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Do you search for a place that supplies you with products for your animals? Animal health international is the best place I recommend for services for animals.

Animal health international locations are spread all over the world and available for animals.


Animal Health International Locations

What Services Do Animal Health International Provide?

● They provide the best products with the best quality for animals.

● They provide vaccines and pharmaceuticals for your animals.

● They are interested in the health of your animal.

● They provide a group of the best-qualified Veterinarians who can care for your pet and animals.

● The major interest of them is Services of the client.

● They provide the time of the client by introducing Veterinary prescriptions.

● they notice adverse reactions to drug drugs.


What Are The Stages Of Advance Which Animal Health Internationally Passed?

1- Willard Wall opened a sundries store in Porterville, California in 1945 (it would later transition into Walco international).

2- Willard opened livestock supply, and expanded into Visalia, CA, and Phoenix, AZ in 1954.

3- They have a company distributing in California which was founded by Bob Hummel and later joined Jim Loughlin in purchasing RX company in 1967 and they incorporated the new combined company under the name Great plains chemical company, inc.

4- Kane Veterinary Supply was founded by Dan and Cassy in 1969.

5- Bob Hummel Was founded when Willard Wall bought nine companies and together then they were moved by Great Plains Chemical Company, Inc. to Greeley, Colorado in 1972.

6- Bob Hummel began marketing private labels when he acquired several regional distributors under the name Lextron, Inc in the late 1970s.

7- Hawaii Mega-Cor was founded by Charles Nakamura, Carl Izumi in addition to Eric Johnson in 1977.

8- The name of the company became Lextron, Inc in 1986.

9- Walco international employed 700 workers and acquired 330$ million in 1995.

10- Animal health international owned Turnkey computer systems, LLC (Amarillo, Taxes) in 2002.

11- Hawaii Mega-cor became part of animal health international in October 2006.

12- Walco international became known as animal health international, and in public in 2007. Animal health international became its own Kan Veterinary supply (Ontario, Edmonton, Cambridge, and Alberta) in October 2007.

13- Lextron bought Walco international and was known as its good rival and was joined under animal health international, inc.



Animal Health International Locations

What Are Animal Health International Locations?

● 550 E. Frye Rd. St. 1 at Candler city.

● Animal health international locations at Ceres City are 1920 Foundry Court units 7 & 8 and 1908 Rockefeller Dr. at Ceres city.

● 8711 West Doe Avenue in Visalia city.

● 8030 West Doe Ave., # 100 in Visalia city.

●  Animal health international locations at Greeley city are 620 "O" St., 630 "O" St., 822 7th St., 205 6th St. Unit B7, 205 6th St. Unit B5, and 205 6th St. Unit B12 in Greeley city.

● 296 SE Industrial Park Circle in Mayo city.

● 2297 N.W. 9th St. in Okeechobee city.

● 415 West 7th St. In Carroll City.

● 392 15th St. NE in Sioux center.

● 4 17th Avenue south in Nampa city.

● 405 E. 340 S. #244 in Twin Falls city.

● 203 4th Avenue West in Twin Falls city.

● 405 E. 340 S. #83 in Twin Falls city.

● 201 5th Avenue West in Twin Falls city.

● 1202 ESI Drive in Springdale city.

● 830 / 900 Enos Lane in Bakersfield city.

● 1906 E. Cedar in Ontario city.

● 30408 East Hwy 50 in La Junta city.

●  Animal health international locations in Ocala city are  385 S.W. 60th Ave. And 5875 S.W. 6th Place.

● 99-405 Koaha Way in Aiea city.

● 64-1021 Momalahoa Highway unit D in Kamuela city.

● 1426 9th St. SE in Dyersville city.

Animal health international locations in Manchester are  112 South 12th Street and 117 West main st. In Manchester city.

● 120 West view Drive in Washington city.

● Animal health international locations in Boaz and Ontario are 990 River Oaks Road in Boaz city and 1906 E. Cedar in Ontario city.

● 30408 East Hwy 50 in La Junta city.

● 1115 Metzger St. In Red Bluff city.

● 415 West 7th St. in Carroll city.

● 1500 Riverside Drive in Iowa Falls city.

● 4124 Kochs Lane in Quincy city.

● Animal health international locations in Walcott and El Dorado cities are 706 North 4th St. in Walcott city and 1501 W. 6th St. in El Dorado city.

● 3390 W. Jones Street in Garden City.

● 2103 W. Jones Frontage Rd in Garden city.

● 1704 Eaman Rd in Garden city.

● 1449- A W. Old Hwy 40 in Salina city.

● 411 64th Avenue in Coopersville city.

● 118 North Main street in Janesville city.

● 1818 Minnesota Avenue in Billings city.

● 1830 Minnesota in Billings city.

● 6945-E NorthPark Blvd in Charlotte city.

● 4938 Howard Blvd., in Columbus city.

● 3112 Antelope Ave. In Kearney.

● Animal health international locations in  Scottsbluff city are 706 21st Ace unit #2 and unit #1.

● 706 21st Ave unit #1 in Scottsbluff city.

● 2011 S. Plum Creek Pkwy, Lexington city.

● 1713 S.E. main St. Roswell city.

● 1300 S.Meridian Avenue Parkway office Bldg. Ste. 102 in Oklahoma City.

● 9146 West Wolcott Industrial Pkwy in Wolcott.

● 1210 E. Trail in Dodge city.

● 8201 E. 23rd in Kansas City.

● 106 W. Third street in St. John city.

● 307 12 Ave. South suite 101 in Buffalo city.

● 3155 Heartland Dr. In  Liberty city.

● 1522 River Drive North in Great Falls.

● 804 Fountain St. In Tarboro city.

● 120 S. Lincoln in Hastings city.

● 12702 Westport Parkway, Suite 300 (Omaha) in Lavista / Omaha city.

●Animal health international locations in Wisner and Clovis cities are  1615 Avenue E. In  Wisner city and 5200 E. Mabry in Clovis city.

● 1517 Hwy 45 NE in Guymon city.

● 1701 Hempstead Road, suit 104 in Lancaster city.



Animal Health International Locations

How To Contact Animal Health International? 

You can contact them when you need any products which concern animals or if you want to return products, The Telephone number is 1-800-203-5620.



Animal health international is the best place for animals as they provide the best Services and supply you with the best products. They provide veterinarians and drugs for animals. Animal health international locations are spread in many locations all over the world.


By: Dr. Naira Mousa Moawad

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