Best Mousse For Curly Hair Can Be One From 27 Mousses

To articulate about best mousse for curly hair we need first to ask you if your hair is curly, do you know what type of curly is your hair?

There are four types of curly hair.

But I need you to know the curly hair structure as it comes from oval follicles. 

These follicles are twisted at the bottom and also characterized by there is keratin on a side of the follicles that are oval one more than the other like you wrap a ribbon for a gift.

best mousse for curly hair

To understand about best mousse for curly hair.

What are the types of curly hair

They are four types

1- Wavy 

With s shape pattern which is relaxed one needs to curly volumizing, moisturizing, and hold for not to lose the curl shape and straighten.

2- Loose 

With s shape which is consistent needs balanced moisture as it cloud be with frizz and lose definition.

3- Tight 

A corkscrew curl pattern needs deep hydration for not to be dense and unmanageable. 

4- Coily 

With z type called zigzag like one from the roots till the ends need protective moisture you know to build upon scalp as it is difficult in this type to down the hair. 

While identifying of best mousse for curly hair as curly hair needs special care as scalp oil can not leave down the curly one so causing dryness and so needing for nourishments and moisturizers.

best mousse for curly hair

How is Washing for curled hair

When identifying how to wash curly hair will enhance the use of the best mousse for curly hair. 

Now, there are two methods for washing one is the no-poo method you can said also conditioner washing as there is no use for shampoo.

Another one is the CG (curly Girl) method which uses shampoo I think here sulfate-free one will be better. 

How is the No-poo method

In this method, no shampoo is used for curly hair but using the conditioner washing method as shampoo often contains sulfates and surfactants that can damage the hair and lead to dryness. 

With this method, your hair will be of healthy waves and curls, we all curly hair need that and need that to use the best mousse for curly hair.

Why, it is difficult to rinse all shampoo traces from the curled hair, as the curled hair is a porous one, and this makes shampoo hazard the curly one than the straight hair.

So, shampoo may cause frizz, dull, poor definition curl hair and so need the right way for shampooing curly hair or using conditioner washing instead and need the best mousse for curly hair.

But conditioners contain mild surfactants so less hazard to your curled hair and can remove dirt, debris, and excess oils from the scalp and hair.

Also for the use of the best mousse for curly hair, you have to use what is good for your curled hair from different types of conditioners.

Now I want to ask you, what types of conditioners cloud be in washing curly hair? And thus the better effect is the best mousse for curly hair after washing.

Conditioners for washing curly hair

1- There are emollient that makes curly hair soft.

2- Shine and a humectant one that holds water and hydrate curls are beneficial. 

3- There is a protein one but sometimes it builds up especially on healthy hair, in this case, a protein-free one will be better.

Now, the steps of the conditioner washing method then, you can use the best mousse for curly hair:

1- You can go under a shower which is gentle not strong for no disturbing of curls.

2- You can take the amount of conditioner by fingertips to massage your scalp, and using your fingertips massage your scalp to stimulate and loose dirt or product residue, lifting down from the scalp.

3- Continue this massage on all of your scalps, begin at the temples, continue up to the crown then down the back of the head.

4- Now you can rinse all of your scalps so all of the buildups are down and removed.

5- Finally, you can leave a smooth conditioner in your hair or rinse it out, according to your hair to how much need for moisturizing.

Now, there is what name co-washes comes to the light and it is a conditioning cleanser but put in your mind, it contains a gentle detergent while the daily one has no detergent.

But in some conditions, may, you find your curled hair is to be tangled and its curls lose definition and are dull.

Why this occurs, is from a build-up of residues from gels, oils, and silicons covering the surface of hair as these are not rinsed off well by water and conditioner. 

Here your curly hair is messy and is not responding to the curly routine you do like using the best mousse for curly hair routinely. 

So, needing for a wash with a clarifying shampoo arise and you know, why this, to refresh your curled hair and restore its bounce.

In general, in my view, this method is a promising one for curly hair and is a helpful one with the best mousse for curly hair. 

The use of the best mousse for curly hair needs you to identify your curl type and what way of wash is better for your curly hair to have a well-defined healthy one, we all have curly hair needs.

Now if you still wash your curly with shampoo as you feel it will be messy if I do not use shampoo. 

Or already using the No-Poo method but now my hair is gunky so needing for clarifying shampoo.

And hence, what will be the right way to wash your curly hair and decrease the damage that occurred from surfactants in a shampoo.

best mousse for curly hair

Hence how is shampooing in the CG way

By the way, before handling with steps, there are books for curly hair will be grateful and from these, the CG handbook speaking for every about curly hair.

