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Home remedies for lip blisters are applicable, easy to deal with, and vary according to the cause of the lip blisters. Come and take a look at some of them.

• Diagnosis 

• Causes

• Spreading

• Symptoms

• Treatment

How to diagnose lip blisters and what are home remedies for lip blisters?

- Lip blisters are a minor irritation with red pain raised filled with fluid blisters. Maybe viral caused by herpes simplex virus or caused by other triggers.

- Fluid released from blisters is most contagious however viral blisters can continue to be contagious even if there are no blisters visible on your skin.

Cause of lip blisters maybe:

1- Infection

2- Irritating substance

3- Bites

4- Sun

5- Stress

6- Dental work

7- Menstruation

What can increase the risk of blisters: 

- Blisters can be a sign of poor nutrition or immunity disorder and May accompany other medical conditions.

- The following conditions cause a high risk of getting infected with blisters:

* Autoimmune diseases

* Immunodeficiency disorder

* Cancer

* The virus can infect lips, hands, eyes, and the brain in some serious cases.

* Once the herpes virus has infected you it stays inactive in your nervous system for life and is activated by the triggers mentioned before so we should keep avoiding the triggers to control the virus.

How does herpes (HVS virus) spread?

* Skin to skin contact.

* The fluid inside the blister is highly contagious.

* Personal hygiene products and tools should never be used by more the one person like towels, toothbrushes, nail scissors.

* The virus can spread even when there are no symptoms and it's more contagious when the blister is visible.

Why and when to use home remedies for lip blisters?

 When other medical care or drugs are not available.

Home remedies for lip blisters:

. Are easy

. Have less or no side effects.


. In the Early days, you could have Tingling or burning sensation before blisters develop And that is the best time to start treating. 

. Followed by blisters appearing in two or three days.

. You can try to prevent or limit developing blisters by having Some rest and using soothing or anti-inflammatory or local anesthetic astringent agents used as home remedies for lip blisters.


✓ Honey

✓ Aloe vera gel

✓ Cloves extract

✓ Vaseline

✓ Peppermint oil

✓ Tea tree oil.


1- Home remedies for lip blisters (that are applicable by anyone).

2- Medical care ( by your doctor).

"To treat well is to treat symptoms and causes 

In addition to preventing recurrence".

- Some natural oils have a good effect against viral lip blisters

However essential oils can irritate your skin so first make a test on a small area of the skin before use.

- Essential oils need to be diluted first with a carrier oil for example:- vegetable oil

- The ratio is about one drop of essential oil to one teaspoon of the carrier.

- Fluid released from blisters is most contagious however viral blisters can continue to be contagious even if there are no blisters visible on your skin.

Home remedies for lip blisters caused by (viral infection):

• It happens by the herpes simplex virus.

• Fortunately, it is self-limited blisters will disappear in 10 to 14 days with no scar left.

• You should never touch scratch to prevent spreading.

• Avoid acidic spicy food.

• You provide cooling sensation you can apply aloe vera gel or toothpaste

• "Wish hazel" is a natural astringent agent.

Home remedies for lip blisters caused by (sun):

• To avoid happening you should keep using your sunscreen.

• Avoid sun exposure.

• Keep your lips moisturized.

• Drink plenty of water.

Home remedies for lip blisters caused by ( irritating substance or food):

• Avoid or prevent exposure to this substance.

• Wash your lips with water.

• Apply honey.

• Apply cold compress not direct ice to avoid tissue damage.

Home remedies for lip blisters caused by (Mensuration):

• Keep away from stress.

• Have good rest.

• Keep good nutrients and fresh juice.

Home remedies for lip blisters caused by (Bitting):

• Be gentle.

• Keep away from stress.

• Stop biting your lips.

• Practice sports.

When to see a doctor?

* If lip blisters are near the eyes.

* If symptoms worsen after two weeks from its rupture.

home remedies for lip blisters

How to apply home remedies for lip blisters?

- Ice:

Ice can work as an astringent by reducing blood flow through the area.

It can also numb the skin and lessen the pain.

How to apply the ice:

* Put the ice in towels or clothes

* Put the ice wrapped with a towel on the blister

* Never use directly on the skin that can damage the tissues

* Use it for a few minutes not more than fifteen minutes

* You can repeat this many times as needed at separate periods.

- Lemon balm ( melissa officinalis ):

A 2012 study showed that Melissa officinalis can kill herpes in some patients.

How to apply lemon balm:

* Use lemon lip Balm on the skin as many times as possible during the day.

* You can use diluted essential oil of Melissa officinalis.

* Keep using even if the sore/plaster has healed.

- Tea tree oil:

Tea tree oil may be useful as an antiviral agent and help with limiting blisters' appearance.

How to apply tea tree oil:

* Dilute the oil with a carrier

* Use cotton soaked pad soaked with the oil

* Put on the cotton pad on the affected area several times throughout the day.

- Witch hazel:

Works as antiviral, astringent, and anti-inflammatory.

How to apply witch hazel:

* Use a cotton soaked pad with witch hazel

* Apply the cotton pad directly with some pressure and Don't rub.

* Keep using until the blisters heal.

- Stress reduction:

Stress can activate the virus so we should avoid stress and practice sports and meditation regularly.

- Aloe-vera:

Aloe-Vera gel or plant has anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects.

How to apply aloe-vera:

* We can extract the gel from the house plant aloe vera.

* Put some gel on the infected area.

* Repeat many times.

Warnings and precautions:

* The previous home remedies for lip blisters may not be safe for pregnant and nursing women

* Avoid using essential oils Directly without dilution and caution must be taken when using with children and elderly

* Always test the remedies with a small amount and stop using if it irritates the skin

* Stop home remedies if the blisters get worse and consult your doctor.

 home remedies for lip bisters

Pregnancy and lip blisters:

If a woman is pregnant she can infect the baby with the virus during pregnancy or childbirth. Most cases are transmitted and infected during labor especially when the mother has a genital active sore.

If the mother has a genital active sore, doctors will likely do a cesarean section.

Home remedies for lip blisters for pregnant women:

* Aloe-Vera gel.

* Honey.

* Lemon balm.

 home remedies for lip bisters

How can we protect babies from infection:

* The mother should limit the baby's exposure to her cold sore.

* Keep the sore covered.

* No kissing.

* Keep handwashing.

* Use separate hygiene tools and products and Wash clothes separately.

* Don't rub your eyes.


Lip blisters are highly contagious so

Don't ====>


do oral sex

Popping up the blisters.


Have good nutrients

And Keep Good sanitation.

by Dr: Alaa El-Naggar

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