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Usaa pet insurance coverage is one of the best services you can get as it doesn't make you worry about your four-legged furry friend's health.

The USAA (united service automobile association) helps you if your animal gets sick or injured in an accident to gain the best care for your friend and stay assured about your financial stability.

In this article, we will speak about the usaa pet insurance coverage as what is covered? what does not include it? What are the services provided? if it offers discounts, you will know the information to help you to decide What is appropriate for your financial situation and your pet.

USAA pet insurance coverage

What is the usaa pet Insurance?

USAA is a company that presents you with very convenient options to obtain the best care for your furry friend as it takes into account its illness and injuries occur in accidents like other human insurance companies that offer services for you according to an agreed contract.

USAA does not include pet insurance especially, it offers other services to its members like affordable banking, insurance policies, and automobile insurance added usaa pet insurance coverage recently as a new branch of its services offered to its members who profit from its utilities over 100 years ago.

What does the pet insurance cost you?

USAA pet insurance coverage provides very affordable prices for your pet health may cost at least 1$ per day for your dog or cat.

Pet Insurance bears the costs of any claim your pet can be exposed to not only after a vet visit.

The cost varies according to several factors:

Kind of your furry friend, age, where they live, the service you choose, and reimbursement rate. Also, usaa have programs that provide you with a simple rate for all types of pets like a wellness reward program regardless of their breed or age.

USAA pet insurance coverage

Discounts you can get:

After precipitating in usaa pet insurance coverage, you will get 15% of your package as you are a usaa member.

You also can obtain a 10% additional discount if you have more than one pet. or you are a current or former military member get a 10% discount too with a complete discount of up to twenty-fifth.

Your annual rebate reduces 50$ for every year without receiving demand compensation. You also may keep 12$ if you pay off your installment early.

USAA pet insurance coverage plans and programs:

The company provides you with different plans to choose what suits your financial situation.

That for illness and accident:

this plan covers your four-legged friend most of the essential needs that treat in a veterinary clinic like:

- Chronic conditions (allergies), prescription drugs, surgery, cancer treatment, hospitalizations, x-ray, emergency room, congenital conditions, and behavior therapy.

The time needed for your insurance claim for illness is 14 days but if your pet is exposed to injuries in accidents you wait only 48 hours for your insurance claim which is better than other insurance coverage.

USAA pet insurance coverage

Second for accidents only:

Related to injuries suddenly happening to your pet, this service includes older pets also so dogs after 14 years turned directly to this plan so usaa for older animals don't include illnesses.

It covered injuries like:

Poisoning, eating strange products, cuts, laceration. This plan is very good for usaa members with low income to present the expensive emergency services with low cost as it comes with a 90% reimbursement rate,100$ discount, and the limit of this program is 5000$ per year.

USAA pet insurance coverage also offers special programs for its members that care for their dog's and cats' health. The program is a wellness reward program that helps you to get a preventive care routine for your pet. you can get discounts for everyday health services like: 

  • Vaccines for dogs 

  • Training for dogs 

  • Ticks and heartworm treatment.

  • Spay and neuter surgery 

  • Microchipping

  • Massage sessions

  • Cremation and burial service.

Wellness reward programs have different limit plans. The customer can choose what suits him. It has a yearly limit of 250$, 450$,650$ but the customer should know any money left in his account at the end of the year is not taken back.

USAA pet insurance coverage

How to submit a claim?

It is very simple to do that by: 

  • Visit any licensed vet in USA or emergency clinic. 

  • Get the bill with the total money you pay without any discounts.

  • Fill claim form directly with embrace pet insurance.

  • Claims are accepted via the embrace website or mobile app. Or sent by fax or email.

  • The embrace will review your claim for 10 to 15 days and once it is accepted your money will reimburse directly to your bank account. 

Why do you choose usaa pet insurance coverage over other pet insurance services?

Have several benefits:

  1. You can choose any vet for your pet in the USA and the embrace will cover the cost of the vet visit.

  2. The company has several plans and you have the right to choose what you want.

  3. Offer big discounts for their members up to (15%to 25%)4

  4. Counter to other insurance services companies. USAA pet insurance coverage has an elastic policy when treated with a pre-existing condition: as if your furry friend is treated and has no symptoms for at least one year. It is not considered a pre-existing condition.

  5. It offers a unique service which is pet dental insurance that costs up to 1000$ a year for dental diseases of your pet as it covers vet visit costs for broken, fractured teeth and gingivitis.

usaa pet insurance coverage

What are the mistakes that ought to be improved in usaa pet insurance coverage?

  • USAA doesn't allow unlimited coverage plans: their annual limit for pet insurance is up to 30,000$ per year maximum.

  • If you are not a recent or former military member or usaa member, you can't get pleasure from its services and discounts.

  • Claim procedures take a long time: take about 10 to 15 days to process which is very long compared to other insurance services companies.  


Once you are determined to breed a pet in your home, you should think about keeping it in a healthy environment so many insurance companies are offering you their services to help you care for your furry friend.  

One of these services is usaa pet insurance coverage which has variable plans to choose what is available for you and your financial situation. It also offers generous discounts for its members so you can save your money and at the same time present the best care for your pet.

In the article, we explain everything you need to know to be a member of USAA and benefit from its services.

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