Now, steps for shampooing your curly and then you can use the best mousse for curly hair:

1- In general, you can go under a shower which is gentle one not strong for no disruption of your curl.

2- You can put a tablespoon of a conditioner on your palm and on using your fingers.

Then coat your hair from the ends to the mid-shaft, why, to protect this portion of your hair from penetrating by shampoo causing dehydration for your hair shaft.

3- You can squeeze a half teaspoon of shampoo onto your fingertips and then apply by gently to the scalp and roots.

 Here you will start at the forehead and work around the scalp, then rinse your curly hair. 

Take care of, only half a teaspoon of shampoo for no more surfactants leading to dryness of hair and loss of its definition. 

Some say you can add the amount of shampoo to a small or equal amount of water and then apply it to hair for decreasing the hazardous effect of shampoo on hair. 

4- After rinsing you can put a half teaspoon of conditioner on your hair and work it through with your fingers.

But here put in your mind, you will rinse it quickly, only you need to leave it just a few seconds. 

5- Now, you're ready to blow-dry your hair and this is drying by pressing with cotton clothes without rubbing remember only by pressing.

And now, we will articulate, what best mousse for curly hair, but I need to remember you first clear your curled hair in the right way according to your curl condition may by the no-poo method or CG method and then before using of best mousse for curly hair it is better to use a leave-in or moisturizing cream to enhance the effect of mousse used especially for curl type 3 and 4.

Best mousse for curly hair

Before identifying of best mousse for curly hair, do you know what meaning of mousse?

It is a foam known as a versatile, styling product, it is lighter in its consistency than gels and due to its foaming texture, it is more effective to enhance hairstyling. 

We like to use it for our hair why? To make a specific extent of holding to hair strands makes curls shiny, healthy, protected, volumized, good definition, and stable. 

Some people fear their curls become crunch of curls because of mousse, but if you apply it in the right manner, not too much amount there will be no crunch.

 Also, using the suitable type according to curly hair type hence, the importance of best mousse for curly hair. 

best mousse for curly hair

The way you use hair mousse

It is a simple one that enhances the effect of the best mousse for curly hair:

1- Do you know, What you could do, after shampooing or no-poo washing and drying your curled hair, as mentioned before.

You should use a specific foundation hair product according to your curly hair type ( wavy, loose, tight, coily).

Or a leave-in conditioner to enhance the moisturizing of the best mousse for curly hair also you can start from underneath.

2- You can divide your hair into five sections also it could be more than that, as you wanna if you want more curls. 

It is better if you can work slowly through each one when you finish a section and go to another till finished.

3- Now, you can apply the best mousse for curly hair. 

But take care, it should be in the golf-sized amount applied to each section in a rake-through or rake-shake technique.

This is a way while in a slow you can use your fingers to comb the mousse through your hair, this is done to distribute the mousse evenly from root to tip or from mid-shaft till ends and this gives you detangled and smooth curls.

In my view, it is better if you can watch videos on how to make this technique.

1- While your fingers reach to ends you can make shaking at the wrist to motivate curl formation.

2- You can use of wide tooth comb or Denman brush to make sure curls are detangled and smooth then dry on a low warm setting Dreyer, or leave your curly hair dry in the air.

Once, you finish drying you can use a specific curl perfection product to open the curl and look healthier.

Now there is a question that arises, How could you find the best mousse for curly hair?

best mousse for curly hair

Selecting of best mousse for curly hair

When you go to select the best mousse for curly hair, you should look at your hair and see what look you wanna for it, what is my hair condition and what type of curly?

Then when you decide, while you are already looking for an appropriate one, you have to read well about its ingredients to avoid harmful chemicals that can worth your curly hair and pron it to break.

You should look for ingredients of herbal origin, or that could nourish your curly hair to let your curls more strong and healthier.

So now what best mousse for curly hair 

1- Shea moisture frizz-free coconut and hibiscus frizz-free curl mousse

If you look to your and find it a frizzy, dry one then this mousse could be a nice choice.

With this mousse of the best mousse for curly hair, you could apply about two or three pumps to each section of your curly hair to enjoy if your curled hair is soft, manageable, and stays in place.

One of the reasons for selecting this best mousse for curly hair is because your curled hair is dry, now it comes to light, why?

