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Veterinary pet insurance VPI is the oldest pet insurance company in the united states it is the first to offer protective care and wellness policies since 1982.

Most of you have pets at home. They are part of our families so you need to give them the best health care that includes annual vaccinations or even treating diseases and accidents therapy. 

Getting veterinary pet insurance VPI for your pets is the best choice for you that covers most of the therapy expenses. VPI was founded in 1980 by a group of veterinarians in the United States to be the first pet insurer.

The first insurance policy was received by a dog called Lassie in 1982, veterinary pet insurance VPI was later sold to Nationwide company. In this article, we tried to help you get an idea about VPI as the oldest pet insurer in the United States.

veterinary pet insurance VPI the oldest pet insurance company


Wide range of prices and coverage

The coverage includes from major accidents and illnesses to wellness protection for your pets at a broad range of prices.

You can go to any licensed veterinarian

No matter where you are you can visit any licensed veterinarian to get care for your pet and you will get reimbursed.

Most household pets are covered

Cats, dogs, hamsters, birds, or goats.

Multipet household discount

If you have more than one furry animal included in the insurance you will get a 5% discount.


More expensive when compared to competitors

Other competitors offer the same policies at less prices, however, some of the VPI policies are very affordable.

Limits per procedure

Instead of a single limit per year, there are limits for each treatment which may be confusing.

Single deductible option

An annual unadjustable deductible of 250 $ for all major medical policies.

Available plans

There are 3 plans for common household pets such as cats & dogs.

Basic policy

Includes accident & illness coverage.

veterinary pet insurance VPI the oldest pet insurance company

Mid-tier plan

Includes major medical wellness benefits and some preventive measures like vaccinations.

Whole pet policy

Includes almost all veterinary care.

Pricing of plans

Plans of veterinary pet insurance VPI are more expensive in general than its competitors.

Waiting periods

For all accident and illness benefits, there is a 14 days waiting period included with VPI policies. However, it is not common for your pet to be injured in an accident. You need to know that your pet can't be treated in this period.

veterinary pet insurance VPI the oldest pet insurance company

Pre- Existing conditions

As the other insurance companies veterinary pet insurance VPI excludes the pre-existing conditions from coverage but unlike other companies, if your pet was cured of a past injury or illness for six months or more the veterinary pet insurance VPI will treat it more likely which is considered more friendly than its competitors according to this.

Coverage limits

The coverage limits differ a lot according to the procedure for most policies except for the most expensive one (whole pet).

This can cost you a lot if your pet suffers from a chronic illness that requires treatment more than the coverage limit.

Plan Exclusions

The more expensive policies have fewer exclusions than the basic policies which exclude most wellness benefits.


The insurance claims are received by Nationwide digitally on their website as veterinary pet insurance VPI is owned by Nationwide.

Customer service

The customer service for veterinary pet insurance VPI is only through email or phone calls which makes it unavailable on the weekend or outside of business hours.

Many competitors have avoided this drawback and offered 24/7 customer service.

veterinary pet insurance VPI the oldest pet insurance company

Overview about some of VPI competitors

 A brief comparison between VPI and its most famous competitors.

Trupanion vs VPI

Trupanion pet insurance is a public company that was founded in 2000 in Seattle. It has 721 more employees than VPI.

The waiting period for accidents with Trupanion is just 5 days while it is 14 days with veterinary pet insurance VPI.

Pets best vs VPI

It was founded 23 years later after VPI it offers 3 different plans for illness & accidents & 2 more different plans for wellness care.

VPI offers 3 different plans covering illness, accidents & wellness care.

Pets best is considered to be offering one of the most affordable insurance plans.

Healthy Paws vs VPI

The healthy paws offer a simple affordable plan for illness and accidents coverage while VPI offers 3 different plans that include wellness coverage.

VPI maybe twice the price of the Healthy paws but it offers you more coverage as it covers wellness benefits as vaccination.

Petplan vs VPI

The major difference between Petplan & nationwide is that nationwide offers 3  plans with different coverage while Petplan offers only a single plan with a lot of options that you can add to your plan or not so it is a single adjustable plan.

Embrace pet insurance vs VPI

With Embrace pet insurance you can customize your plan according to your budget.

Veterinary pet insurance VPI and Embrace pet insurance are almost within the same price range although VPI seems to offer broader coverage.

VPI has simple predefined comprehensive plans while Embrace pet insurance offers modern customized plans.


ASPCA pet insurance in comparison with Nationwide is more flexible; it offers you many options to suit your budget however Nationwide plans seem to be more simple. 


FIGO is one of the newest pet insurance companies while veterinary pet insurance VPI is the oldest pet insurance company.

Nationwide and FIGO are way different but both offer excellent coverage with almost the same prices.

Petco vs VPI

Petco is a trusted company that has been running pet stores for a long time.

Petco offers plans for accident & illness coverage but does not offer wellness care which Veterinary pet insurance VPI offers optionally. 



Veterinary pet insurance is the oldest pet insurance company in the United States. It is one of the most trusted companies in the field of pet insurance. It is owned by Nationwide company and offers 3 different plans for insurance. It may be a bit more expensive than other competitors but it offers more comprehensive coverage for accidents, illness as well as wellness care.


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