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Before we talk about shampoo for low porosity hair we need to know some information about hair structure and hair porosity.

shampoo for low porosity hair

The Structure Of The Hair:

Hair consists of three-layer, these layers include:

The Cuticle:

The tough and protective outer layer of the hair consists of smaller cuticles that overlap with each other.

The Cortex:

The thickest layer of the hair consists of fibrous, protein, and pigments that give hair color.

The Medulla:

The soft and central part of the hair.

Definition of hair porosity:

The ability of the hair cuticle to absorb, retain and maintain moisture.

Categories of hair porosity according to cuticle:

Low porosity: 

Cuticles that are close together.

Medium porosity:

Cuticles that are less tightly bound.

High porosity: 

Cuticles that are widely spaced.

What are the causes of low or high porosity?

1- Genetics.

2- Blow drying, bleaching, over washing, straightening, and using harsh products.

3- Extra exposure to ultraviolet rays.

shampoo for low porosity hair

How can we determine hair porosity?

We can determine by two simple tests:

First test:

1- Wash your hair to remove any product in it.

2- Take a single strand of your hair.

3- Put it in A glass filled with lukewarm water and watch what the hair does.

The results:-

1- Low porosity:

The hair is floating.

2- Normal porosity:

Take a time to float or float to the middle of the glass.

3- High porosity:

The hair is sinking immediately.

Second test: 

The time needed for hair to dry. 

1- Low porosity:

Hair needs a long time to dry.

2- Normal porosity:

Hair needs a few hours to dry.

3- high porosity:

Hair dried quickly.

About Low Hair Porosity:

Low hair porosity works against hair growth as there is no moisture to reach the hair, So we need shampoo for low porosity hair to protect the hair from damage.

Low hair porosity is a very special type of hair, so it needs special products to achieve your hair goals in its treatment.

Low hair porosity needs lightweight products, does not need layers of products, and needs heat and clarification every few weeks.

Shampoo for low porosity hair:

Clarified shampoo with organic and natural ingredients that penetrate deep and remove buildup residue purifying the scalp by opening cuticles and allowing entry of moisture.

How can we choose a shampoo for low porosity hair?

Selecting suitable shampoo for low porosity hair needs special parameters to protect hair from damage:

1- moisturizing ingredient: 

We need clarifying shampoo with hydration ingredients like glycerin, aloe vera, honey, etc 

These ingredients penetrate hair deeply and give moisture to the hair.

2- Minimal or no protein: 

As protein is not suited for low hair porosity.

3- Sulfate-free: 

Shampoo for low porosity hair must be sulfate-free as they are extremely harsh and remove any natural oils and moisture from hair.

shampoo for low porosity hair

Examples of shampoo for low porosity hair:

1- Carol's Daughter Almond Milk sulphate-free Shampoo and Conditioner:

This is a perfect type of shampoo for low porosity hair. Many people used it in the treatment of curly and dull hair.


1- Protect hair from damage.

2- Give healthy hair.

3- Give hair a silky and shiny look.

4- Sulphate and petroleum-free.

5- Provide hair with essential protein.

6- Free from artificial colors.

7- Made from natural ingredients.

8- long-lasting fragrance. 


Not suitable for all types of hair.

2- Maui Moisture Lightweight Hibiscus Water Shampoo:

Better cure shampoo for low porosity hair, it Consists of lightweight items like exotic Hibiscus water, lush passion fruit, and watermelon juice.


1- Suitable for all types of hair.

2- Softening of the hair.

3- Very lightweight liquid.

4- Sulfate-free.


Normal packaging.

3- Pura D'Or Advanced Therapy System Shampoo and Conditioner:

Shampoo for low porosity hair for all types of hair.

It consists of saw palmetto, argan oil, zinc, and other items.


1- Protect the scalp from itching.

2- Long-lasting moisture.

3- Provide the hair with nutrition.

4- Conditioner gives long-lasting dryness.



4- John Frieda Daily Nourishment Shampoo and Conditioner:

This shampoo is made for adults.

It's a shampoo for low porosity hair used to protect colored hair 

It consists of vitamin A, C, E, and green tea extract ingredients.


1- Give Smooth and frizzy hair.

2- Give strong hair.

3- Give hair the essential moisture and softness of the hair.

4- All in one combination.


Normal packaging.

shampoo for low porosity hair

5- Carol's Daughter Coco Creme Sulfate-free Shampoo:

This Shampoo deeply moisturizes the hair, keeps it free from damage, softens the hair, and is used for curly hair.


1- Sulfate-free shampoo.

2- No artificial colors.

3- Paraben-free Shampoo.

4- Give a shiny look to the hair. 


Normal packaging.

6-Neutrogena Anti-Residue Clarifying Shampoo:

This shampoo consists of water, sodium Laureth sulfate glycerin, and a long-lasting fragrance.

Solve scalp problems and maintain hair moisture.

Neutrogena Anti-Residue is clinically tested.


1- Used for all types of hair including color hair and chemically treated hair.

2- Natural with no artificial ingredients.

3- Give hair a Smooth and shiny look.


Unusual packaging.

7- Devacurl No-Poo Decadence Milk Cleanser:

This shampoo for low porosity hair is used for oily hair.


1- Sulfate and gluten-free.

2- Paraben and silicone-free.

3- Not irritant.

4- Long -lasting fragrance.

5- Tested by a dermatologist.


Bad package.

8- Authentic Beauty Concept Replenish Cleanser:

This shampoo for low porosity hair gives strength and energy to hair.

It has natural ingredients.

It has a quick mixing ability.


1- Used for all types of hair.

2- Anti-dandruff shampoo.

3- Reduce hair loss.

4- Give a soft and shiny look to the hair.

5- Vegan-free shampoo.

6- Beta-certified shampoo.


Diminish quickly.

9- OGX Renewing And  Argan Oil Of Morocco Hydrating Hair Shampoo:

It's the best item in this brand. This shampoo quickly diminished with the hair.


1- Give a soft and shiny look to the hair. 

2- Sulfate-free shampoo.

3- Have a woody scent.


Impact for some scalp.

10-Roux Porosity Control Shampoo:

It's a suitable shampoo for low porosity hair, If we don't find suitable shampoo.


1- Lightweight shampoo.

2- Cruelty-free. 

3- Give healthy and straight hair.

4- Work quickly.

5- Give natural growth.


Not suitable for all types of hair.

11- Jivi Shampoo With Argan Oil Daily Use Shampoo:

It is suitable for damaged, dull, thin, color-treated, and all types of hair.


1- Give hair a soft and shiny look.

2- Sulfate-free.

3- It's chemicals not harmful to hair.

4- Prevent hair loss.


Normal packaging.


Before we deal with the hair we need to know the hair type and texture without knowing the type of hair we can't treat it well.

Low hair porosity is a very unique type of hair that needs a unique method in the treatment, shampoo for low porosity hair from this method.

I hope this article makes dealing with low porosity hair easier.

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