USAA Pet Insurance | How To Take Care From Your Pet Simply Via USAA

Pet health insurance is the responsibility of USAA pet insurance, a pet insurance agency located in the United States provides insurance policies via Embrace pet insurance.

Pet health insurance is a policy for your pet ( cat , dog , ….) that pays you back if your pet gets injured or sick.

USAA pet insurance helps your pets get the medical concern and required care they need with policies suitable for your budget and you can afford.

You call the vet, he comes for a visit for your pet, you will pay him for the visit and then submit or get a quote in a valid way, and then you will be reimbursed within two days.

USAA Pet Insurance | How To Take Care from Your Pet Simply Via USAA

How much does pet insurance cost ??

★ 1$ per day , so pet health insurance can keep your money after a vet visit , as what you spend is repaid to you.

★ Your insurance premium is affected by several factors such as :

1- The type of the pet you breed.

2- Their age.

3- Their sex.

4- The place where you live.

★ You can have a discount up to 25% if you :

1- Having a USAA pet insurance membership.

2- Having multiple pets.

3- Having active duty military ( current or former ).

★ All coverages are subject to the terms of policy.You can be covered for most accidents and injuries.

★ If your pet is diagnosed with any congenital, genetic or chronic disease, you also will be covered,even if you already have your policy.

★ Coverage is subjected to terms of policy, limitations, exclusions, conditions, and approval.


Coverage details (What's covered):

1- Surgery and hospitalisation.

2- Nursing care.

3- Chronic and congenital diseases.

4- Alternative and behavioural therapy.

5- Rehabilitation.

6- Treatment of cancer.

7- Emergency care.

8- Diagnostics and their tests.

9- Prescription drugs.

USAA Pet Insurance | How To Take Care from Your Pet Simply Via USAA

★ Routine care:

You can also be reimbursed for:

1- Grooming.

2- Training.

3- Vaccination.

4- Microchipping.

5- Treatment of heartworm, flea and tick.

6- Neuter surgery.

7- Blood work(routinely done).


How to submit a claim in USAA pet insurance:


1- Visit your vet:

Visit any licensed vet in the United States.

2- Get a bill:

Ask your vet for an invoice with the total amount you paid for your pet,or pets.

3- Fill out the claim form:

Complete the form for each pet.

The form includes:

Date of the visit, total amount you paid in the invoice, and the diagnosis of your pet.

You should have a MyEmbrace account to get the form.(Download Embrace mobile app and sign in.)

4- Submit your claim:

Using your MyEmbrace account,log in and then submit and track your claim.

Your claim will be reviewed by an adjuster.

They will call you if more information is needed.

5- Get reimbursed within two business days after your claim approval:

It can take up to 10 business days for your mail to be checked.


USAA pet insurance review :

USAA Pet Insurance | How To Take Care from Your Pet Simply Via USAA

1- General notes:

★ The USAA has been an organisation that supplies insurance policies to military members and their families since 1922.

★ Only USAA members can benefit from USAA pet insurance, and membership is only for military members and their families.

★ Embrace pet insurance is the organisation responsible for USAA pet insurance.

★ Choose the policy that fits your needs, you also can update your coverage later if you need to add a new pet for example.

★ USAA members can benefit from a 15% discount on their pet insurance policy.

★ Besides,an extra 5% discount is added for being active duty military and a 10% discount for having multiple pets.

★ Also a 5% discount for spayed or neutered pets.

★ USAA pet insurance helps you to have peace of mind that you don't have a choice between your pets and finance.

★ USAA pet insurance also ensures that your money paid for the care of your furry family members will be reimbursed.

USAA Pet Insurance | How To Take Care from Your Pet Simply Via USAA

2- USAA pet insurance overview:

USAA pet insurance is one of several services offered by USAA.

USAA stands for United services automobile association, USAA pet insurance isn't administered directly by USAA, but insurance policies of USAA administered by Embrace pet insurance agency.

USAA Pet Insurance | How To Take Care from Your Pet Simply Via USAA

3- Advantages and disadvantages of USAA pet insurance:

A- Pros (advantages):

1- Military members have discounted coverage:

including a 5% additional discount for active duty military.

2- Coverage policies are flexible:

You can choose the policy that fulfills your desires.

Coverage can include accidents only, or accidents and illness and you can update your policy if you need.

3- Claim form filling is an easy procedure:

Your claim can be accepted everywhere.

After paying the vet bill, submit and track your claim and get reimbursed within two business days.

Submitting and approval of the claim can take from 5 up to 10 days.

4- Wellness rewards can be added:

I mentioned later in this article that USAA pet insurance is administered by Embrace. Members of USAA can get a wellness rewards plan which covers routine care like grooming and training.

5- Overseas coverage is available:

Your policy can supply care for your pets even when you're overseas.

B- Disadvantages (Cons):

1- USAA membership is only for military members and their families:

USAA pet insurance biggest cons is that you can't benefit from the discounts with Embrace unless you're a USAA member, as USAA membership is only for military members and their families.

2- Pre-existing conditions aren't covered:

Coverage for pre-existing conditions isn't provided by USAA, counterwise other providers don't have this drawback.


Where's USAA pet insurance available?

USAA pet insurance is available for USAA members who are military members and their families, whether they are in the United States or Overseas ( located abroad ).


USAA pet insurance customer service:

You can call USAA help number 1-210-531 or connect with customer service on twitter at @USAA-Help.

USAA Pet Insurance | How To Take Care from Your Pet Simply Via USAA



Keeping a pet in your home gives you the responsibility to ensure good health of your furry family members ,so take care of your pets , visit any licensed vet at any time if they're ill or injured and you'll be reimbursed if you are a USAA member.

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