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Baptist health women's clinic is a healthcare center that seeks to provide the best medical health and advice that a woman needs throughout her life.

Baptist health women's clinic has qualified specialists who are trained to provide quality care for women of all ages. From gynecological exams to getting a child, osteoporosis to mammograms and breast health, and the advanced services women need to enjoy a lifetime of wellness and feel comfortable.

Their women’s health team offers expertise and compassion, so you could feel peaceful as you are getting the care that you deserve.

Baptist health women's clinic has fantastic programs to support women's emotional and physical needs besides, women's health requirements during all their stages of life.

Baptist health women's clinic takes care of women's pre-menstruation, menstruation, premenopausal, postmenopausal time. Provide the best-needed care for infertility and pregnancy and Help women to improve their hygiene.

Baptist health women's clinic seeks to provide the best health care for women and protect them in every phase of their life. Baptist health women's clinic has several services like breast cancer, urogynecology, gynecology, pregnancy and childhood, menopausal and other services.

Baptist health women's clinics

The ages that get care from Baptist health women's clinic:

1- Teens age:

Baptist health women's clinic helps teens to understand their body, help them to have a healthy diet, build beneficial habits. Make them understand physical changes that happen during puberty that could happen from 12-13 years. Learn them to control their emotional changes caused by hormones that could cause moodiness.

2- Young adult(women in 20s):

This decade of woman life that She began her career, building a family, and getting children. In this stage, it's important to take care of your body, do exercise, and sleep well. Baptist health women's clinic educates women that the more stress they would face in this phase and teaches them how to adapt to increasing stress. Baptist health women's clinic also educates them on the symptoms of depression and other medical disorders. It is important to know all things about pregnancy, labor, lactation, and baby safety.

3- Adult (women in 30s):

It is important to rehabilitate the woman to accept the changes that developed in her body such as grey hair, lines in the face, decreasing bone density. You will not find time to take care of yourself, so  Baptist health women's clinic is the solution.

4- Midlife(women in 40s):

You have enough experience and confidence. You should always follow up on your breast and keep sure that there is no lump and if there is, make sure to have a mammogram.

5- Mature adult(women in 50s):

You require a good understanding of the period after menopause, hormonal changes. Also, it is important to check any lumps and regularly have mammograms.

6- Senior(women in70+s):

baptist health women's clinic

Some of the services provided by Baptist health women's clinic:

1- Breast cancer:

There is one woman in 8 affected by breast cancer in the U.S. A mammogram is the best method to detect breast cancer. Baptist health women's clinic is the best place to have a mammogram as it has experienced radiologists.

Baptist health women's clinics

2- Pregnancy and childhood:

Baptist health women's clinic helps you to get an easy pregnancy without any difficulty and gives you the best management needed from the first day of pregnancy to the day of labor and caring for the baby. It also informs you what is harmful to your baby and helps you to avoid any harmful drugs or food.

3- Menopausal:

It occurs when the menstrual period stops. Mostly, it occurs at the age of 50 but it could be easier or later than 50 years. In this stage women require to understand what happens, the mature eggs decrease, decrease in ovulation, decrease in hormones special estrogen and progesterone.

Symptoms of menopause:

  • Irregular periods or stops for a year.

  • Increasing facial hair.

  • Pain during intercourse.

  • Decrease scale,s hair.


  • Hormone replacement therapy by giving her estrogen and progesterone.

  • Estrogen therapy.

4- Urogynecology:

Baptist health women's clinic helps you to overcome pelvic disorders, incontinence bladder, urinary tract infections, and painful urination. Provide you with many techniques to overcome these problems and live enjoyable lives.

So, you should always take your health care and advice from Baptist health women's clinics.


Baptist health women's clinics is a healthcare center providing all the healthy help that a woman needs through all stages of her life. baptist health women's clinics seek to provide the best care to make you peaceful and confident so, don't let the chance go away.

Written by Gehan Ibrahim

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