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American crew boost powder is one of the most famous products supplied by the American crew brand which is a landmark in the world of men's care products. 

The American crew is one of the most famous men's grooming brands in the world which was innovated by the American David Raccuglia who predicted that hairstyling and skincare products for men will be a rising field in the future. 

Nowadays all men including youth, teenagers, even boy children care about their appearance like females, all want to show their best. 

By asking about the cause of the American crew brand's success, American crew staff says that all their products are formulated with vitamins, antioxidants, and moisturizing agents that help your hair or skin restore its vitality also appear very natural. 

In this article, we will focus on American crew boost powder which is an anti-gravity volume powder that gives hair a lift with added volume. 

American crew boost powder

What is American crew boost powder? 

It is an anti-gravity volume powder with a matte finish that gives hair a lift, added volume, and thickness with grit for dramatic, gravity-defying texture. 

American crew boost powder is a weightless powder that lasts for a long time on your hair without making it greasy. 

Why choose American crew boost powder? 

Because it gives your hair natural moisture, makes it softer. 

It has a revitalizing and constructing effect on your hair and gives a flexible hold to the hair. 

As we say that it gives your hair natural moisture but it does not make it look wet and greasy, it makes it look very natural if you use it on adry hair and spread it after having the desired look you want. 

American crew boost powder

How to use American crew boost powder? 

Tap the box a few times to loosen the powder and then take a small amount on your hand, sprinkle it lightly and evenly on dry hair, and make sure that it reaches the roots to obtain maximum separation and lifting. 

What are the Components of American crew boost powder? 

  • Water

  • Propylene glycol retains the natural moistness of the hair and makes it soft. 

  • Silica Silylate thickens the hair and gives it a flexible hold. 

  • Citric Acid that revitalizes and restores the hair. 

  • Sodium benzoate is the preservative material. 

Do people recommend American crew boost powder? 

Yes, it is very recommended for all who need a natural look as it gives super volume, grip, and texture to hair, it's said to increase hair length from 1 to 4 inches. 

Although it is more expensive than other products for hairstyling, only a small amount of it is very sufficient and with good, correct usage it can last longer than any other product. 

Remember that you should also keep the powder in a dry area away from water or any wetness to assure its efficacy and to make it last longer time with you.  

How to buy American crew boost powder? 

You can buy American crew boost powder from the official online store for American crew products which are available on Facebook or Instagram. 

Also are available on many online stores like Amazon, and if you are American, it is available easily in markets. 

Does this product make you lose your hair? 

No, people experience for many years prove that it has no bad effect on hair and does not cause its loss. 

Can I use other hair products with it? 

Yes, American crew boost powder can be used with other hair products. 

Is this product cause dandruff? 

No, although this product is mainly used on the scalp but does not cause hair dandruff in case you keep a good hair caring routine. 

Does this product cause stains on the clothes or pillows? 

No, it does not cause staining, but it flakes so you have to clean the residue with a shampoo. 

Can I restyle my hair after The American crew boost powder application?

As we mentioned above this powder is applied on dry hair and as we say you have to do the desired style then apply it as the brush removes it. 

So to restyle after application requires hair cleaning, drying then another application. 

Is the American crew boost powder designed only for thin hair? 

No, American crew boost powder can be used for all hair types. a also can be used with other hair products. 

Which hair products are best used after American crew boost powder?

The sales manager recommends using defining paste after American crew boost powder. 

It also works well with other hair fiber like toppik(another hair product from The American crew brand) but first apply the powder then toppik, it can keep your hair styling even after hard work in the gym. 

American crew boost powder

Do I want to put too much amount on my hair? 

No, you don't want to put too much amount as it will appear to put glue on your hair, you only need to put a small amount in the right way we have mentioned above Making it look nice with a matte finish all day. 

Although the powder is a little expensive, using it correctly will make it last a long time. 

People reviews:

People's Reviews about American crew products are amazing and encouraging, especially American crew boost powder. 

No one has commented negatively on the product. All reviews rated 5 for the product. 

It is:

  •  Reasonable price 

  • Easy to use 

  • Can be used for all hair types 

  • Can be used with other hair products 

  • Does not cause dandruff 

  • Natural appearance with a good texture

  • Available all over the world either in markets or in online stores. 

Safety information:

Take care to prevent touching your eye and keep away from children.


 American crew boost powder is an amazing antigravity volume powder with a matte finish with no bad side effects. 

It's recommended by all who try it, so it is your turn now to try it and tell us about your opinion on the powder.

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