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Animal Health Plan(AHP) works as a cross-link between farmer and veterinarian. It is a website that gives an online service. Veterinarian's advice is documented on it you can show on it any time, it is always available. Farmers and veterinarians put annual plans together for animal health tasks required. The animal health plan has benefits for both farmers and veterinarians.

Animal Health plan


How does the animal health plan work?

The animal health plan is developed and designed to work simply.it gives an annual overview for animal health on the farm after farmer and veterinarian input key dates for all stock types. It can work for multiple farms. Animal health plan generates schedules that are easy to access. You should assure you recorded all animal data and health treatment

The plan is dynamic if there are any changes in treatment date or staff for any reason you don't have to change it, the plan updates itself automatically and takes action. So you and your veterinarian are kept up-to-date with everything that has happened over the years. Animal health plan send reminders to farmers and veterinarians for actions that should be taken.


Features and benefits of AHP:

The animal health plan has mutual benefits to both farmers and veterinarians. The farmer plans all animal treatments annually with the best advice from the veterinarian who gains a deeper insight into the business of farming, is more farm-specific advice, reinforcing more relationships.


Benefits of AHP for farmers:

1.Treatment on the time:

Animal health treatments are critically time-dependent, such as vaccinations and drenches. Any missing or delaying in such types of treatments affect stock health and productivity of animals so animal health plan plays a great role to keep these treatments on time to improve animal health and give benefits for farmers.


2. Information:

All product information is available in it. Dates of stock that have completed the withholding period are given automatically, making life easier for the farmer.


3. Alerts :

The animal health plan reminders make sure farmers never miss a treatment. alerts and emails are sent to farmers or key staff members.


4. Dynamic health plan:

 unpredictability is one of the challenges of farming. The veterinarian and the farmer will have the ability to move certain treatments as circumstances change throughout the year.


5. Compliance:

Photos can be uploaded quickly, such as a snap of the batch number and expiry date of the product, to assist with record-keeping and on-farm compliance.


6.  Easy Management:

The main user can allow any farmworker to run AHP. This is easier and not personally dependent so improving communication, management of farms, and planning of animal health treatments.

Animal Health plan

Benefits of AHP for veterinarians:


The more the veterinarian knows about the farms that help him, the better-informed advice can be. When using Animal Health Plan, vets have an in-depth meeting to set up the right plan for the farm, then once activated, the vet and the clinic can monitor the animal plan and gain a better understanding of how to tailor advice and treatments.


1.Dynamic health plans:

Plan templates can be set up specifically to  clinic needs, making powerful customized plans



Photos can be uploaded directly from the farm which you can easily access on behalf of the farmer should the need arise. It improves compliance with load batch number and expiry date easily.



Vet can manage users among clinic that allow multiple

access to plans.


Levels of animal health plan:

There are two levels of plan you can receive:

1-  Annual health plan, that is wall plan over 12 month 

2-Monthly plan the AHP sends reminders for any actions like changes in the time of treatment or dates.

Animal Health plan


What is new about animal health plan?


Now for easier use, the animal health plan launches its own application for Android and iOS stores. It is the latest update on farm and animal management. After signing up on the website and your veterinarian, download the AHP application. So it will be easy for you, your staff, and your veterinarian to schedule and manage treatments, products, and all you need on the go without wasting any time.


The main goal  of animal health plan:

The main goal is to improve farm productivity and profitability by:

. Identify areas where animals are underperforming.

. Getting the bang for your buck from required animal health treatments.

. Prevent improper use of products that may be unsustainable in the long term, or simply a waste of money and time.


What is the best time to make your plan:

Winter is the best time to make your new plan or update yours. It takes a few hours to know the options and agree on them. you receive a wall planner which is considered helpful on the farm as it is easy to handle and has copies for employees and workers.


Importance of animal health:

Animals are our planet's partners. We depend on them as our food or a business and economy. Good human health is related to good animal health. Keeping animals away from diseases protects human life away from infection from zoonotic diseases and provides healthy and safe food. Animals also play a good role in the economy so saving their heath means saving the economy from any loss.


Keeping animals healthy:

To keep animals healthy and protect them we have to;

1-Clean water supply.

2-Good food and a healthy environment. 

3-Provide vaccination to prevent any diseases or parasites.

4-gentle care and being patient to avoid negative effects on animals.

5-Dry and clean sleeping place.

6-Employee professionals to help make right decisions like nutritionist and veterinarian.  



The animal health plan is a product of many years of research and experience with farmers and veterinarians. It plays a great role in keeping animals healthy and makes it easy for both farmers and vets.

Every single small step is recorded and documented. Using the app makes it easier and a time saver.

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By: Dr.Hager khedr

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