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Home Remedies for penile discharge, Ever thought that yeast/fungal infections in the genitals are only a women's thing and penile discharge or what's called "thrush" can't ever be related to those 2 reasons?

Well, think again cause now I am going to tell you about what could be the cause and the best home remedies for penile discharge, and home remedies for balanitis that can treat it quickly and easily.

How do males get yeast infections

Mainly by a fungus called Candida albicans and the reasons can sometimes be treated by some home remedies for penile discharge those reasons would be:

1- Although it's not considered a sexually transmitted disease (STD) penile discharge is commonly caused by unprotected or condomless sexual intercourse with a woman that has a vaginal yeast infection.

2- Not doing circumcision or being obese then the foreskin and folds would be the best environment for the fungus to grow and so cause penile discharge.

3- Bad hygiene.

4- Having had a weaker immunity in the case of taking too many antibiotics so they kill the good bacteria letting the bad ones invade the area.

5- Certain foods such as beer, bread, and dairy products can stimulate yeast growth.

home remedies for penile discharge

So how can you diagnose this infection

Penis discharge symptoms

There are some symptoms by which we can diagnose penile discharge infection and can be sometimes treated by home remedies for penile discharge:

1- Burning sensation while urinating and pain.

2- Discomfort during sex.

3- Redness and itching on the head of the penis and white shiny patches on the penis are early signs.

They can sometimes be treated by home remedies for penile discharge.

4- Disagreeable smell.

5- Itchiness on and around the penis.

6- Redness or inflammation around the foreskin. 

Complications and diagnosis of penile yeast infection

Home Treatment for penile discharge

As this infection can lead to balanitis, you should see a doctor or a urologist to examine the area and take the discharge for lab testing and culture to determine what kind of fungus causing the symptoms.

And till you see a doctor, there are some home remedies for penile discharge that can help your case if it's not treated in 2 to 3 days by home remedies.  

home remedies for penile discharge

How long does a yeast infection last

If treated early and the area was responsive to the antifungal and the home remedies for penile discharge, it would take a week to clear up.

How to treat penile discharge at home

Home remedies for abnormal penile discharge

1- Having monogamy-protected sex to prevent catching a yeast infection.

2- Having men being circumcised and although it's known to be done to children, it can be done to males of any age as well.

3- Maintaining good hygiene and cleaning the foreskin and between folds with soap and water.

4- Not having too many antibiotics and eating foods filled with vitamin c to enhance immunity and so decrease the chance of getting a yeast infection.

What about using a natural cure for penile discharge?

home remedies for penile discharge

Top 5 home remedies for penile discharge

Home Remedies for penis discharge:


It is the best probiotic and is considered the best home remedy for penis discharge.

It would be strange to say that yeast fights yeast but eating yogurt helps in treating penile discharge and fungal infection.

You may apply it topically on the infected area as well.

Tea tree oil

It is considered antifungal and antibacterial so it would be very useful in treating penile fungal infection if applied topically on the penis head.

If it can't be applied directly, it can be diluted in olive oil.

Coconut oil

The most preferable home remedy for penile discharge.

A 2007 study showed that it was very effective as one of the home remedies for penile discharge against Candida Albicans, so it is used topically.


It's one of the best home remedies for penis discharge Known as a strong probiotic it is ingested to fight off the infection.

Apple Cider vinegar

Also known as the best home remedy for penile discharge for its good antibacterial and antifungal properties, so used topically on the infected area.  

It is diluted with water if the patient can't tolerate the concentrated form. 


Penile discharge is mainly a fungal infection that is commonly caused by sexual intercourse with an infected woman. 

It causes itchiness, redness, shiny white discharge of the penis and leads to balanitis. It can be treated by home remedies for penile discharge and if not one should see a urologist.

Some of the home remedies for penile discharge are probiotics such as garlic and yogurt and some others are antifungal such as Apple cider vinegar and coconut oil.

 By/ Dr. Amaal Mohamed Samir

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