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Women’s health care has a great significance in the community as a result the Peak Vista women's clinic was found to provide many and special services for each woman of different ages by a professional team that presents all their efforts to keep their health very well.

Peak Vista Women’s Clinic


Peak Vista women’s clinic is a clinic in Colorado Springs that was established to allow women to get all they need for keeping their health safe through prevention until a gynecological examination by services and we could say that is wonderful for every woman in each life phase.

So, what are the services that Peak Vista women’s clinic provides? 

Medical services:

Medical services of PeakVista women’s clinic has a specific quality to help the patient which includes the following:

1- Acute disease care and management.

2- A chronic disease ( care, management, diagnosis, and treatment ).

3- Immunizations.

4- Health Education.

5- Diagnosis and treatment of minor illness and injury.

6- Physical Examination.

7- Newborn care.

8- Check-ups of baby and child.

9- Prevention and wellness screening.

Behavioral Health:

For living a convenient and happy life we have to take care of our mental and behavioral health. Here in the clinic works on them and gives you the right way to help you by special counseling and treatment for that.

Prenatal Plus:

Mom and Baby Certainly have unique care in Peak Vista women’s clinic either in prenatal care or postpartum care.

Parental care:

If you are a pregnant woman don’t hesitate to enroll in a parental visit of Peak Vista women’s clinic Medicaid-funded program to help you by a care coordinator who gives resources, education, and support through the pregnancy.

Peak Vista Women’s ClinicEducation of the Medicaid - funded program involves:

1- Development of the baby during the pregnancy.

2- Mom’s body changes.

3- Information about labor and delivery.

4- Breastfeeding.

Hearing your baby’s voice and hearing him in good health is a blessing that is required to maintain by giving your baby all the care. For that,

Peak Vista women’s clinic team will provide you with the following:

1- Helping the mother through educational materials to comprehend what will happen after birth.

2- Baby and child check-ups.

3- Waiting area for mom after the birth of her baby. 

Peak Vista women’s clinic also offers a program for maternal, infant, and early childhood home visiting which includes:

1- Information about child development.

2- Suitable activities for each age.

3- Presenting a gift to a baby or toddler.

4- Learn how to connect with community resources.

Peak Vista Women’s Clinic

Care coordination:

Peak Vista women’s clinic is known for supporting the patient by giving him all the care whether in physical, mental, dental health, or social aspects as a result the clinic offers the following:

1- Patient education.

2- Prevent the disease by disease screening, recognize the risk factors….etc.

3- Care meetings that happen to ensure participation of all the staff on patient’s care perfectly. 

4- Giving care to the patient and family without interruption.

5- Providing the patient’s chronic care management.


Pharmacy presenting is a critical part of the Peak Vista women’s clinic system, and the patient could ask for prescription refills by making a simple call at any time of 24 hr then you can pick up your filled prescription within 2 weeks from the call.

Well-child waiting areas:

One of the awesome services that Peak Vista women’s clinic provides to its patients at no cost is waiting for areas for patients’ children because of Peak Vista.

Exactly knows how important it is to find a safe place to care for your child until you wrap up your appointment without any concerns.


Peak Vista women’s clinic has realized that the woman is an important part of each community; She is an amazing mother, a beautiful sister, a best friend, a lovely wife, and a cutie daughter because of that she deserves to maintain her health through special services and that what the Peak Vista women’s clinic is doing.

Written by: Dr.Naglaa AbdAllah


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