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Home remedies for dog ear infection are used to aid the dog at least to reduce the pain to be better, especially if you can't go to the doctor. You can help your dog by taking some precautions but, this occurs according to the severity of the infection, firstly you should know symptoms, types, and causes of ear infection.

Home remedies for dog ear infection

How to know what's the types of ear infection in your dog:

Home remedies for dog ear infections can be used in the first type only.

1- Otitis externa:

 Is an infection where the outer part of the ear appears as inflammation and you can see it clearly on the external part of your ear's dog.

2-Otitis media: 

Is inflammation in the middle part of the ear's dog, if you didn't care for home remedies for dog ear infection, the Otitis externa can spread into Otitis media, this is the most common problem in more than half of dogs who have chronic otitis externa.

3- Otitis interna: 

It's an inflammation in the internal part of your ear's dog, unabsorved otitis media can spread to become internally, causing loss of balance and deafness. 

So home remedies for dog ear infection are necessary to prevent spreading the infection to a severe stage.


What's the causes of ear infection:

It can be triggered by a bacterial or fungal infection and is often followed by upper respiratory infections that cause mucus that spreads to the Eustachian tube, which runs from the back of the nose to the middle ear, which causes otitis media.

The most common problem in home remedies for dog ear infection is bacteria with fungal origin affecting the external part of the ear, called (swimmer's ear) because it develops when the moisture remains in the ear canal after swimming or bathing, allowing the bacteria to grow there.

Also should be known that yeast exists naturally in healthy ears, but sometimes overgrowth causes infection.

What symptoms appear in my dog?

1- Itching and scratching at the affected ear of your dog (the dog driving himself up the wall).

2-Inflammation, redness in the affected part.

3- Swelling, and unusual discharge sometimes with a bad smell.

4- Crastration over the skin of the affected ear.

Home remedies for dog ear infection

Can I manage home remedies for dog ear infection?

Of course, you can deal with it, but take care Home remedies for dog ear infection can't make it in all types, this is dependent on the severity of the infection, some home remedies we'll recommend to help, but you may need to ask your vet if you're not sure which type of infection your dog has.

Can I use hydrogen peroxide or vinegar on the affected ear?

Contraindication to use hydrogen peroxide makes the case more complicated and may lead to hearing loss.

You can use the apple vinegar cider and apply it on the outer part of the affected ear in case of otitis externa only.

Home remedies for dog ear infection

Also, there are some others you can use to reduce the pain from your dog: 

Unsweetened yogurt: 

You can use a few drops on the ear of your dog, yogurt is full of beneficial bacteria and helps to upset the bacteria which cause the infection.

Green tea:

Is also used as a home remedy for dog ear infection by applying a Syringe or sponge that helps to calm your dog.

Oil organic:

You can add a few drops topically to your dog’s outer ear or you can add a few drops onto his food if he won't let you touch his ears.

Home remedies for dog ear infection

How to prevent the occurrence of infection before it happened?

Keep your dog's ears dry continuously after bathing or swimming, and ask about the best solution you can use.

Avoid any food that causes irritation or allergy for your dog. 


Home remedies for dog ear infection It's very important to limit the spread of the infection when you make it as much as possible to protect your dog.

If you have any questions and you need more details plz talk with your vet.

By: Dr. Dina Abdelmohsen Helmy


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