As this mousse has a moisture-rich styling aid that enhances the natural wave which also will be soft, and of good definition and this is why, as it contains coconut oil

If you fear that your hair will be crunched or sticky due to mousse, I am pleased to say that no residue or stickiness happened from this mousse, so it is the best mousse for curly hair.

Also, you know, it is of choice when you find the air conditions become humid to manage the frizziness of hair as it contains neem oil that also gives shine for the curled hair.

You know, it also contains silk protein which gives your curled hair softness and silky one.

But you know, this mousse also can be used for all curled hair types.

Also, I need to mention for you, that if you read its label you will find it is sulfate-free, paraben-free, and color-safe, in general, l love the product with these advantages.

Now, if you want your wavy, curly hair to be the frizz-free, strong, healthy, soft look, shiny, and pretty styling, you can choose this natural best mousse for curly hair. 

For more information; Shea moisture frizz-free

2- Totally-Twisted dosting mousse of herbal essences

Ooh, it is not only the best mousse for curly hair, but I also want you to know that this mouse won the “ Best of the Best award for Best Mousse in 2021for curl hair type 2 which is wavy”

This mouse was voted for this award by the naturally curly community.

From its advantages, you can use this curly boosting mousse in a daily manner, it is color safe, ph balanced, and free of parabens, silicons, or colorants.

Now, what about its chief ingredient, it is of mixed berries essence which of high fibers, antioxidants and vitamin C which have a cleaning property for oils and dirt from your curl hair scalp.

It boosts the curl pattern even in humid air conditions.

Now, are you found the best mousse for curly hair, do not hurry there is more, so let us see what comes?!

For more information; Dosting mousse of herbal essence

3- Curl activating mousse of Not your mother’s curl talk 

You will interesting also here, as it is the best mousse for curly hair and it is also won the “ Best of the Best award for Best Mousse in 2021for curl hair type 3 which is wavy”.

Also, this mouse was voted for this award by the naturally curly community.

You know, also this curl mousse like the previous two, where there is a humid, will be useful for your curly hair.

Also, paraben, sulfates, silicons, alcohol, dyes, and colorants are free ones.

You know, It activates curl formation, gives shine, frizz-free, soft, and good definition. 

Now, I wanna ask you, what are the ingredients that give its effectiveness which helps your curl bouncier? 

It is a rice complex and this complex is ab a blend of rice, enzymes, and keratin amino acids so this complex motivates curl retention, hydrates, and protects curls.

Now, are you finding the best mousse for hair curl or still not, lets's see the next.

For more information; Curl activating mousse

4- The doux mousse def texture foam

If you are of curl type 4, you can look for this best mousse for curly hair for your curl type, you know.

This mousse also won the award of Best of the Best Mousse 2021 voted also by the naturally curly community.

Also, it resists high humidity as it contains humectants and silk protein giving your hair strength and leaving it stronger, touchable, and shiny.

You know, if you wanna, it achieves silky curls and holding at the same time. 

Can be used on dry or damp hair but for the best result, you can wash your hair at first as mentioned, then apply it but no oils before it you can use only a conditioner leave-in, or nothing.

After application of the mousse as mentioned also you can leave it dry in the air, hooded dryer, or diffuser after the opening of curls you can use a specific cream and then a refresher for best results.

It is suitable for a wide range of curl patterns and also for all curl hair types giving a final detangled, frizz-free, shiny, and flexible hold curls.

5- Pop life volumizing mousse of Original moxie

If your curled hair is wavy hence, this will be the best mousse for curly hair, as this multi-action mousse could give your curls moisture, strength, and volume. 

And this is why, it contains antioxidants that rejuvenate your fine hair and bamboo extract which source of silica that adds shine and strength to your fine strands resulting in a natural, frizz-free texture of your curls.

6- Raw curls organic mousse/styling mousse

Are you looking to enhance your waves in the best mousse for curly hair? 

This lightweight, organic, plant-based UV protection will achieve that for you so gives you final soft, shiny curls and also it tons of volume and body to your curls.

You know that it will give you healthy curls due to its cell-rejuvenating and antioxidant ingredients.

Do not go, there is the best mousse for curly hair still,

7- Design essentials natural Almond and Avocado curl-enhancing mousse 

This is the best mousse for curly hair which is a unique formulation that contains wheat protein that could penetrate the hair cuticle so strong, healthy curls.

This mousse will be suitable if your curly hair is wavy, loose, tight, or coily.

You know, it is a lightweight foam that gives you frizz-free curly hair of good definition.

What about other advantages it has?

