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Before talking about shea moisture low porosity shampoo, we need to know what hair is.

Hair is a protein filament that grows from follicles in the dermis. It is a characteristic part of mammals. 

It consists of three layers: Cuticle (outermost layer), the Cortex (middle layer), and Medulla (central and innermost layer). 

Types of hair:

Hair type is based on hair's curl pattern, the shape of the hair follicle determines what type of hair you have. 

Which can be straight, wavy, curly, or coily. There is a positive relationship between the asymmetrical hair follicle and is curly.

Your hair type is determined by genetics. It can be affected with time by your hormones changes, some medicines, heat, and Chemicals. 

Shea moisture low porosity shampoo

Before talking about shea moisture low porosity shampoo, let us know what is the meaning of porosity? 

Porosity determines hair's ability to absorb and retain moisture. You may think that is a normal or easy deal, but you couldn't imagine that it is an important thing that can affect all hair products you use.

Rather than wasting your money and time on products that don't match your hair porosity. 

You can eradicate this problem by a simple test for your hair to know your porosity type. Or with the help of a hair expert. 

Shea moisture low porosity shampoo

What is hair porosity? 

Hair porosity is how cuticles lie on the hair follicle, flatted cuticles disable the movement of moisture in and out of the hair. 

On the otherwise, raised cuticles create tiny pores that allow moisture to move in and out of the hair. 

Types of hair porosity:

There are 3 types of hair porosity:

  • High

  • Medium

  • Low

Highly porous hair takes moisture easily in, but it also escapes quickly and does not retain. Low porous hair can't absorb moisture easily, but once the moisture is in it is easy to retain.

In between, there is medium or called normal porosity hair also which has raised cuticles, which easily absorb moisture and retain it. 


  • High porosity hair is characteristic with easy absorption moisture but is quickly lost. 

  • Medium or Normal porosity hair is characteristic with easy absorption of moisture and keeping in.

  • Low porosity hair is characteristic with difficulty absorbing moisture but easily retained. So it is preferred to use products that eliminate this disability like shea moisture low porosity shampoo. 

How do you know your porosity type? 

There are two tests, you can do one of them. The Slip test and The Water test. 

1. The Slip test:

Move your fingers up and down in a single strand of dry hair, if they move easily and quickly, your hair has low porosity. If you feel some resistance when moving, your hair has high porosity. 

If it was in between, your hair has normal porosity. 

2. The Water test: 

Wash your hair well with shampoo to remove any product in it then take a single strand of your hair and put it gently on a cup full of water. Wait for 3 minutes, then notice what happened to the hair. If it is still on the water surface, you have low porosity hair. If it floats in the middle of the water, you have normal porosity hair. If it sunk at the bottom, your hair is low porosity type.


The Slip test does not need effort or time, but The Water test is more accurate. 

Shea moisture low porosity shampoo

Shea moisture low porosity shampoo and properties:

If you have low porosity hair which means that there are no spaces between cuticles as they tend to overlap one another and hold tightly. It isn't easy for water and other products to deliver moisture to the hair shaft. 

Characteristic of low porosity hair:

  • Products keep on your hair surface instead of being absorbed. Try to apply a moisturizer or hair oil to the deep of your hair, you will notice after about half an hour that the product is still on the surface. Your hair can absorb a little amount of your product or even not. 

  • Washing and drying take a long time because water takes a long time to be penetrated through hair follicles. Then once water gets into it is difficult to dry. 

Instead of wasting your time and money by using products which need high amounts of them and effort to penetrate. You should choose products that suit your low porosity hair. The best formula for this type of hair is a shampoo, and shea moisture low porosity shampoo is very recommended. 

Best products for low porosity hair whose formulas contain emollients such as Shea butter, Coconut oil, Mineral oil, and Jojoba oil. Low porosity hair also benefits from products rich in humectants like Honey or Glycerin which hold moisture in low porosity hair. 


Choose light and liquid-based products which are easily absorbed and retained. One of these products is shea moisture low porosity shampoo, as it has these properties. 

Shea moisture low porosity shampoo

Shea moisture low porosity shampoo:

Firstly, we need to know more about shea butter. What is shea butter? 

Shea tree is called the "Tree of life" as it can solve different problems of hair, health, and skin. Shea butter itself is known as "Mother Nature's conditioner" as it has softening and moisturizing characters. 

Shea butter contains high concentrations of fatty acids which make it best for cosmetics. Shea butter also has healing and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also called a "Skin superfood" because of nourishes the skin, promotes its clarity, and gets rid of some issues like dryness, dark spots, discoloration, stretch marks, wrinkles, and blemishes. 

Shea butter is used widely in hair products as it nourishes and moisturizes hair from root to surface. It also protects hair against dryness and gives it brittleness. 

Shea moisture low porosity shampoo is recommended;

As its main constituents are:

  • Omega 9 (Oleic acid):

It maintains the softness and radiance of hair. It stimulates the growth of long, strong, and thick hair. It eradicates dandruff. 

  • Palmitic acid:

It softens hair without leaving a greasy or sticky discharge. It has an emollient property. 

  • Omega 6 / vitamin F (Linoleic acid):

It moisturizes and stimulates hair growth. 

  • Stearic acid:

It is an emulsifying agent to bind oil with water. It also protects hair from damage without making it feel heavy. Has cleansing properties that eliminate dirty and excess sebum from the hair. 

  • Polyphenols:

They are characteristic of the ability to keep moisture in the hair. 



You should be careful about your hair care routine and know suit products for your hair porosity type. As we mentioned before, low porosity hair is difficult to moisturize, so shampoo is recommended for low porosity hair specially shea moisture low porosity shampoo. Because of all of the shea butter properties we mentioned, it is the best ingredient your shampoo should contain. 

By: Dr/Safaa Tarek 

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