a Sanskrit word meant to unite, to share one heart and one consciousness; which is an ancient Indo-European language of India. Yoga mainly relies on physical exercises, mental speculation, and breathing techniques. Yoga is a harmony between mind, body, and nature focusing on strengthening body muscles to lessen stress and reach a relaxed state. Funny to know that male is named yogi when doing yoga whereas his female is named yogini.

Hatha yoga  


So, what are yoga benefits?

Yoga has been practiced for about 5 thousands of years as a life philosophy to liberate the yogi body. join yoga with your soul for improving general health, eliminating body stress, enhancing sleeping, boosting yogi mood, and providing body flexibility with muscle strength. 

Yoga benefits never limit to mood but as a genetic movement relieves chronic pain and heals some injuries.

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Complete reading with us to know more yoga benefits in details:

1- Yoga reduces stress and anxiety:
Several studies showed the effect of yoga practice in relieving body stress and anxiety by decreasing the cortisol hormone; the primary stress hormone.

See this activity;
1- a child's yoga pose: it can reduce stress and anxiety smoothly. Try it now.

Types of yoga


2- Yoga and inflammation reduction:

Yoga exercises work as an inflammation eliminator in different chronic diseases involving heart disease, cancer, and rheumatoid arthritis as shown in several studies when added with certain drugs.

Also, yoga can relieve neck, shoulder, and lower back pain.

*Try these easy yoga poses to relieve your inflammation:

  • Half Lord of the Fishes pose: It is a detox digestive pose.

Yoga benefits


  • Downward facing dog: it is useful in opening your shoulder and lengthening the spine.

Yoga poses


3- Yoga in heart health:
Practicing yoga promotes heart muscle strength and it's flexibility. A deep breathing technique lowers blood pressure and reduces cardiac risk factors.

Extended triangle pose:

Try the extended triangle pose; this yoga exercise is perfect for your breath. Moreover, it keeps your heart vivid.

Yoga practice


4- Yoga related quality of life:
Daily yoga exercises can improve walking distance by enhancing breathing, then your quality of life.

5- Yoga combat depression:
A yoga routine has a role in raising levels of serotonin hormone and reducing cortisol levels. So, it can fight depression symptoms.

6- Yoga stimulates the sleeping quality:
Daily yoga performance helps insomniac people to sleep more time and fall asleep faster.

7- Yoga and pregnancy:
If you are pregnant and wonder about practicing yoga during it, join us to know the steps and check your safety procedures below. 

Pregnant yogini has more facilities than non-yogini ones as;

1.good sleeping nights.

2.less stress and anxiety.

3.Low depression episodes.

4.Strength and flexibility of her muscles for childbirth.

5.less lower back pain. 

6.less nausea, headache, and shortness of breath.

Yoga with Adriene


8- Yoga for weight loss:
Yoga practice is more helpful to lose weight than other ways. 

Some yoga exercises help you to lose weight amazingly and never gain it again.

Intense your yoga class with walking or swimming for more calories’ burn and cardioprotection.

yoga with adriene


Now, if you have questions about yoga types, stay more with us.

There are several types of yoga from easy, medium to difficult classes as following:

1- Vinyasa yoga:
Vinyasa word came from the meaning of external activity expressed by how we can meditate and feel.

Vinyasa yoga poses connected together with breath control. There is no break between different vinyasa yoga poses. Yogi moves from one to another in poses named flow yoga and focuses on alignment.

Vinyasa yoga is the most common form of yoga until now.

2- Hatha yoga:
The Sanskrit Hatha word means “force”. So, we can put it in the term “yoga of force”.

Hatha yoga can be practiced more slowly than vinyasa yoga. So Hatha is the most preferable yoga for beginners.

 This type of yoga has a mix between poses and slow breathing technique so yogi gains more benefits as;

1.Less stress and anxiety.

2. superior balance.

3. fitness perfection.

3- Iyengar yoga:
It is a way of hatha yoga focus on self-knowledge, and focusing on alignment with careful movement.

Iyengar yoga is a perfect style for men with injuries especially with ones that need to workout slowly.

4- Kundalini yoga:
Kundalini has a wonderful mishmash between mind and spirit.

It involves breathing exercise and rapid moving then releasing energy to your body to coil the lower spine (treatment of low back pain).

5- Ashtanga yoga:
Ashtanga yoga Includes several poses producing internal heat and copious sweat that detoxify body tissues resulting in yogi has a powerful body with a peaceful mind.

This style is not yoga for beginners. So, if you are an advanced yogi practitioner, you will do it easily.

YOGA with adriene

6- Bikram yoga:
Bikram yoga is practiced under certain conditions of high temperature and humidity. 

