Rahua Shampoo And Conditioner | 8 Magic Ingredients for Hair

Rahua shampoo and conditioner can help you get healthy hair and scalp.

Which are really important to your overall well-being as hair and scalp care is not only for our appearance but also for our hygiene.

Proper hair care and good hygiene can help prevent or control many diseases.

Rahua shampoo and conditioner can help you step into the radiant realm of beauty and health.

Rahua shampoo and conditioner

Why rahua shampoo and conditioner are a perfect choice?

Rahua hair products are created with potent rainforest-grown and luxurious plant-basedingredients to improve the health of your scalp and fight the factors that  damage hair.

Benefits of Rahua shampoo and conditioner:

Nurture and strengthen hair deeply.

Revitalization of the hair follicles.

Promote healthy hair growth.

Suitable for all hair types. they are formulated to strengthen and add radiance to all hair types not to be wondering which type to choose.

Add vibrancy and shine to your hair.

Thier smell is an exquisite experience for your hair and senses.

You can hold on to your bottles; rahua is now refillable.

Luxurious plant-based Rahua shampoo and conditioner leave hair strong, shiny, and radiant.

The ingredients of rahua shampoo and conditioner

Variant ingredients in Rahua shampoo and conditioner are boosted with nature’s antioxidants to help promote healthy hair growth.

Vibrancy and shine are added to your hair through these enchanting and nourishing tropical Rahua products while enjoying the amazing aromas of guava and coconut.

Let's know more about the 8 magic rahua shampoo and conditioner ingredients.

1.Plant-based biotin, vitamins B6, C, A, and E

A complex of high performance which is made from plant probiotics, organic fruits, and vegetables.

The infusing plant-based biotin, vitamins B6, A, E, and C strengthens hair follicles and promotes healthy hair and scalp, and helps prevent premature hair loss.

2.Sacha inchi

It’s a longtime food source in Amazon,these exceptional seeds are rich in omega-3, fatty acids, and antioxidants including vitamins E and A.

Sacha inchi oil works to soothe and condition the scalp in addition to locking in hair’s moisture.


It works to fortify the damaged and weak hair, also it nourishes and maintains the scalp and hair follicles’ health.

It has superfine molecules that push color pigmentation deep into the hair shafts extending the color endurance.

4.Guava (guayaba)

It's exceptionally rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals to protect hair from damage.

Also, it helps to maintain scalp health, treats dandruff, and leaves behind an amazing exotic citrusy scent.


It can help to reduce the damage occurring by free radicals; as it contains twice the amount of green tea antioxidants.

It contains niacin (vit. B3) that supports healthy hair.


It can keep the scalp clean and healthy as it’s a potent antioxidant extract.

It is rich in flavonoids which help stimulate hair growth and reinforce hair follicles.

7.Coconut oil

It contains the nourishing lauric acid that speeds up the absorption into hair strands, providing instant moisture to heal breakage and tame frizz.

8.Buriti oil (Morete)

It helps protect hair from damaging UV rays; as it’s rich in vitamins A, C, and E, tocopherols, essential fatty acids, and carotenoids, especially beta-carotene oil extracted from the Amazon fruit’s flesh.

Rahua shampoo and conditioner

How to apply Rahua shampoo and conditioner?

Apply rahua shampoo on your damp hair and scalp, lather, massage gently your scalp.

Rinse your hair with warm clean running water, and repeat shampooing as desired.

Apply rahua conditioner to the ends of your hair only, not to the scalp.

Massage hair ends gently to help the conditioner infuse into your hair ends.

Leave it for 3 to 5 minutes to get all its benefits, then rinse your hair.

Vitamins and antioxidants rich rahua products infuse vitality into your hair strands

After that enjoy styling your healthy, shiny, and vibrant hair.

It will be an exquisite experience for your senses by using Rahua shampoo and conditioner.

Other Rahua products

Rahua boosts beauty through many products other than rahua shampoo and conditioner.

Such as rahua fragrances, body care products like scalp and skin toners, hair masks.

leave-in treatments, curly hair styling creams, and many other choices that you can pick from as you need.

Visit rahua website to learn more about their products.

Healthy habits to improve the health of your scalp and hair

Like the rest of your body’s skin, your scalp produces sebum which is an important natural oil that moisturises your skin and protects it from infection.

Not all people are the same, some produce more sebum than others.

When too much sebum is produced; it builds up on your scalp.

If you take a shower less frequently, dirt, dead skin, products’ residues besides sweat may build up on your scalp.

The results will be an unpleasant odour, and greasy hair with increased risk of infection.

Improve your scalp and hair health by practising this care routine:

Break up the build-up on your scalp by using an exfoliator.

Select the suitable hair products that work for your hair type as rahua shampoo and conditioner as they are suitable for all hair types.

Wash your hair regularly (about 2 times a week).

Prevent tangled hair by regular brushing daily to help break apart the build-up.

Good hygiene practices, like not sharing towels, combs, hair scrunchies, or other personal items.

Changing your pillows’ covers at least weekly for sure can maintain your hair and scalp health.

Eat healthy meals for hair growth and health.

To look our best, It is important to visit a hair salon from time to time and utilise good hair products to ensure that your hair is as healthy as possible.


This article helps you recognize a general hair routine to improve the health of your scalp and hair.

Why Rahua shampoo and conditioner are  perfect choice for your scalp and hair health?

What are their magic ingredients and how they work?

The key benefits of using them, and how to apply them, besides learning about some other Rahua company products.

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