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Home remedies for dog ear infection are important in ear inflammation and infection in many dogs which is the ear infection is one of the most common problems in dogs.

Untreated dog ear infection in the home in mild cases or by the veterinarian in moderate or severe cases may lead to hearing loss, moving in circles, and loss of balance.

home remedies of dog ear infection

What are the signs and the symptoms of a dog ear infection?

1- Itchy and scratching their ears and around them.

2- Redness, pain, and swallowing their ears. 

3- Badly odor with waxy discharge and change in color from brown to yellow to green.

4- Shaking their head and moving in a circle.

5- Dry eyes, drooping of eyelid or mouth

6- Loss balance.


Types of dog ear infection:

1- Otitis external:

 Inflammation and infection in the external ear canal can be treated by home remedies for a dog ear infection which is characterized by redness and swallowing of the ear.

2- Otitis media….

 Inflammation and infection in the middle ear parts .causing by the untreatment of the external part of the ear or by the decrease of immunity.

3- Otitis internal:

Inflammation and infection in the internal part of the ear may be because of allergies from some food as protein may lead to deafness.


 Causes of dog ear infection

 Many causes lead to dog ear infection especially of the vertical ear canal of the dog, moisture in-ear canal that is a good environment for bacteria, and dirty ear. Long hair is good for yeast, microbes, bites of bugs and insects, or allergies from protein.  

Can I  apply home remedies for dog ear infections without a veterinarian?

 Yes, I can use home remedies for dog ear infection in mild cases(redness and swelling of the ear), in the starting of the pain and infection to decrease the pain, scratch, and inflammations by cleaning the dog ear using medicated ear cleaner to remove ear wax, discharge and debris after calling the veterinarian about the symptoms. When you have experience interacting with dogs, you can use home remedies for dog ear infections. 


What are home remedies for a dog ear infection?

 -Apple cider vinegar:

Putting apple cider vinegar with an equal amount of water leads to a decrease in itching.

home remedies of dog ear infection

 -Green tea:

After boiling green tea in water and cooling it, put 2 spoons of mixture in the ear canal of the dog.

-Grapefruit seed extract:

 Used as an antioxidant and also used as an antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal .used externally by putting a few drops of grapefruit seed extract with pure aloe Vera juice in the ear canal or internal(oral) 10 drops in the mouth.

 -Olive oil:

 Put a small amount in a clean cotton ball.

-Some people use hydrogen peroxide in a pure cotton ball to clean the ear canal from ear wax and discharge.

-In moderate and severe cases use antibiotics, antifungal, and medicated ear cleaner under the description of the veterinarian. 

- Calendula tincture:

Buy Calendula herbal tincture,  put 10 drops of calendula with one cup of filtered water, and put it in the dog's ear with a syringe.

 Calendula tincture is useful to decrease pain and inflammation.

-Oil of oregano:

Put 1 drop of oil of oregano on aloe vera juice and put it in the dog ear canal, which is used as an antibiotic.

- Mullein drop: 

To do it, give a glassy jar and put mullein leaves, flowers and cover it with olive oil to make it more effective as antibiotics. Put 2 of garlic or clove and leave this mixture for 2 -3 weeks after ending the period and put a few drops in the ear canal of the dog.

- Belladonna:

Belladonna is used to decreasing hot and red dog ears.  


Do home remedies for dog ear infections need experience?

 It's good to have experience interacting with dogs and with home remedies for dog ear infections. If you don't have any experience you can call the veterinarian and he will give you some advice...

home remedies of dog ear infection

 How can I prevent dog ear infections?

The most important thing to prevent dog ear infection is cleaning the dog by using a medicated cleanser and cleaning the ear at least once a month to prevent microbe, fungal, bugs, insects, and viruses and make their ear dry, cutting long hair and preventing feeding allergy food as protein.


home remedies of dog ear infection

In moderate and severe cases, what does the veterinarian do to apply them?

 The veterinarian takes a swab of dog ear wax, puts the sample under a microscope, and sees what bacteria, viruses, fungus, or insects are present, and prescribes in addition to the medical cleaner.

They are medications that are short-term used to remove pain and swelling., and they are long-term medications used as antibiotics, antiviral and antifungal. 


What are chronic diseases that cause dog ear infections?

 There are chronic diseases that contribute to ear infections such as hypothyroidism and autoimmune system so tell the veterinarian about it.  


When you see Redness, swelling of the ear or scratching around the ear, bad odour,  or waxy discharge there are dog ear infections. 

You should clean the dog's ear and make it dry to prevent infection from bacteria, fungus and viruses. 

In mild cases, use home remedies for dog ear infections. 

In moderate and severe cases visit the veterinarian(who are prescribed antibiotics or antifungal  or antiviral).

By: Dr. Abeer Ramzy


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