Home Remedies For Ear Pain During Pregnancy

This article presents some ideas of home remedies for ear pain during pregnancy that are safe and might be effective in relieving the pain ear pain is known to be one of the most painful and unbearable pains that children and adults experience every once in a while.

It might affect listening ability, especially during pregnancy, which is challenging to treat as several medications are contraindicated in this stage.

Therefore, home remedies for ear pain during pregnancy are the best solution in such critical cases.

Home Remedies for Ear Pain During Pregnancy

Causes of ear pain during pregnancy 

There are several reasons and causes behind ear pain, infection of the ear is not usually the main cause to feel ear pain, but here is a list of the reasons behind it: 

1. Ear wax buildup: 

Usually, wax-dissolving ear drops are administered but if a pregnant lady develops ear wax, it is recommended to visit the gynecologist for the proper treatment and follow some home remedies for ear pain during pregnancy.

2. Toothache and untreated tooth cavities: 

As the nerves of teeth and ear are near if there is a tooth abscess or tooth cavity that is left untreated, toothache radiates to the ear, therefore the patient feels ear pain.

This is known after visiting the ENT doctor, who recognizes that there is no ear infection and a dentist must be visited to ensure that the ear pain is due to a tooth infection, therefore, some analgesics can be taken as home remedies for ear pain during pregnancy. 

3. Sinus inflammation that is known as sinusitis and allergy: 

Chronic sinus inflammation leads to a fluid buildup in the sinus and inner ear, which if left untreated leads to ear inflammation and pain.

This condition can be treated with allergy medications such as cetirizine or loratadine which are safe during pregnancy, and paracetamol, the safest and recommended pain killer as a home remedy for ear pain during pregnancy.

4. Severe throat infection: 

Ear pain is usually experienced with inflamed tonsils, which needs to be assessed by the doctor as antibiotics might be prescribed. In such cases, warm drinks containing honey and lemon are highly recommended to consume throughout the day besides taking paracetamol tablets to decrease the pain as home remedies for ear pain during pregnancy.

5. Air pressure due to altitudes or airplanes: 

If you are a pregnant woman planning to travel, you should carry with you chewing gum and have some, especially while the flight is departing and landing, as the air pressure at these moments changes, which might cause ear pain and inconvenient disturbance.

At these moments, the ear pain takes time until it ceases.  

6. Ear fungal infection: 

Only the ENT specialist can decide if the ear infection is bacterial or fungal to provide the proper treatment.

In case of ear pain due to fungal infection, certain ear drops are prescribed but in case of pregnancy, the doctor should weigh the benefits over the risks to give the proper treatment besides giving pieces of advice about using home remedies for ear pain during pregnancy.

7. Swimmer’s Ear: 

Water accumulates in the ear canal due to swimming leading to the growth of bacteria and ear infections.
To avoid such situations, use earbuds before swimming to prevent water from entering the ear canal and use cotton before taking a shower to have a safe shower. 

Home Remedies for Ear Pain During Pregnancy

Ear Pain due to Pregnancy

Pregnancy may contribute to developing ear pain as hormonal changes occur during pregnancy that affects the mother’s health, body fluids increase leading to edema and accumulation of water in several body parts such as the ear, leading to ear pain during pregnancy. 

Also, pregnant women may develop Meniere’s disease, leading to vertigo and ringing sounds in the inner ear, and ear pain. Therefore, home remedies for ear pain during pregnancy are vital to maintaining the pain and the case. 

Ear Pain Medications during Pregnancy

Although it is highly advisable for pregnant women to not take any medication during pregnancy, here are some safe medications that could be administered that were approved by the FDA: 

  • Cetirizine, loratadine, and levocetirizine - allergy medications are given for sore throat and sinusitis condition

  • Paracetamol only- the only painkiller tablet that a pregnant woman can take. It is highly prohibited to take painkillers such as ibuprofen or diclofenac sodium or potassium due to their side effects.

Home Remedies for Ear Pain During Pregnancy

Home Remedies for Ear Pain During Pregnancy

While several medications are contraindicated in pregnancy, here are some tips and tricks that can be performed at home to decrease the ear pain level during pregnancy:

  1. It is highly recommended to use a warm cloth compress on the ears for a while which helps in ceasing the pain down daily.

  2. Saltwater is one of the most effective home remedies for ear pain during pregnancy, but how? Gargling with a cup of warm salt water three times daily helps in relieving sore throat and therefore ear pain ceases. Additionally, gargling with warm water and salt daily will protect from any tooth infection which protects from developing tooth plaque and cavities. 

  3. Irrigate and wash the nostrils with salt and water that helps in cleansing the nostrils and decreases the allergy which decreases ear pain during pregnancy.

  4. Do not eat or drink while laying down as this causes water to accumulate in the ear therefore ear infection might develop.

  5. Take paracetamol tablets 3 times daily to help in relieving ear pain as it decreases ear pain during pregnancy and highly effective home remedy for ear pain during pregnancy.

  6. A solution that you wouldn’t think might help but has proved its efficacy is chewing gum in case of ear pain, which is a well-known home remedy for relieving ear pain during pregnancy.

  7. Have a cup of warm drink while having any ear pain to relieve the ear pain. 

  8. Do not swim or let water into your ears by covering them using a small sterile piece of cotton to protect the ears while having a shower.

  9. Avoid using your headphones for a long time and avoid using them while you are having ear pain. Always clean your headphones and do not push them too hard on the ears to avoid dust and microbes from gathering and collecting in your ears. 

If the pain persists for a while after performing these procedures of home remedies for ear pain during pregnancy then it is advised to visit the doctor. 

In conclusion, ear pain during pregnancy has a variety and diverse reasons, Additionally, hormonal changes that occur with pregnancy 

contribute to developing ear pain.


It is important to know the reason behind feeling ear pain during pregnancy to treat the cause behind it.

Although in this stage taking medications is highly critical, it is advisable to perform some home remedies for ear pain during pregnancy which might be effective in relieving the ear pain until the cause is treated or the pain ceases on its own such as:

Frequently irrigating the nostrils using salt water, using warm pads on the ear, chewing gums, and having your drink in the appropriate position to avoid water accumulation in the ear canal. These are the highly recommended home remedies for ear pain during pregnancy. 

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