Involves 26 series of postures practiced in 90 minutes at 40 and 40%:50% humidity. Each one performed twice developing two breathing exercises leaving each cell of the yogi body, spirit, and even his emotions regenerated.

On practicing Bikram yoga at 40, appropriate heat is released to heat body muscles. This produced heat helps the body to burn more fats. So Bikram yoga is named hot yoga and also weight loss yoga.

7- Yin yoga:
We advise you to do Yin yoga if you are a beginner and want to enjoy your inner peace.

Yin yoga is a calm meditative pursuit. It is a slow-paced pattern of yoga with seated poses held in an extended time

Yin yoga penetrates the deepest body tissues, joints, and bones rather than muscle tissues. With yoga, the yogi enjoys inner peace and a relaxed body.

8- Restorative yoga:
Restorative yoga depends on deep muscle relaxation and meditation developing a free mind. It embraces a few postures in more periods of time.

Restorative style is salutary in ameliorating depression and anxiety in cancer patients.

9- Prenatal yoga:

If you are a foreseeable mum, everything you need to do is to practice prenatal yoga for you and your baby. It works on the pelvic floor muscles depending on breathing techniques helping mum for labor and childbirth.

Prenatal yoga targets initially mom’s comfort, so yogini mom can modify her poses till reaching her stability.

10- Anusara yoga:
Anusara yoga looks like the vinyasa yoga in focusing on alignment. Anusara yoga involves a mind-body-heart connection. Each organ in the yogi body should be exercised.

11- Jivamukti yoga:
Jivamukti yoga relies mainly on physical, philosophical, and mental portions. Jivamukti includes the connection of the earth like a living being.

Yoga for beginners


Now, we can learn more about settling the environment to start your yoga session.

Firstly, motivate yourself to initiate and continue. You can follow these steps; 

1- Assign a comfort area for yoga exercise:
Because yoga for everyone, You can practice it at any space at your home “Just an empty space can fit it”.

Some candles if added can help you to sink in the yoga world.

2- Yoga accessories:
Yoga accessories involve only yoga mats. The yoga mats market is huge and deserves what you pay. Properties of yoga mats are important; pick out the one that is suitable for your yoga style, should be thick, comfortable, and sticky.

3- Yoga pants:
Yoga pants are not an important tool, It just involves you in a yoga mood.

4- Stay safe:
Prevent your body from injury out of crashes especially weak parts like knees, spine, hips, and neck.

5- Nominate a proper yoga style.
6- Regular yoga practice; Do it daily as much as possible.

7- Use different yoga apps that will be mentioned below to help you.

8- Watch more and more yoga videos.

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SO, Let us enumerate many useful yoga apps for you:

Yoga for everyone is not just a slogan, yoga for everyone, and everywhere. Luckily you have full capacity to apply yoga at home. There are various yoga apps just starting now.

1- Daily yoga:
Daily yoga is free with in-app purchases, with good rankings from users, and contains different postures from easy to complicated and fitting all yoga styles.

2- Pocket Yoga:
The Pocket Yoga app is paid about 2.99$b with high ratings also, the yoga instructor is there to guide you by voice and motions.

3- Yoga Studio:
The yoga studio is free with in-app purchases having good rankings from users. Also, it contains yoga and meditation classes.

4- Simply Yoga:
Simply yoga is a completely free app with good rankings. Also, a yoga instructor is there to follow your poses and your breath by voice and motions.

5- Minute Yoga:
Minute Yoga is free with in-app purchases and has good rankings from users. It is the quickest and simplest app to use. You can relax your mind, body, and muscles within 5 minutes daily.

6-Down Dog:
Down dog is considered to be the brand of yoga apps because it involves more than 300,000 configurations and yoga videos with instructors to help you by voice.

7-Yoga with Adriene:
Yoga with Adriene is free with in-app purchases. It has the highest rankings from users. Adriene is an actor and decides to be a yoga teacher via his app to explore what makes him good.

8- Keep Yoga:
Keep yoga app is paid about 1.99$ to 4.99$ with good ranking, containing more than 400 yoga videos to practice.

9- Asana Robel:
Asana rebel is free with in-app purchases with high rankings from users.

As well as body relaxation, the Asana app is mainly concerned with body shape and fit.

Yoga app


Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning to unite which mainly relies on physical exercises, mental speculation, and breathing techniques. Yoga routine can help you to improve general health, eliminate body stress, enhance sleeping, boost yogi mood, and provide body flexibility with muscle strength. Yoga has a role in weight loss and pregnancy. You can choose from several types of yoga from easy, medium to difficult classes, and you can practice yoga at home easily.

Now you can start yoga class by preparing your yoga mat and using the proper app. Our dew treats to you today is to get your mat and starte enjoying.

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