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Do you know that skin cancer is the most diagnosed cancer in the United States? Many people search for home remedies for skin cancer on the face.

Sun exposure and UV rays is the main reason for basal cell carcinoma, actinic keratosis, sebaceous carcinoma,and many other types of skin cancer.

Home remedies for skin cancer on the face do not always have benefits but they are often harmful.The late stage of cancer is too hard to be treated.

Home remedies for skin cancer on face may delay the necessary treatment that must have occurred and lead to ferocious cancer.

You should be aware of any changes in your skin .The early treatment is best for skin cancer.

Sometimes there are things that look like skin cancer, but they are not. So don't worry if you have one of the following.


The famous 5 things mistaken for skin cancer:

1- A mole (nevus)

The good news is that many are benign moles that cause no harm. A typical mole can have the same appearance as melanoma. These moles are larger than 6mm,uneven color, irregular border.

2- Cherry angiomas

These are bumps on skin with cherry red coloration due to overgrowth of blood vessels.These are benign and only need to be removed for cosmetic reasons.


It is an  immune disease that causes red patchy skin with silver scales causing dry, cracked skin. It isn't related to skin cancer. It can easily be diagnosed by your dermatologist.

4- Sebaceous hyperplasia

Sebaceous gland is the gland that grows near the hair follicle responsible for lubrication of hair and skin. When it enlarges as a flesh colored papule or small yellow one. It looks like basal cell carcinoma but like cherry angioma. It's not dangerous. It can be removed surgically.

5- Seborrheic keratosis

These are common in old age but these are benign. They have a greasy, brown and scaly appearance. The cause is still unknown.

Treatment is not needed unless they are itchy and inflamed.

If you search about home remedies for skin cancer on the face you will find many ways.

Home Remedies For Skin Cancer On Face

Home remedies for skin cancer on face:

  • Eggplant and apple cider vinegar

  • Black salve or bloodroot

  • Vit  C (orange,lemon, strawberries and leafy greens)

  • Iodine

  • Vit  E (almond,nuts, sunflower seeds and spinach)

  • Vit A (chicken, turkey, beef liver, eggs,and carrots)

  • Zinc

  • Selenium

  • Omega-3 Fatty acids

  • Baking soda and coconut oil 

You can also find another home remedies for skin cancer on face that can be used topically on skin such as:

  • Apple cider vinegar

  • Coconut oil

  • Essential oils

  • Black Raspberry Seeds oil

  • Eggplant extract  

What's your opinion? 

Do you think that the home remedies for skin cancer on the face are the right thing to do?

Ok dear, let's know about this.

What could be the harm in trying home remedies for skin cancer on face?

Home Remedies for skin cancer

Danger of using home remedies for skin cancer on face:


You don't know what kind of lesion you have and what is the accurate diagnosis of skin cancer that requires examination by a professional because there are many types of skin cancer and several subtypes. Dermatologists use special tools to identify skin cancer and that needs a skin biopsy to confirm that the lesion is cancerous.


One risk of using home remedies for skin cancer on face is that it will not work giving the cancer time to grow. For example melanoma is the most likely to invade and spread if it isn't treated early. Squamous cell carcinoma is difficult to treat once it spreads. Although basal cell carcinoma spreads to the nearest area of the body. It can grow into bone or tissue below the skin if left untreated.


Home remedies for skin cancer on the face can be harmful. One example is black salve. It's an ointment that contains bloodroot and zinc chloride. It's applied to a lesion. The treated areas turn into burn-like lesions.The treatment can be painful and may cause scarring in the treated area. If the cancer persists or returns,it may be difficult for a doctor to evaluate the area because of skin damage.

So, what can you do?

Prevention is better than a cure:

You should protect yourself from (UV) exposure . This  following you can do to reduce exposure to UV:

  • seek shade between 10 am and 2 pm

  • Use a broad spectrum sunscreen with sun protection factor (SPF) 15 or higher

Home Remedies for skin cancer

  • Avoid indoor tanning beds

  • Wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses.

  • Drink a sufficient amount of water per day.

  • Protect your immunity.


The best thing to do with any skin cancer is to avoid trying home remedies for skin cancer and have an examination by your dermatologist.

Remember, if you have one of the previous 5 things which is mistaken for skin cancer ,you mustn't be worried.

Dear reader, don't forget that you should get the nourishment you need to enhance your immunity and to be able to fight your enemy (cancer).


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