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Home remedies for cat UTI are very important for you if you have a cat. Do you know that cats have a low thirst drive?

- If your cat gets a UTI, there’s no need to vet if symptoms are not complicated.

- We’ve compiled natural home remedies for cat UTI, as well as the common symptoms of a UTI to help you diagnose it.

These solutions can help to relieve the discomfort associated with a UTI and reduce or eliminate the infection. But sometimes, the case is serious enough to warrant a trip to the vet, so we’ve also included the signs you should look out for. 

home remedies for cat uti

Symptoms of a UTI in Cats

How do you know when your cat has a UTI? There are quite a few urinary problems that you can develop home remedies for cat UTI, so it’s important to be sure that your cat has a UTI before you start treating it or you should go to the vet.

There are conditions that may require professional help, like lower urinary tract disease, and bladder stones can sometimes have serious consequences and can even become life-threatening.

If you see a cat straining to urinate or attempting to urinate but failing, if a cat is crying or whining when they urinate and grooming excessively afterward, then it’s probably a UTI. Bloody urine is also a sign of a UTI.

While cats will always make use of the litter box under normal circumstances, they’ll often urinate outside the litter box if they have a UTI. They might also become very lethargic or develop a fever or even a sore back.

Signs of pain or distress

- Excessive licking of the genitals

- Blood in the urine

- Strong-smelling urine

- Loss of appetite.

If you observe one or more of these symptoms in your cat, then they likely have a UTI and you can start administering natural home remedies for cat UTI to help relieve the symptoms. 

Home remedies for cat UTI: 

1- Drink more water 

When your cat isn’t getting enough water, the bacteria in its urinary tract have a chance to grow and multiply. These bacteria can often cause UTIs or even worse.

Water will definitely help to:

Reduce the symptoms, aid other cures in eradicating UTI, and will also help to prevent more UTIs from occurring in the future, so make sure that your cat always has plenty of water and that it’s in an easily accessible place where it can always reach it.

home remedies for cat uti

2- Apple Cider vinegar

Apple cider is so acidic, it can help to prevent bacteria from growing in your cat’s urinary tract. This can help to reduce and eliminate any UTIs your cat is currently suffering from.

You need to dilute the apple cider vinegar with water before giving it to your cat; never give them the apple cider vinegar straight.

For smaller cats under four pounds, a few drops added to their water each day will suffice.

Larger cats that are over six pounds can have up to half a teaspoon each day. Medium-sized cats that fall between four and six pounds should be given 1/4-teaspoon each day.

 home remedies for cat uti

3- Bone Broth

Bone broth is a great alternative to plain water. It will help get lots of fluids into your cat to keep them well hydrated and will also provide helpful nutrients for fighting any existing infections.

Cats love bone broth and you should have no difficulty getting your cat to drink some, so use this anytime you aren’t sure if your cat is hydrated enough.

 home remedies for cat uti

4- Nettle

Is the best way for home remedies for cat UTI as Nettle is often used in UTI treatments for people.

It’s a natural diuretic that helps to flush the system and increase urination. It also helps to reduce inflammation and pain so this helpful herb isn’t just for humans; it can also help when your cat has this unfortunate infection. 

It can help to flush the harmful bacteria from their system while reducing their discomfort and even helping to alleviate the inflammation of their urinary tract.

5- parsley leaf

It's Important to get your cat to drink as much water as possible. Parsley naturally encourages thirst, so using some parsley leaf can help to get your cat drinking more water.

It’s also a natural diuretic with antibacterial properties. It will cause your cat to urinate more, 

Which can help to flush the infection from their system, but it can also help kill the bacteria in your cat’s urinary tract, healing the infection. So it is easier to get home remedies for cat UTI. 

6- Marshmallow root 

Marshmallow root is full of a substance called mucilage that helps to coat membranes, soothing irritation and reducing inflammation while killing off harmful bacteria.

Moreover, marshmallow root gives a kickstart to the immune system, kills bacteria, and reduces inflammation.

7- Cornsilk 

Corn silk is a natural diuretic and can help to flush the system out by increasing water elimination. This means your cat will need to drink plenty of water. 

8- Cranberry

Cranberries contain a multitude of beneficial compounds and vitamins.

How to prevent UTI?

1- Ensure adequate hydration. 

2- Use canned cat food. 

When should you visit the vet?  

At the first sign of any UTI symptoms, you might be able to head off the infection and cure it early with one or more of the natural home remedies for cat UTI we’ve shared with you. 

But if things continue to get worse, you’ll need to take your cat to see a professional and ensure it gets the proper care necessary for treating a full-blown UTI.


Home remedies for cat UTI are very easy If you know symptoms of UTI as attempts to urinate, painful urination Bloody urine, fever. All the above natural home remedies for cat UTI are very safe, can be very effective, and can be used with other medications, if necessary.

In the last, what are the most popular home remedies for cat UTI you applied before?

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