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Undoubtedly, for you as a dog caregiver, you always want to know about dog hair loss home remedies.

Do you know that your dog's hair is very important in the regulation of body temperature and protection against UV rays? some dogs are without hair or have a little but others have much and are known as" floofs".

floofy puppers are very attractive, so dogs lovers usually take care of the fur of their dogs and always seek dog hair loss home remedies.

Dog Hair Loss Home Remedies

What's meant by hair loss?

Your dog always leaves fur at every place at home, is this normal? 

Hair loss or shedding fur which happens when a damaged small part of fur falls out is normal in your dog.

But when you notice that it's extensive or there are bold spots, it's called alopecia and it's different from normal hair loss, so you may need some dog hair loss home remedies.

Before using any dog hair loss home remedies you should know about the causes of abnormal hair loss in your lovely dog.

Many reasons cause hair loss in dogs so you should seek advice from a veterinarian to treat the underlying causes.

Causes of alopecia in your dogs:

1. Infection: 

Bacterial and fungal are common infections causing alopecia. 

fungal infection (ringworm) caused by (M.canis) usually causes circular alopecia accompanying red or normal skin. 

Rringworm infection may be itchy and spreading so you screw up if you depend on dog hair loss home remedies and don't consult a veterinarian

2. Pressure sores(bed sores): 

More common in old occurred when the bony prominent or callus is in contact with a hard surface for a long time.

4. Genetic factor: 

some types of dogs as Whippet and Grey Hound are common to have alopecia in certain and localized areas.

5. Allergies

Be cautious! allergies such as molds, pollens, dust mites, parasites (Scabies and Demodex)

and fleas can cause skin allergies and secondary bacterial infection causing pathological hair loss. 

Food allergy may also cause alopecia.

6. Hormonal disturbances:

I want to tell you that many hormonal imbalances cause extensive alopecia as hyperadrenocorticism (Cushing's disease) and hypothyroidism but they are accompanied by other symptoms.

Symptoms of alopecia in dogs:

Before you decide to use dog hair loss home remedies, you should seek some signs and symptoms that tell you about underlying pathology in your cute doggo and it needs to consult your veterinarian as:

1. Dry scaly skin.

2. Thin hair.

3. Red inflamed skin.

4. Itching.

5. Oozing of pus or blood.

6. Foul odor coming from the skin.

Prevention of hair loss in your dog:

You can use flea preventatives for reducing flea infestation in your dog's hair

Also, you should feed your dog a healthy diet Containing vitamins and minerals to keep its hair healthy. 

The grooming of dog hair is essential for keeping its hair healthy and cool. 

Grooming includes cleaning with a suitable shampoo and brushing its hair. 

Brushing of hair helps a dog's skin to secret natural oils which protect its hair from damage.

Dog hair loss home remedies:

Dog hair loss home remedies can be used when you don't find an underlying cause of hair loss in your dog or it's difficult to visit the consultant at present time. 

Let me tell you about some dog hair loss home remedies.

1. Feed your dog natural foods:

Try to replace take-out meals with natural home ones.

2. Using lemon juice:

Lemon juice has an antibacterial effect so it's useful in treating slight bacterial infections due to the presence of citric acid.

 you can infuse a quart of warm water with a slice of lemon for about five hours. Make sure to strain the liquid forward to strain the liquid afterward to get rid of any pulp or particles. 

You can the infusion by spraying it over the affected area.

3. Apple cider vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar has antibacterial and antifungal activity due to acetic acid.

It boosts the immune system. you can mix equal parts of vinegar with water when we use apple cider vinegar as dog hair loss home remedies.

Dog Hair Loss Home Remedies

4. Olive oil:

Massaging your furry buddy with olive oil helps to get a shiny coat.

5. Flaxseed oil:

Try to put some flaxseed oil or seeds in your dog food. Flaxseed will wow you.

It contains a high amount of omega 3 that important to treat hair loss 

Dog Hair Loss Home Remedies

6. Alovera extract:

Helps to relieve itching causes hair loss because it contains nutrients and enzymes that are useful in keeping your dog coat healthy.

Dog Hair Loss Home Remedies

7. coconut oil:

It's one of the useful dog hair loss home remedies.

It contains lauric acid which kills yeast and bacteria causing improvement of hair loss and comfort of your friend.


Dog hair loss home remedies are safe to provide relief of simple hair loss in your dogo but if there are any severe symptoms or signs, you should consult a veterinarian.

Written by: Dr. Shimaa Abo Elshikh

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