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epethealth pet owner secure login is a free service offered by many veterinary clinics such as Sachem Animal Hospital, Lake Forest Animal Hospital. e pet health is the single source to find health service reminders, secure ways to text clients, educate current clients, and keep loyal clients. and we will discuss e pet health with you in our article. importance of e pet health..how you can get this on-line feature.

e pet health

1.Animal clinic epethealth:

Now your pet clinic hospital offers a way for pet owners to make communication with your clinic convenient and 

This way is epethealth service. This service is also useful to vet centers as it is a source for marketing, keeping loyal clients, educating, and communicating with them. 

2.Importance of epethealth:

 Whole Vet Hospitals have partnered with e Pet Health. 

also, this service is useful for you as a pet owner as:

1. You can Update your contact health online information: Address, Phone number, Email address, and others.


2. epethealth provides an easy way to online medical records access for pet owners including Basic information as birthday, weight, sex, rabies ID, and the microchip number

needed for boarding, enrolling in classes, traveling, or in an emergency. 


3. eClinic is available to manage your health pet schedules, request appointments, or follow up on veterinary health care recommendations as; Vaccine dates and also  reminders, dosage alerts reminding you to give medications via text or Email ( as your choice)  


4. You can get a photo and ID card for traveling or to give to groomers.


5.  You will be aware of the latest in pet health information as epethealth service covering a wide range of pet care treatment and health topics and you can read vet   Articles, view the right ePet Health Videos, an Interactive Animal, and read Breed Information.

e pet health

3.How you can get this on-line feature ( e pet health )

This can be done through your e pet health pet portal website. how to sign up?  

Provide your vet hospital with your first and last name, your pet name, e-mail address, and phone number. your vet hospital software will sync, and an email welcoming you to ePet Health will be sent to you. Go to ePetHealth.com, put in the email address of your own then click “First Time Login”  

You will receive an activation link to your E-mail, walking you through setting up your password which provides portal pet owner secure login.

e pet health


epethealth now offering login pet owner secure login to access and manage your pet's medical records and other needed data. for best care needed. so, you should take advantage of this feature.


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