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Trupanion pet health insurance provides high-quality medical care for dogs & cats offering full coverage up to 90 %, you can rely on them in emergency cases.

Trupanion pet health insurance offers you the full support that you need because they have the appropriate experience and have a rich successful record, they joined the North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA) from the beginning in 2007.

They have common goals and visions aligning with NAPHIA towards caring for pets, Trupanion pet health insurance focuses its attention to provide your pet with a high level of services and treatments, and you should know that not all pet health insurance providers are members of NAPHIA.

Trupanion pet health insurance

Now there are some important angles they thought about:

-Your pet’s interest comes first.

-Offering professional support advocacy for your pet in any claim.

-Honest manner offering all the services and the advancements in this industry.

More features they used to offer like sharing information, supporting animal welfare organizations, and working with federal and state regulators.

Trupanion pet health insurance delivers its services in a new way far from the traditional ways; they are keen when it comes to hiring their team members of veterinarians, veterinary technicians to be sure in the quality of the offered services all time aligning with the policy.

Trupanion pet health insurance

Services and Benefits of Trupanion pet health insurance:

  • Unique software aiming to deal directly with the veterinary hospital on behalf of you.

  • No limits for coverage reach 90 % to keep a high level of services.

  • Availability to deliver high-quality services 24 / 7, your pet needs care all the time.

  • Wide-range of payment methods.

After doing quick research the results show that the majority of the competitors offer up to 70 % of coverage for pet medical insurance on the other side Trupanion pet health insurance provides you up to 90% for eligible claims, and when you call them the support team will provide you with the shoulder to lean on.

Cats doting owners, if your cat or kitten suffered from any kind of disease like a small incident or high serious medical conditions be sure they will cover 90 % of the health care expenses, therefore you have a better chance to save your financials for your family.

Common Problems Cats Encountering:

  • Snagged claw

  • Stumble down the tree

  •  Kidney disease

  • Cancer

  • Swallows a rubber band

  • Allergies

  • Sprains a paw

  • Lymphoma

Be sure with Trupanion pet health insurance your partner you can rely on.

Trupanion pet health insurance

Dog doting owner; the best dog medical insurance you can get for your dog in the cases of injuries and illness they cover 90 % of all cases.

What does the Trupanion pet health insurance cover?

  • Hospital stays

  • Diagnostic tests

  • Medications

  • Surgeries

  •  Other treatments

  • Breed-specific conditions

  • Veterinary supplements

  • Prosthetic devices & carts

Extra features they apply like afford the cost of disease complications after waiting periods.

-5 days for injuries

-30 days for illness

Trupanion pet health insurance provides you various packages to choose from according to your dog's health conditions, offering new alternative and rehabilitative therapies. And no service provider gives you coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Trupanion pet health insurance


Our dewtreats for today you now can figure out what is Trupanion as the only pet medical health provider 90 % full coverage for cats and dogs plus almost 50 % of our clients came from the positive word of mouth of their friends. That is after they offered high-quality care for more than 500 000 pets and more than $1 billion paid.

By/ Radwa Hantash

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