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Dog hair loss home remedies are the natural and available remedies you can easily get and use for mild cases of your dog hair loss. Hair loss is a common skin problem in pets, but also it is usually a treatable condition, and with our home remedies guide we can help you solve this problem.


Dog hair loss home remedies

But before we jump into the remedies we would like you to know: 

 Firstly when we can use home remedies?

Dog hair loss home remedies are used when your dog has unnatural hair loss which differs from shedding, as shedding is a natural and essential process as healthy dogs rid themselves of old and damaged hair by shedding it.

When your furry friend loses more hairs than normal which may be present in missing patches of hair or complete hair loss you must seek out the advice of your Veterinarian this way you will know the right diagnosis of the underlying cause of hair loss, and the best Dog hair loss home remedies suitable for your pet.


Causes of hair loss in dogs:


Such as Dust, Mites, Mold, pollens, and some food ingredients contribute to dog hair loss by increasing skin irritation, itching, inflammation, and scratching which lead to hair loss.


Like fungal and bacterial infections.

Fungal infections almost develop after using antibiotics for a long time or due to humid conditions. These infections lead to missing patches of hair in different areas of the skin.

Bacterial infections usually occur when your pet's skin breaks down which allows bacteria to infect the wound, also repeated licking of the irritated area creates an open wound that becomes red, inflamed and the skin loses hair.

Take care that infections may be contagious to humans so you must visit your vet to ask for medical treatment especially if the case is severe.


Fleas, Ticks, and Mites can trigger an episode of excessive hair loss by increasing irritation and scratching of the skin.

4- Dry skin:

This mainly occurs due to lack of fatty acids in the diet, and because of environmental changes especially in winter leading to increased itching, scratching and may cause atopic dermatitis, dandruff-causing secondary hair loss.


5-Hair follicle disorders and hormonal imbalance:

Like Cushing's disease and hypothyroidism as the rate of hair growth is regulated by many hormones so any hormonal problems affect the rate of hair growth and may lead to alopecia.


6- Stress and poor nutrition 

Can increase the amount of hair your puppy friend is losing.

Now after we had an idea about the more common reasons for dog hair loss, let's move to our main topic:


Dog hair loss home remedies:

The most common and frugal  Dog hair loss home remedies used are:-

1-Apple cider vinegar:


Dog hair loss home remedies

One of the best dog hair loss home remedies due to its antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. 

But take care it is highly acidic so don't use it directly on your pet's skin it could irritate his skin and cause a burning sensation so you should dilute it with an equal part of water and spray the solution on the affected areas 2-3 times daily until the hair begins to grow back.

2-Coconut oil:

Dog hair loss home remedies

It's a wonderful natural home remedy used for dog hair loss no matter what is the reason for your dog skin problem as it contains lauric acid which has antibacterial, antifungal properties so it can disinfect the wound and promote healing in case of skin cuts and can repel parasites.

Also, due to its greasy texture, it helps in dry skin problems by decreasing itching and generally improving skin health.

You just have to rub a small amount of coconut oil between your hands and put it on the affected areas once to twice daily until your hair grows back. 

You can also continue using it to keep the dog's skin shiny, soft and lustrous, also you can use it orally to improve their health in general.

So it will remain the wonderful remedy of Dog hair loss home remedies.

4-Olive oil:

Dog hair loss home remedies

Natural moisturizer soothes any irritation caused by itching. It also helps the skin heals faster and the hair begins to grow. Just rub it between your hands and massage your dog skin once to twice daily. Also, you can keep using it after hair growth as it is very safe for your dog.

4-Lemon juice:


Dog hair loss home remedies

Due to its high content of citric acid, it has antibacterial properties, so it helps in the treatment of bacterial infections.

All you have to do is to infuse a slice of lemon in warm water for about 5 hours and then spray it on your dog's skin 2-3 times daily after removing any pulp or particles.

5-Flaxseed oil:

Helps in dry itchy skin due to its high content of Omega _3 fatty acid you can mix small amounts in your dog's food.

6-Aloe vera:

One of the most important Dog hair loss home remedies due to its high content of nutrients and enzymes which are important for a healthy scalp and hair growth. Just apply it to your dog skin and you don't need to rinse it off.

7-CBD oil

Which is rich in Omega_3 and Omega_6 fatty acids so it can reduce the symptoms of itching, irritation, and any uncomfortable feelings, so decrease hair loss and enhance hair growth.

8-Tea tree oil:

Spraying your dog skin with water and tea tree oil one teaspoon to cup of water for hair loss caused by flea infestation.

9- Chamomile and green tea extracts:

They have soothing and anti-inflammatory effects for itchy patches of skin. Just soak your dog in a mixture for five minutes.

10- Calendula extract:

This is the last member of our dog hair loss home remedies who also can soothe itchy and inflamed skin which are the precursor of hair loss. Apply it directly to the affected areas twice daily.

Finally, you should take care of your pet's health, in general, to avoid having most of the disease by using healthy food. Replace the dry food with homemade food like cooked rice, cooked vegetables, and boiled chicken breast.


Dog hair loss home remedies

Use Omega 3&6 supplements as animals can't make essential fatty acids, so they must take them in food.

 Also, take control of any problem with fleas. And the most important thing is grooming which involves regular baths using suitable shampoo, also brushing your dog's coat regularly helps in removing Mites from the fur and helps the natural oil in the skin to nourish the hair, making it healthy and preventing hair loss.



Dog hair loss home remedies may fix the problem for a while until the underlying cause is treated so you must visit your veterinarian for the right diagnosis.

By: Dr. Mona Sayed

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