Usaa Pet Insurance Cost For Long And Happy Life For Your Pet

How much usaa pet insurance cost? This is a common question that is usually going through anyone’s mind who has pets.

 You have a dog or a cat and you are worried about its health.  You keep thinking of your budget and how it will fit. Now you will have pretty good knowledge about insurance plans and how you can involve your pet in one of them.


Usaa pet insurance cost

 What is actually this pet insurance?

It is a policy for your cat or dog to be financially covered when it is getting sick, injured, or even has some congenital anomalies. There are many policies that will fit your budget and cover your friend’s illness.

How much does the usaa pet insurance cost?

Surprisingly, you can pay as little as 1$ and get your pet medically covered after your vet’s visits. And guess what: if you have more than one pet, you will get a bigger discount. If you are active-duty military, you will save more up to a 25 % discount which is the maximum applied discount.

 What are the health issues that can be covered with the usaa pet insurance costs?

  1. Accidents:
    These types of injuries that can be considered accidentally happen like:

  2. Broken bones. 

  3. Foreign body ingestion.

  4. Accidental poisoning.

  5. lacerations.

  6. Acute illness:

This includes many acute illnesses that can any pet suffer from like:

  1. Ear infection.

  2. Vomiting.

  3. Diarrhea.

  4. Chronic illness:

These conditions that your pet will be always suffering from such:

  1. Allergies.

  2. Arthritis.

  3. Skin conditions.

Usaa pet insurance cost

  1. Congenital problems:

Hereditary conditions like:                      

  1. Hip dysplasia.

  2. Eye disorders.

  3. Blood disorders.

  4. Dental health.

  5. Specialists.

  6. Holistic care.

  7. Serious illness:

These illnesses are usually chronic and need multiple vet`s visits and day by daycare:

  • Cancer.

  • Heart problems.

  • Diabetes.

  1. Vaccinations.

  2. General examination fees.

  3. Office visits, fees, and prescriptions.

  4. Routine care and annual exams.

  5. Prevention of pets’ health hazards.

  6. Diagnostic tests: 

  • X Rays

  • Lab tests.

  • Lab fees.

Cost versus benefit:

 Before we talk about usaa pet insurance cost, you should know:

What is actually the range cost in the vet’s clinic?

  •  The vet’s visit usually can range from 500$ to 5000$ according to the service that has been done.

  • The actual cost depends on the pet type and breed.

  • Emergencies cost more than traditional visits.

  • You can avoid paying extra by routine checkups and preventive procedures.

I will give a small list, it will highlight the range cost for the most common vet visits your pet will usually need.



50-300 $ annually.

Pet teeth cleaning

50-300 $

Pet vaccination

10-100 $

Routine check-up

45-55 $

Allergy test

195-300 $ for the skin test 

80-200 $ for blood test

Ear infections

40-149 $

Diarrhea and intestinal illness


Is the usaa pet insurance cost really worth it? 

  • Yes, aside from financial benefits, it gives you peace of mind.

  • Insurance will cover the unusual and emergency visits which usually come with unpredictable fees.

  • Insurance will give your pet a lot of opportunities to be diagnosed and get good treatment.

  • Also, it will reimburse you for illness and accidents.

Plans that are included in your usaa pet insurance cost:

Some tips will help you to understand more about the insurance process:

  • Advantages of getting insured:

This is the main target if you are asking about usaa pet insurance cost, you will find your brief answer here.

  1. You can use any licensed vet in the USA, wherever you are this will cover your pet’s visit and definitely, you will be repaid in a very short time.

  2. You have many plans to choose from either: accident only, accident and illness, or just wellness coverage, so whatever the service you want, it will be covered.

  3. Discounts: from 15-25 % you can get if you are one of their members depending on your military status.

  4. The preexisting policy is very flexible: if your pet had been cured of a certain condition and had been asymptomatic for at least 12 months, it is no longer considered preexisting.

  • Disadvantages of the plans:
  1. The usaa itself is managing the plans, the plans are administered by embrace pet insurance.

  2. Available only for military former workers and their families who are eligible for membership, but anyone can get direct insurance from embrace.

  3. The unlimited coverage is a big disadvantage of usaa pet insurance cost: there is no unlimited coverage in usaa, the maximum coverage is up to 30,000$.

  4. Claims usually take too long: you have to wait 10-15 days for a claim to be processed and this does not include the time to receive the payment.


  • What is the preexisting condition?

  1. It is a unique service offered by usaa. with this service you can avoid any surprises when you come to file your first claim.

  2. You can submit the past 12 months of your pet’s veterinary history records.

  3. Usaa will notify you if there is any preexisting condition then you will have almost 30 days to back out from coverage and get some of your money.

  • What are the coverage limits?

  1. Annual limits range from 5000- 30000 $.

  2. Unfortunately, the usaa pet insurance cost will not support the unlimited coverage as with usaa there is no unlimited coverage option.

  3. Your limit will be reset every year.

  4. The providers are not supporting lifetime coverage.

  • What are the exclusions of the plans?

  1. There aren't any exclusions for usaa plans.

  2. Although, pets over age 14 can't be registered for a new accident and illness policy without previous coverage.

  • What are the third-party ratings?

  1. Usaa is a highly rated and trusted insurance company.

  2. It is expected that insurance partners will be highly scored as well from the third parties.

  • Pricing plans: 

Now we will highlight usaa pet insurance cost more and more:

  1. Prices are determined by embrace.

  2. Generally, it is very affordable.

  3. The monthly rate starts as low as 8$ for cats and 13$ for dogs.

  4. Flat rates are offered for all pets whatever was its breed or their type to be covered with wellness coverage.

  • Claims:

  1. You will have to fill your claim directly with embrace.

  2. Embrace will review and reimburse each bill.

  3. Claims are accepted through: 

  • Website.

  • E-mail.

  • Postal Mail.

  • Fax.

  • Smartphone app.


Usaa pet insurance cost is very affordable and has very good coverage plans. With insurance coverage, your pet will have a better, longer, and happy life.

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