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The center for animal health is the perfect choice for your pet family member to receive comprehensive, unique, specialized veterinary and medicinal care. 

It is located at 827 N 68th St, Wauwatosa, WI 53213, United States.

Having a pet animal is a big responsibility so the center for animal health helps you take care of your pet animal and provides you with the welfare you dream of to your pets through several medical, preventative, curative, surgical, diagnostic, dental, and medicinal services.

It is considered a small full-service veterinary hospital.

center for animal health

Now let's know more about the center for animal health services:

The team in the center knows well that Pet animals are family members so it works hard to provide them with the care they deserve to have long, healthy, and happy life through several services.


1-Spay and neuter:

Spaying and neutering can control pet overpopulation so all animals enjoy a healthy and happy life without the risk of unwanted offspring or being euthanized in shelters.



Spaying is a surgical process performed in female cats and dogs in which ovaries, Fallopian tubes, and uterus are removed to make the animal unable to reproduce.

The center advises pet owners to spay their pets at 3-6 months especially before the pet's first heat.

It has many benefits to your pets such as:

-No uterine infections.

-No ovarian and uterine tumors.

-No unwanted pregnancy.

The recovery time is 7 to10 days, pain and lethargy are common symptoms in the first days after surgery.

center for animal health


Neutering is a surgical process performed in male dogs and cats to castrate the animal to be unable to impregnate females.

The center recommends it at the age of 4-6 months, also it can be done on older pets.

Neutering benefits to your pets include:

-No testicular and prostate tumors.

-Reduce aggressive behavior.

-Reduce roaming.

During recovery time you should take care of your animal to prevent it from licking or biting the incision to prevent infection occurrence.

Pain and lethargy are common symptoms during the first days after surgery.

center for animal health

2-Laser therapy:

Laser therapy is a very preferred treatment method because of being a non-invasive technique and having minimal adverse side effects.

It is an easy and fast technique, the whole process does not exceed 10 minutes, you will see your pet's condition improves after 3-5 times.


Laser mechanism of action:

Cold laser therapy uses red and infrared light to stimulate cell regeneration and tissue repair through producing collagen.

The laser increases blood flow to the affected area that accelerates the healing process.

Also, it stimulates the body's pain-relieving hormones.

Laser therapy is very effective in cure the following conditions:

-Hip dysplasia.

-Acute and chronic injuries.

-Post-surgical process.

-Decrease joint pain.

-Neuromuscular diseases.

-Musculoskeletal injuries.



Losing pet animals is a disaster to pet owners, the sensation of losing your furry friend and you may don't see it again is very hard and depressing.

The center for animal health provides you with the service of microchipping that is the safest, easy, simple, and effective method to reunite again with your pet.

A microchip is ok for 25 years that means all your pet lifetime.

The chip needs only to be scanned to collect pet owner information.



The center for animal health performs a wide range of surgeries from standard surgery to highly advanced and complicated surgery through highly advanced equipment and a very qualified team.

Managing your pet's pain during and after the surgery is the main priority to the center's anesthesiologist for more comfort and safety for your pet.

center for animal health


Acupuncture is an old Chinese therapeutic method through using hair-thin needles that is very effective in accelerating the body's healing.

Licensed acupuncture specialists are available in the center for animal health so you can utilize this method in curing several disorders such as:



-Musculoskeletal problems.

-Neurological pain.

-Respiratory distress.

-Skin condition.

Acupuncture is considered a very safe method because it excludes drug adverse reactions, overdose toxicity, and it is not a painful method.

center for animal health


Vaccination is very important to your pet's healthy life and also to you as a pet owner to protect you against disease passed to humans.

Vaccination isn't expensive and should be done when your pets are puppies and kittens.

The center for animal health helps you in choosing the required vaccines according to your pet's age, health, and lifestyle.

Core vaccines are very important to your pets and mandated by law.

Core vaccines are:

-Rabies for dogs and cats.

-DA2PPV – Distemper, Hepatitis, Adenovirus 2, Parvo, and Parainfluenza for dogs.

-FVRCP – Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, and Panleukopenia for cats.

Also, there are other vaccines for cats and dogs that are very important like:

-FeLV for cats.

-Bordetella and canine influenza for dogs.

center for animal health


Proper treatment results from proper diagnosis so the center for animal health provides radiology services through advanced technologies and by a qualified trusted team.

Radiology service includes:


-Dental radiology.

Radiographs and x rays are very important in the detection of some disorders like:

-Bone fracture.

-Foreign bodies inside the body.

-Soft tissue damage.

-Dental problems.


8-Wellness exam:

For your pet's health, your pet should have an annual veterinary exam and if it gets older the exam should be twice a year.

The center for animal health cares for your pet's health so it provides annual wellness exams includes:

-Eye and ear exam.

-Rectal and skeletal exam.

-Reproductive system exam.

-Dental exam.

-Neurological and cardiovascular evaluation.

-Internal health evaluation.

-Nutrition advice.

-Behavior evaluation.


9-Senior wellness:

Veterinary exams are very vital in keeping your pet more healthy when it becomes elderly so the center for animal health provides you with the veterinary exam and blood tests your animal needs for disease early detection, behavioral changes, and dental problems twice each year.

Your lovely dog at age 7 and your cat at age9 become seniors.


10-In- House laboratory:

The center for animal health saves your time and money and help your pet be diagnosed sooner by providing a large number of laboratory tests such as:

-Liver enzyme screening.

-Pancreatic tests.

-Renal profiles.

-Complete blood counts.

-Blood gases.

-General chemistries.

-Urine analysis.

-Parasite analysis.

-Blood pressure.

-Felv virus in cats.

-Parvovirus in dogs.

center for animal health

11-Dental care:

Dental care is very important to your pet, pets are like humans who need cleaning their teeth and dental exams to cure dental problems.

The center for animal health provides dental exams, dental radiology, extraction, and all dental work is performed under anesthesia.

Also in the center, veterinarians teach you:

-How to clean your pet's teeth.

-How to brush its teeth several times per week.

-The products you need to maintain proper oral hygiene.

center for animal health

Is the center for animal health a good choice?

Yes, of course, it is the optimum choice for your pet health care, your pet enjoys comprehensive and royal services.

The center's main priority is to ensure long and healthy lives for your pets.

The center for animal health opens all week except Sunday, you can have an appointment from their site or by calling them at 414-771-7387.

You can enjoy many payment options that suit you.

center for animal health


Center for animal health is a comprehensive, trusted, and qualified small veterinary hospital where you will never worry about your pet's health.

Written by: Dr.Walaa Hassan Ebrahim

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