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Before talking about a home remedy for ear mites in cats, we need to know more about Ear Mites in cats.

What is the meaning of ear mites?

What are the reasons for ear mites in cats? 

How could we know that is in our pets? 

How do we get rid of ear mites naturally? 

What is the meaning of ear mites in cats? 

Firstly, let us know what ear mites are? Before talking about home remedy for ear mites in cats. 

Ear mites are common trouble in pets (cats & dogs), especially in kittens. 

They are very small creatures that live on the ear surface in pets (cats & dogs). 

They keep their life cycle in pet ears, feeding on discharge in the ear canal. 

Ear mites in cats: Causes & Symptoms

Ear mites are spider-like creatures that could be in any place with poor hygiene or outdoors where your pet gets them in its fur. 

Your cat may get them by contacting another pet carrying ear mites. 

Home remedy for ear mites in cats

How do you know that your cat has ear mites? 

You notice some symptoms that ensure your pet has ear mites. 


  • Shaking its head. 

  • Red & inflamed ears. 

  • Scratching its ears. 

  • Irritated & itchy. 

  • Rashes or sores over ears. 

  • Black dry discharge of ear with a bad smell. 

What would you do to avoid getting ear mites in your cat? 

You should use a home remedy for ear mites in cats as care, not a cure because your pet can easily get ear mites and keep them in its ear canal.

When you have a cat or even a kitten, you care about its health and purgation against any creatures which harm it. 

Ear mites spread quickly in kittens. 

You should take some steps for keeping your pet free of ear mites. 

  • Continuously, you clean the ear canal with Olive oil, Coconut oil, or OTC solution which is available for pets. 

  • Use cotton or tissue to remove any debris or wax out of the ear that ear mites feed on. 

  • Vacuum your home frequently to remove mites and their eggs because one egg can reach your cat ear. 

Note: Keep your pet healthy with a good diet. As such, your cat has a strong immune system and healthy skin could make it not an ideal host for ear mites. 

Home remedy for ear mites in cats 

How do you eradicate ear mites in cats? 

When you are sure that your cat has ear mites in, you should contact the veterinarian to diagnose and determine the best cure for your pet. 

Until this time you can use a home remedy for ear mites in cats, it will not be the best solution after infection but it can help to some extent. 

Home remedy for ear mites in cats

Natural products which almost are in every home could be an available solution. Natural remedies are characterized by being free of chemicals and safe to some extent. 

Top 5 home remedies to get rid of ear mites in cats:

  1. Oils. 

  2. Aloe vera. 

  3. Organic honey. 

  4. vaseline. 

  5. Apple cider vinegar. 

Home remedy for ear mites in cats

1. Oils:

  • Olive oil:

It is the most common home remedy for ear mites in cats and is used for many other cases. It has antibacterial properties. Put a sufficient amount of Olive oil into the cat ear cavity.

It cleans the ear canal from debris which you can remove with a cotton pad. It also works as a moisturizing agent which reduces itching and irritation. It also promotes healing. 

Note that cotton swabs should not be used. 

  • Coconut oil:

 It is known for its benefits in different problems for humans and animals. Use coconut oil after warming, put in some drops and gently massage your cat ears.

Someone mixes Garlic oil with Coconut oil, it is effective but you must take care that your cat can't lick it because garlic oil is very toxic to pets. 

  • Essential oils:

Such as Eucalyptus oil, Lavender Oil, and Tea Tree oil. Any of them could be used as a home remedy for ear mites in cats after dilution. They are dangerous if used in their concentrated forms.

So you must dilute essential oils with a carrier oil like Olive or Coconut oil before application on your pet ears. Be careful that your cat doesn't lick essential oils. It also has moisturizing properties. 

2. Aloe Vera:

It is an effective home remedy for ear mites in cats as it is good for healing. It also decreases the inflammation and pain sensation of your cat's ears. You apply aloe vera on your cat's ears until the mites are eradicated. 

3. Organic Honey:

You must be sure that it is raw honey which means honey before the pasteurization process. This process preserves honey for a long life but also destroys some of its health benefits. 

Organic or raw honey contains antioxidants that help in healing wounds. It also has antifungal and antibacterial properties. It acts as an antiseptic also for including a natural form of hydrogen peroxide. 

Take a small amount of raw honey with a cotton ball and rub it into the ear canal of your cat. Let it for 20—30 minutes, then remove with warm water. You repeat this process twice daily if you can and your cat permits. 

4. Vaseline (petroleum jelly):

It is characterized by its highly effective healing wounds and small cuts. It also has strong antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

It will decrease swelling and irritation of the ears. You just rub vaseline into your cat's ears twice to three times daily till getting rid of mites. 

Home remedy for ear mites in cats

5. Apple cider vinegar:

It is known for its great benefits. It has antibacterial properties and also reduces the cholesterol and blood pressure of animals. It is a good home remedy for ear mites in cats, but it should be diluted with water 1:1.

Put the diluted solution in a spray bottle to spray gently into the cat's ears and take care about the acidity of the solution and not to spray on any open sores. Do this once or twice daily for 10 days. 

What will happen if ear mites in cats are not treated? 

Ear mites are easy to treat after knowing the types of home remedy for ear mites in cats. But if you let your pet without a cure, it will cause damage to its ears. Mites love living in-ears but it also can penetrate all the body if it is not treated. Your cat may lose its hearing and mites cause deafness of one or a pair of ears as the last consequence. 


You must take care of your cat's cleanliness. If you notice any change in its behavior, check it quickly. It may have ear mites. It causes irritation and scratches your cat and may injure its ears. It will be better to get rid of mites at the beginning and by using an available home remedy for ear mites in cats.



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