- When you style with this mousse, you will have a pliable-hold, soft, and natural shine for your curly hair.

- This mousse dries quickly so you can leave it dry in the air.

- Also separates curls and enhances curl definition without getting down fine hair.

- A lovely advantage of any product for our health it is free from parabens, paraffin, petrolatum, and mineral oil.

Now, let us speak about its unique formula which is of natural ingredients

- Almond causes nourishment to your curly hair and gives a luminous shine to it.

- Avocados moisturize your curly hair to a high degree and so you will find your hair shaft is stronger, not breakable.

- Also, olive oil and vitamin B complex give luminous shiny curly and also, moisturize your curls.

- You know vitamin B complex is important for hair growth also.

8- Eden bodyworks citrus fusion styling mousse

This mousse can be the best mousse for curly hair, why?

Because, it is a lightweight foam that gives your curly hair a soft hold and consists of botanicals that are vitamin C from orange, and lime so a healthy curly hair and the hydrating acai.

So, if your curled hair is dry, fragile, and dull you can use this mousse as the best mousse for curly hair giving your hair shine and volume due to its nutrient-rich blend.

Interesting product as no sulfates, silicons, dyes, and paraben-free, also they are cruelty-free.

9- AG cloud air-light volumizing mousse

Here, what makes it the best mousse for curly hair?

It is a natural product have about 98 percent plant-origin ingredients and of lightweight formula that gives the body and volume to your curly hair, also a manageable curly hair.

This best mousse for curly hair gives volume due to the Natural corn starch, tilia tomentosa bud extract, and sugar cane extract offer instant volume. 

And it gives frizz-free, detangle, and thermal protection due to sweet almond, linseed, olive leaf, and arnica also enhancing the shine of your curly hair.

The natural fragrance of this mousse is due to orange and tangerine essential oils. also, It is a vegan one, silicon free.

10- OGX locking + coconut curls creamy mousse

This best mousse for curly hair is a different one as it is a mousse-cream hybrid called part foam, now what are the characteristics of this best mousse for curly hair?

It enhances curls and holds and hydrates your curls due to its creamy constituent of coconut oil ad shea butter. 

Also, it gives you frizz-free curly hair.

Are you here, we are still listing the best mousse for curly hair, 

11- Orbie grandiose hair plumping mousse 

If you need flexibility for your curls then this will be the best mousse for curly hair you can use.

You know, this one gives flexibility and volume to your curly hair due to it is formulated from starch polymer.

And it moisturizes your curly hair due to it is complex with sunflower, seed oil, glycerin, and vitamin E ( antioxidant vitamin) and these protect your curled hair against environmental stressors.

All of these advantages make you think about using this mousse as the best mousse for curly hair.

12- Quai Air dry foam mousse Air mousse

If your hair is thick then this is the best mousse for curly hair as it volumizes your curly hair and gives you super soft curls and this is due to a kale extract.

A safe product that is cruelty, paraben, and sulfate-free.

13- Living proof full thickening mousse

Do you have fine hair, then this is the best mousse for curly hair you can think about, as it is designed to add volume to thin hair and gives your hair a flexible hold without becoming stiff.

Why does this mousse gives fullness that lasts 5 times longer, do you hear about that before, because of the thickening molecule that works between hair strands creating thickening dots, so your hair looks thicker.

Also, a safe one for your hair as it is cruelty, color, silicone, paraben, and phthalates-free.

14- John-Frieda volume lift air-whipped foam

Because of its polymer formula, It is softening and volumizing and gives shine to curly hair.

So, it could be the best mousse for curly hair.

15- Joico power whip whipped foam mousse

Now you ask why could I think this mousse is the best mousse for curly hair?

It is an interesting one, it contains Moigna seed oil that gives hydration that curly hair in need, also, frizz protection, thermal protection till 232C, humidity protection for 72 hours, fastly absorbed, 

Volumizer, and body holding for a long time. 

Also, the interesting thing it contains plum kernel oil which source of vitamin A and vitamin E and these are antioxidants and moisture your curls without weighing down.

16- Curlsmith bouncy strength volume foam

Do you know, why this is the best mousse for curly hair? its blend of texturizing styling results in the volumizing and enhancing the body without crunch. 

It leaves your curly hair strong and moisturized because of hemp seed oil.

It results in strong and elastic hair due to plant-based rice protein.

Also, it has a superfood blend is for fragrance and protecting ends from getting split and from hot tools so thermal protection is an advantage for this mousse. 

