Topical Skin Cancer Treatment Home Remedies And All About

Away from chemotherapeutic and any medicinal intervention, topical skin cancer treatment home remedies have big attention of being convenient, available, and less invasive or intolerable like chemotherapy.

Many official health and cancer awareness organizations have included botanical and herbal remedies in skin cancer protocols, but topical skin cancer treatment home remedies have a lot of red marks.

In this article, we'll go through the main questions about topical skin cancer treatment home remedies - what are they, how to apply them, and whether they are of great benefits or simply not.

topical skin cancer treatment home remedies 

What are the topical skin cancer treatment home remedies?

Topical skin cancer treatment home remedies are prescriptions of natural substances that you use at home in your daily life and happen to have another medical effect to treat skin cancer.

Only a few remedies are known and tried to be used for skin cancer treatment.

Let's just say first that it's important to know the type of lesions you have and more important is the correct and well diagnosis.

Always consult your physician and inform him before taking any medicines even if it's topical.

The majority of skin cancer in the United States is nonmelanoma skin cancer including basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma.

These types mainly result from sun exposure, so it will be more advisable to wear your hat and put on your sunscreen, and go on the protocol of " prevention is better than cure".

If after taking your precautions you still got diagnosed with skin cancer, then this article will give you some help.

Types of topical skin cancer treatment home remedies:

Apple cider vinegar:

topical skin cancer treatment home remedies

When it comes to topical skin cancer treatment home remedies, apple cider vinegar is widely mentioned.

Apple cider vinegar is not just used topically but is also said to be used internally for many cancer treatments.

It's thought to have an alkalizing effect to reduce the acidity caused by carcinoma, thus limiting cancer growth and killing cancer cells.

How to apply apple cider vinegar?

You can apply apple cider vinegar by putting a tiny amount on a cotton pad first to see if you have an allergic reaction to it or not.

Coconut oil:

It's mainly used to soothe itchy skin but it's proven to have the ability to fight against free radical formation and protect against skin cancer.

How to apply coconut oil?

You can use coconut oil alone or as a paste with baking soda.

Apply to the targeted area with soft rubbing.

Eggplant and apple cider vinegar:

topical skin cancer treatment home remedies


Although there are some commercial creams of eggplant extracts in stores, you still can make it at home.

Bring an organic eggplant and cut it into small pieces, place them in a well cleaned, sterile jar and add apple cider vinegar to cover up the pieces.

Close the jar very well and refrigerate it for 3 days and stir it every while.

Now and after 3 days, drain the apple cider vinegar in a clean jar and your extracted tonic is ready.

The eggplant tonic usage:

Use your tonic with a cotton pad and leave it on the affected area for a maximum of 10 minutes several times a day.


Over time people used iodine tincture as antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, now the studies revealed a rule of iodine in enhancing the skin immunity against various infections and diseases including skin cancer.

How to use the Iodine tincture?

You can use iodine 7% tincture alternatively with baking soda several times a day.

By damping a cotton pad and applying it to the intended area for several minutes you can take the whole benefit of iodine tincture.

Black salve or bloodroot:

The use of black salve as topical skin cancer treatment home remedies or any other kind of skin disease is not recommended and many organizations warn the consumers of its dangerous consequences.

It doesn't only worsen the case but also masks the pathogenic state and causes the delay of initiating the real and effective treatment. It's said to cause cell necrosis to carcinogenic cells, but there's no evidence that it doesn't affect normal cells.

Leaving a skin covered with scar tissue and in some cases, permanent disfigurement is the main side effect of using black salve topically.

Not only FDA prohibit its use topically, but also Therapeutic Goods Association prohibited the commercial sales of it in Australia in 2012.

So if anyone advised you to use it please consult your healthcare provider before taking any chances.

Essential oils and vitamins:


topical skin cancer treatment home remedies

Topical skin cancer treatment home remedies are not just the alternative therapy, your diet is also the main key in preventing and curing several diseases.

A diet rich in vitamin C, E, A,  zinc, essential oils, selenium, polyphenols, beta carotene, and omega 3 supplements is so good for your health. 

Frankincense Oil:

Essential oil like Frankincense Oil has a great healing ability and has been used across a lot of cultures topically and internally.

Black raspberry seed oil:

Black raspberry seed oil is also known as a fighting agent against cancer and its specificity of affecting only the cancer cells makes it highly recommended to be included in your diet and skincare routine.


Topical skin cancer treatment home remedies pros and cons:

Now after going through many topical skin cancer treatment home remedies, comes the question of what are the disadvantages of using these remedies?.


1- The main advantage of topical skin cancer treatment home remedies is being painless.

2- Easily found ingredients and easily prepared.

3- Most are natural products.


1- Some remedies sensitize the skin like apple cider vinegar.

2- Others are contraindicated with concurrent cancer treatment like chemotherapy or radiation.

3- Vitamins are from those contraindicated with cancer treatment as they may interact with drugs and cause severe side effects.

Studies showed that some vitamins might mask the effect of some chemotherapeutic agents and mislead the researchers of whether the results appearing are from the vitamins or the drug, especially in clinical trials.

We know that once you're diagnosed with any type of cancer you would just do anything to beat it, but please go tell your physician all your concerns and inform him of what exactly you're taking even if you're taking vitamins and any other dietary supplements.


N.B these remedies are not to be taken alone away from your treatment. Treat yourself well using the best ways you have and offered.



In the end, topical skin cancer treatment home remedies may seem very simple and still harm you instead, so always consult your physician and never put full trust in any website on the internet. For serious conditions like skin cancer, always search the official websites -,,, and

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