What Are Stretch Marks? The Best Tips To Get Rid Of It

What are stretch marks? There is no doubt that all of us have been subjected to the appearance of the Stretch Marks in his/her body for different reasons, and through these few lines we will know its causes, what are stretch marks(places)? and who are the people exposed to it? 

Do stretch marks go away

What are Stretch marks? 

They are cracks or narrow cracks in the skin. They appear on different parts of the body, the leg, thighs, buttocks, arms, breasts, and stretch marks on the stomach, In the beginning of their appearance, they are red stretch marks due to the rupture of the dermis (outer layer of skin) and the stretching of the skin is more transparent, then turns white in the advanced stage of the infection.


Doctors explained that white is the color of fat under the skin as a result of its sudden expansion due to an increase or decrease in weight, pregnancy, or violent exercise.

Stretch marks on stomach

Who gets stretch marks?

Most women suffer from stretch marks on the stomach usually after pregnancy but this is not the only reason for this.


Men also have stretch marks weight loss, and so do non-pregnant women.


Stretch marks may be due to weight gain or stretch marks weight loss.


No one can deny the fact that stretch marks can be extremely annoying.


Whether teens or adults, anyone of all age groups can suffer from stretch marks.

Perhaps the issue is purely genetic ... and you may have acquired this trait from your mother.

What are stretch marks

What are stretch marks? (like) 

Stretch marks are just like your height, the texture of your hair, or the color of your eyes. And stretch marks tend to appear in the family with this formula. This means that if your mom has it, you will likely get it as well


But don't worry - you are not alone. One study showed that up to 88% of pregnant women and 86% of teens who start with growth, develop stretch marks.


Then you can add those previously mentioned, bodybuilders, who may show stretch marks on their arms, chest, and legs due to the rapidly growing muscle mass.


Also, some medical conditions such as Cushing syndrome can lead to this type of scarring. 

Stretch marks weight loss
Stretch marks weight loss

How can you get rid of stretch marks?

Do stretch marks go away? Well, although you can't protect yourself from forming stretch marks (which is annoying and disappointing), the positive side - of our answer - is that some treatments can - and effectively - reduce the appearance of stretch marks. 


But just remember to keep your expectations reasonable and simple: nothing will be able to get rid of these scars completely.


Remember the proverb that "time heals all wounds". Well, do not forget that the manufacture of stretch marks is estimated at 2.1 billion dollars, and this is enough to not put on the market a magic cure. 


So do your stretch marks go away, your stretch marks naturally heal over time, changing from deep red stretch marks, purple or brown color, to a more subtle gray, white or silver color.


Creams or lotions containing retinol-containing creams, when applied can help convert the stretch mark into new (newly formed) stretch marks.


However, pregnant women must remember to avoid these types of products

Red stretch marks

What are stretch marks? ( Treatments) 

There can be difficult and expensive options that may include laser therapy and medications. These types of cosmetic dermatology treatments can treat redness and flatten the scars of stretch marks, reducing their appearance.


Despite all of this, the easiest solution may be to just to accept these beautiful lines.


Our dew treats to you today are, 

whether you are having a new baby, or you are in a growth stage, or your body increases - dramatically - for some reason (such as a case of swelling for example), the best treatment for all of these conditions may be just compassion for your body and accept your skin.


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