Also, it results in frizz-free of your curly hair.

17- Shu uemura awa volume mousse

If your curly hair is any one of the 4 types, you could use this mousse as the best mousse for curly hair.

Why, to achieve a shine, flexible and silky finish without crunchy for your curly hair.

Also, gives maximum volume that lasts a long time.

18- Nourish and shine frizz-less curl hair mousse

If your curly hair of type 4, then this will be the best mousse for curly hair as this type of curly needs hydration.

So why does it have an effect? as it contains glycerin, also sunflower oil and honey extract are ingredients of this mousse that lead to frizz-free curly hair.

Of good advantage, can dry on the air. 

19- Amika plus volume and body mousse 

Why this mousse could be the best mousse for curly hair?

You will find it gives volume, body, flexibility, and holds for your curly hair, also helps against heat hazards.

It contains a sea buckthorn berry known as obliphica which contains 190 biologically active compounds like vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, and provitamin B5 so resorts to hair with no split end and stronger hair strands.

20- Bask and Bloom Hydrating Vitamin Curl Mousse

It is the best mousse for curly hair, as suitable for all curly hair types and all patterns of curly.

Due to results in volume and the wanted definition. You find also what, do you know, you will find your curled hair shine, smooth, and moisturized.

Cruelty-free, silicon-free, and of organic ingredients, also something good it contains no alcohol so no fear drying of your curly hair.

21- R+Co Chiffon Styling Mousse

It is an interesting best mousse for curly hair?

Give your hair a soft hold on your wavy hair and also ringlet hair. You know, it gives your curly hair with the body and volume you wanna and also shine.

It is the best mousse for curly hair which gives your curly the perfect softness and definition you want.

And now, what makes this mousse the best mousse for curly hair? 

As, its ingredients are Abyssinian oil which will give moisture to your curly hair and gives it thermal protection, silk amino acid which will strengthen your hair giving it smooth and shine you wanna and also, black Polynesian oil which also gives moisture to your curly hair and also, giving your curly thermal protection.

Finally, find your curly hair with a good definition without crunch.

22- Dove Style+Care Curls Defining Mousse

Dove mousse, do you think it will be the best mousse for curly hair while you look at it? 

I can say that for you if I am I will think about that as this mousse has a unique Nutri-Style complex formula that will nourish your curly hair and gives it from root to tip protection. 

You know also, the creamy texture of this foam so gives your curly hair waves, long-lasting definition, frizz-free, and flyaways that you want.

In final, you will find your curly hair of soft-touch, long-lasting hold and no frizzing for your curly hair and no fear of weighing down or being crunchy hair.

But in this mousse, put in your mind, if you have allergies to DMDM hydantoin.

23- Davines This is a Curl Moisturizing Mousse

Why think about this one being the best mousse for curly hair? 

Due to it giving your curly hair a repair from damage that may present in your brittle hair, moisturizes your dry curly, also you could apply it to wet or dry hair.

24- Ampro Shine-N-Jam Magic Fingers Setting Mousse

It is interesting best mousse for curly hair for its formula of wheat protein, avocado, and jojoba oil theses give strength and condition to your curly hair.

25- Carol's Daughter curl perfecting-Hair Milk-Styling Foam

So if Your curly hair is tight, then you can use this mousse to be the best mousse for curly hair for you.

Also, All curly hair types can consider this foam the best mousse for curly hair.

And this why? Its interesting constituents are honey extract which gives a natural hold and does not think it will give stickiness or get crunchy, Agave Nectar, and Rosemary extract these inhibit frizzing and give moisture to your curly.

Also contains Powerful ingredients Nettle, Rosemary, Chamomile, Honey, MacadamiaOil, Vitamin E, Horsetail, Comfrey, and Hops.

So you can think of using this mousse.

26- Suave Professionals Captivating Curls Mousse

Due to its whipped-cream texture, you can consider it as the best mousse for curly hair, you will have the definition you want without looking gelled, also it is alcohol-free, so will not dry your curly hair, also suitable during the humid seasons.

27- Moroccanoil Curl Control Mousse

An interesting mousse you can think to be the best mousse for curly hair because of its grateful ingredient Argan oil which gives a moisturizing effect. 

Finally, your curly hair will be soft, frizz-less, shiny, and well-defined so you can think about it for your hair.


Now, I hope you know well about your curly hair type and how to take care of it, and what is the best mousse for curly hair for your curly type?

 There are grateful mousses you can get look for your curly type and also I will.

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