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Considering home remedies for skin cancer on the face or not is really tricky. There is no question all skin parts are important but when it comes to the face one should be more careful.

When you surf the internet you will find lots of articles and websites totally encouraging you to try home remedies and promising you with absolute results. But is it real? Let’s find out.

home remedies for skin cancer on face

Skin cancer types

There are four major types of skin cancer:

1- Basal cell carcinoma:

It's  most common type, it represents about 80% of skin cancer cases. It takes place mostly in the neck and face but still can affect any part of skin. The good news about it is that it grows slowly and rarely spreads to other body parts.


2- Squamous cell carcinoma:

Represents about 20% of skin cancer cases and has higher possibility to spread over


3- Merkel cell carcinoma:

This type takes place in hormone producing cells that is located beneath skin and in hair follicles and it is a very aggressive type with high spreading rate.

4- Melanoma:

Most serious type and it is attached to melanocytes in skin and eyes and it can spread to other body parts


Main skin cancer inducers:

The first thing to increase the risk of having skin cancer on face or any other part is family history. If you have a family history of skin cancer you should pay more attention to any changes to your skin.

Also exposure to UV for a long time with no sunscreen or any protection can increase the risk. Moles and old sun burn lesions should be monitored to notice any abnormal changes cause these cells are more likely to mutate than others.


Is it recommended to try home remedies for skin cancer on face?

Well it depends basically on the accurate diagnosis and it should be deeply discussed with your doctor because in some cases home remedies for skin cancer on face can interact and even antagonize some chemotherapy medications or radiotherapy.

For example vitamin supplements can interfere with chemotherapy either by weakening or enhancing its effect, other natural extracts like curcumin,valerian root and ST.john's wort are thought to affect the efficacy-toxicity ratio in chemotherapy.

The main problem is that most people would not pay enough attention to consult their health care provider before consuming these products because these are totally natural. 


Apple cider vinegar:

This vinegar comes from fermented apples and it is available almost everywhere and has many benefits for regular usage but in case of skin cancer on face it can be used either systemic by ingestion or topical by direct application on lesion.


It is said to decrease the whole body acidity which decreases the possibility of developing cancerous cells. It should be diluted first to avoid any stomach ache or heartburn. Of Course there 's no specific doses for natural remedies but most patients who tried it before would use 2 tablespoons in a day and take it after dilution.



Direct application on affected area might help in some cases but also after dilution and be careful not to apply it for too long to avoid chemical burns and irritation.

home remedies for skin cancer on face

Pure coconut oil:

Coconut oil has been known as deep moisturizer and used to maintain skin quality and tone but it also contains antioxidants that would remove free radicals that causes cancer.


Eggplant extract:

It has been used for long time already in topical creams to help cure skin cancer and it would really help in some cases but can not depend on this extract by itself. 

Dangerous home remedies

Most people can choose home remedies because they are afraid of chemotherapy or surgeries but not all home remedies for skin cancer on face specifically or any body part is considered safe.

Black salve or the extracting salve is a paste made from bloodroot plant and it is widely marketed as it withdraws the cancer cells only and destroys it but in fact it destroys everything. Mainly it is destructive for skin and eventually it would leave a deformity or at least a big scar.

These deformities can make it very difficult for a doctor to decide if this case was really cancerous or not and even more harder to track it for recurrency and of course it would be unpleasant if it happened on the face or visible part of the skin.

home remedies for skin cancer on face

Skin cancer on face prevention:

Home remedies for skin cancer on face are much more effective in prevention than in treatment.first of all you should use sunscreen on all exposed skin spf 15 or higher. If sunscreen is not affordable or available then try to cover your skin as much as you can and avoid going out when it is sunny.

Keep yourself well hydrated to keep your body and your skin healthy.having fresh and healthy food rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants is always good and finally always consult your doctor if you have any concerns.



Home remedies for skin cancer on face are not supported with enough research. Most lap research was conducted on tissue specimens or animals and almost no clinical trials on humans. So you better follow a healthy lifestyle and protect yourself as much as you can if you are at a high risk of getting skin cancer but in case of treatment it is not recommended to depend on home remedies for skin cancer on face because it is usually a serious case and it should not be underestimated.


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