The Best 10 Home Remedies For Cat UTI | Symptoms And causes

Home remedies for cat UTI are several natural home treatments that can prevent this infection.

But first, we should know what is urinary tract infection and what are its symptoms? The urinary tract infection is one of the most painful diseases that affect pets like dogs and cats.

It makes cats in pain stress and makes them not funny and unfortunately our cute cats when they are diseased they hide their symptoms so we must notify any changes to appear on them.


What do you know about cat urinary tract infection?

Urinary tract infection occurs when bacteria travel up the urethra and move into the bladder. Urine in the bladder is supposed to be sterile, but once bacteria find their way to the bladder the bacteria can grow and reproduce causing this infection.

A urinary tract infection can lead to partial or complete blockage of the urethra. This can lead to kidney failure or rupture of the bladder which could be deadly.

These urinary conditions can occur at any age but are usually seen in middle_ aged and overweight cats.

And now let us know the symptoms of this infection to catch our diseased cat and treat it quickly with many home remedies for cat UTI that we will mention.


What are the symptoms of urinary tract infection?

1. Blood in the urine. 

2. Starting to urinate in random places. 

3. Cats cry out when urinating.

4. Strong-smelling urine. 

5. Trying to urinate but not much coming out. 

6. Super frequent urination. 

7. Constant licking of the genitals.

Home remedies for cat uti

What are the conditions that put your cat at higher risk of urinary tract infection?

1. Bladder stones. 

2. Bladder crystals. 

3. Diabetes mellitus. 

4. Kidney disease. 

5. Hyperthyroidism.

After we know the symptoms and conditions of this infection can we help and treat our diseased cat at home? Certainly, we can.


The Best Home remedies for cat UTI:

Home remedies for cat uti

1. Juniper berry :

It is one of the most important home remedies for cat UTI, a herb known for increasing the rate at which the kidney filters out impurities and it can therefore increase urine production.

Home remedies for cat uti

2. Cranberries:

It is an effective treatment for urinary tract infections as the acidity of cranberries can lower the pH of cat urine which can help treat urinary tract infection and stop it from coming back.

Before giving your cat cranberry you should first test the pH levels in your cat’s urine. While the acidity of cranberries can help with some urinary tract infections.

In other cases, it could make the condition worse. Only provide cranberry supplements if your cat’s urine is too alkaline.

3. Apple cider vinegar:

Eliminating and preventing any harmful bacteria. Add half a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to your cat’s food each day to reduce the bitter taste, you can mix it in with chicken or beef broth.

Just make sure the broth doesn’t contain onions, as this is toxic to cats. like cranberries, apple cider vinegar is only effective if the urine of the cat is too alkaline.

4. Drinking more water:

It is one of the best home remedies for cat UTI. When your cat isn't getting enough water, the bacteria in its urinary tract have a chance to grow and multiply.

These bacteria can often cause urinary tract infections or even drinking more water helps in reducing the symptoms and preventing the occurrence of urinary tract infections in the future. So you must ensure that your cat has plenty of.

5. Echinacea:

It doesn't help treat human infections only but is also used as one of home remedies for cat UTI. 

A small dose of it can relieve your cat's urinary tract infection symptoms and alleviate the infection.

6. Uva ursi:

This herb is considered one of the best home remedies for cat UTI. It acts as an antiseptic and antibacterial for urinary tract infections.


It is a sugar that doesn’t get metabolized and doesn’t affect blood sugar levels. This is the same sugar that’s in cranberry juice that makes it an effective cure for urinary tract infections in cats as well.

Once consumed, bacteria in the bladder bond to the D-Mannose molecules. 

The D_mannose is excreted from the body in the urine, taking the offending bacteria with it.

It is considered an effective remedy from home remedies for cat UTI.

8. Bone broth:

It is important to keep your cat well hydrated to reduce or prevent urinary tract infection

But in the case that you can't force your cat to drink water, there is a good alternative called bone broth.

It will help get lots of fluids into your cat to keep them well hydrated. In addition to providing helpful nutrition for fighting any existing bacteria.

Cats love bone broth and you should have no difficulty getting your cat to drink some, so use this any time you aren't sure if your cat is hydrated enough.

Home remedies for cat uti

9. Nettle:

This helpful herb can increase urination and decrease inflammation and pain.

10. Parsley leaves:

It encourages your cat to thirst. So give more parsley leaves to your cat to make it drink more water as this is excellent for it since we said before that well hydrating means preventing urinary tract infections.

It’s also a natural diuretic with antibacterial properties. It will cause your cat to urinate more, which can help to flush the infection from their system. Also, it can help kill the bacteria in your cat’s urinary tract, healing the infection.


Take care of your cat's health and always ensure that it drinks enough water to avoid urinary tract infections but if you notice any symptoms. First, you should try the home remedies for cat UTI which we said before and in the case of increasing symptoms please go to the veterinarian directly for treatment and prevent more problems from occurring.

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