The Best Home Remedies For Cat UTI You May Utilize

If your cat gets UTI, don’t worry so much. Fortunately, there are several home remedies for cat UTI. Urinary tract infection or UTI is the infection of one or more parts of the urinary system. It can get your pets as it can get you. However, your cat is more likely to get UTI than your other pets. 


Causes of cat UTI:

Your cat can develop an inflammatory UTI because of dehydration. Cats are known for their low thirst drive, which makes them depend on the fluids in their food and seldomly seeks water.

Another type is bacterial UTI. A bacterial cat UTI is usually an ascending infection caused by a lack of hygiene. Moreover, there are some predisposing factors for developing cat UTI such as overweight, diabetes, and old age.

Other serious, whilst less likely to happen, causes are tumors and bladder stones. If the cat you own has any of the latest, you should head directly to the vet as it needs special care and home remedies for cat UTI won’t be of great help.


home remedies for cat UTI


Symptoms of cat UTI:

So, in order to use home remedies for cat UTI to cure your cat, you have to know first that it has UTI. But how? You should observe the cat and find out; if it shows a couple or more of these symptoms, then it is sick:

  • Blood in the urine.

  • Strong smelling urine, not as usual.

  • Straining during peeing.

  • Peeing outside the litter box, even if it is genuinely clean.

  • Peeing more often as well as smaller amounts.

  • Discomfort and whining.

  • Frequent licking of genitalia.


Home remedies for cat UTI:

As we have mentioned before, there are plenty of home remedies for cat UTI. They can help relieve the pain and in some cases completely eliminate the disease. Now, let’s dig in:


As the main cause of cat UTI, dehydration must be eradicated by urging your cat to drink more water. Although water is not an absolute treat, it undoubtedly can ease the symptoms and help other remedies to act properly.

Bone broth:

Likewise, broth can keep cats hydrated. Back to the fact that cats have low thirst drive, bone broth can be an excellent substitute for plain water.

Not only can it hydrate your cat and flush its system from harmful bacteria, but also it is very nutritional. Amino acids, which are the building units of protein, boost the cat’s immune system. 

Thus, it can eliminate the bacteria and end the cat’s UTI. Nevertheless, remember to cook it without onions, as they are toxic to cats. 


Apple cider vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is one of the easiest home remedies for cat UTI one can obtain, as it is usually found in our households for daily use.

It is known for its high acidity which prevents the bacteria from duplication; therefore, curing the cat’s UTI. Yet, having it in large amounts, especially with being very acidic, can be extremely harmful to the cat. As a result, it is advisable to dilute it with either water or broth.


home remedies for cat UTI


Cranberries are known for their undeniable effects in treating human UTI. Therefore, you can trust them as one of the home remedies for cat UTI.  Despite that, cranberry juice is known for its high sugar content which can’t be good for your cat. So, you can replace them with cranberry supplements either pills or powder.


home remedies for cat UTI

Marshmallow roots:

According to studies, marshmallow roots contain a sticky substance called mucilage. This substance can renew the lining of the bladder as well as any mucous membrane. Thus, you can count on marshmallow roots as another option of the home remedies for cat UTI and digestive tract infections as well. 


Diuretic herbs:

There is a wealth of herbs with diuretic properties which make excellent home remedies for cat UTI, showing spectacular results. We are gonna shed light on some of them such as parsley leaves, juniper berries, and nettle.

All of the former herbs induce the kidneys to produce, thus excrete, large amounts of urine, flushing all the harmful bacteria out. This happens alongside the antibacterial properties of these plants which aid in curing the cat’s UTI.


home remedies for cat UTI


How to prevent cat UTI?

As much as it is easy to get your hands on these home remedies for cat UTI treatment, there is an old saying which goes like ”the best cure is to prevent the disease”.

To achieve that: firstly, keep your cat hydrated and shift to using canned cat food because it contains more moisture.

Secondly, stop the dry kibble diet as it has high carbohydrates content.

Thirdly, maintain good hygiene of your cat, especially the genitals.

Finally, try to reduce any stress your cat may face and make it as comfy as possible.


To sum up, cats can get UTI the same as humans. Once you spot that your cat is infected through the symptoms, there are various home remedies for cat UTI you can use. These remedies include water, herbs, and other products which you can easily have access to in your house.


All of the treatments we have mentioned previously are expected to pay off in 24 to 48 hours. Otherwise, it is strongly recommended that you visit the vet in which they may prescribe antibiotics or decide further intervention. This way, you are protecting your pet from a probable kidney failure. 

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