Shea Moisture High Porosity Shampoo For Magical Hair

Shea moisture high porosity shampoo is one of the shea moisture products so at the beginning let us know about shea moisture products.

Shea moisture products 

Those products are natural products that aim to return hair strength by preserving hair moisture in suitable levels that leave curly hair in a healthy appearance and texture due to its special components.

Shea moisture high porosity shampoo

Shea moisture high porosity shampoo is a natural product composed of special natural ingredients that solve the curly, dry, and damaged hair problems this hair is probably called high porosity hair.

Now you may ask about the term ‘porosity’ so let us talk about it.

shea moisture high porosity shampoo for magical hair

Hair porosity

The least common term you could hear about hair is” hair porosity” and even it may be the first time to hear about it, so let us talk about hair porosity's meaning and types.

Hair porosity is coming from pores which means an opening in the surface of hair” cuticle”, the type of hair porosity determines how much water and oil can pass in and out our hair so it is responsible for the ability to preserve hair moisture and nutrients.

shea moisture high porosity shampoo for magical hair

What is the type of your hair and how could you know its type?

There are three types according to their porosity and they are:

1- Low porosity

In this type, the surface is hard to be penetrated by moisture and oil. This kind of hair needs a long time to dry or to be saturated by hair products.

2- Medium porosity

The surface of the hair is neither so hard nor too weak that makes the hair easier to retain water and preserve it for a long time and also doesn't take so long to get dry, the appearance of hair is healthy and shiny.

3- High porosity

The targeted hair to the product we are talking about is” shea moisture high porosity shampoo” in this type the pores are much more and this makes your hair easier to absorb water and even to lose it and also easier to be damaged. 

You could know your type of hair porosity by an easy way at home by getting a thread of hair and a glass of water,  then emerge the thread into the water and wait a bit and notice what could happen, if it sinks and didn’t float, that means its type is high porosity hair.

Shea moisture high porosity shampoo ingredients

The magical combination of ingredients makes shea moisture high porosity shampoo an extraordinary shampoo for your hair. now let's talk about each ingredient one by one.

shea moisture high porosity shampoo for magical hair

  1. Shea butter 

Shea butter comes from shea nut tree the main culturing region is west Africa and rich  in vitamins and fatty acids and has exceptional benefits to shea moisture high porosity shampoo those benefits such as:

  • Ultra-moisturizing effect due to high content of fatty acids 

  • Prevent damaging of hair 

  • Reduce scalp inflammation and has healing properties

shea moisture high porosity shampoo for magical hair

2. Mongongo seed oil 

Its an important component of shea moisture high porosity shampoo and It is a kind of nuts that has a scientific name Ricinodendron Rautanenii, grows wild in Africa, contains many fatty acids which form a barrier on hair surface which protect it from damaging and sunlight and also prevents loss of moisture.

shea moisture high porosity shampoo for magical hair

3. Safflower oil 

This kind of flower mainly grows in Asia has many uses in food and cosmetics and is a very important component in our product because:

  • It helps moisture retention.

  • It activates the healthy growth of your hair.

  • It keeps your hair strong, shiny, and, soft.

  • It has an antifungal effect so it helps eliminate dandruff. 

  • It softens your hair without leaving an undesirable greasy texture

4. Vinegar

Vinegar has an antifungal and antibacterial effect, so it helps eliminate dandruff and other infectious issues, also have an exfoliating effect that helps the scalp to breathe.

The last important thing in shea moisture high porosity shampoo is that it is sulfate-free that will reduce inflammation of your scalp and eyes, also it could help soften your hair and leave it more conditioned, shiny, and healthy.

shea moisture high porosity shampoo for magical hair

Reviews about shea moisture high porosity shampoo

From the united states:

Lee admired its tropical smell and the shiny appearance that it left, also Mary was suffering from her dry curly hair she described our product as a” miracle” because it left her hair moisturized and shiny “ perfect for dry hair” as she said, Nina also described it as a magical product for detangled hair and as a moisturizing agent, Trisha also said that it solved her daughter’s tangled hair problem without daily screaming issues


So, if you have curly hair and was suffering for a long time with hair products without solving your problems, your lovely daughter has daily screaming issues when you are trying to stuff her hair, the dull appearance of your dry broken hair gives you an exhausted appearance that upset you, try this magical product with its natural products and have a long breath to your exhausted hair.

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