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Amika hair products brand is an online brand that produces hair products and tools .

Its formulas seem to be free from  harsh substances like parabens and sulfates.


Amika also aims to reduce waste through methods like decreasing their use of non-biodegradable plastic. 


All Amika hair products don't contain harmful substances like parabens, phthalates, and sulfates.  


Amika is a green brand, as they use recycled and environmentally friendly materials. It uses 90%PCR material for its packages.


Amika hair products can deal with any type of hair like wavy, straight, or curly, thick, thin, or medium—whatever your hair type, which can deal with a wide variety of hair care formulas and styling tools from hair masks, serums, and conditioners to wavers, straighteners, and more.


On their website,  Amika hair products reviews on their best-selling products have hundreds of reviews and average ratings of 4/5 to 5/5 stars. 


The main ingredient  in every Amika product: 

These Amika hair products use sea buckthorn berry in most of their formulas. 

Amika target:


1-Amika targets youth all over the world.

2-Amika brand makes it a company available to everyone all over the world.


Amika began as a hair tool brand which was established in 2007 in Brooklyn, New York. 

1-Amika Shampoo:

1-The Normcore Signature Shampoo :


The Normcore Signature Shampoo used for all purposes has a no-frills no-fuss kind of formula. This cleanser makes you look more soft, shiny, and fully hydrated with every lather, no matter what your hair type. 



Amika shampoo consists of coconut oil and is rich in antioxidants and vitamins that make it essentially a healthy green smoothie for your hair.

It’s also safe for color, Brazilian, and keratin-treated hair.



The Normcore Signature Shampoo comes at four different sizes and prices:

2 fl oz: $9 

8 fl oz: $16 

10 fl oz: $35 

33.8 fl oz: $55

2-Amika Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Repair Shampoo :

Its formula contains an ultra-violet pigment which helps give you light and soft shade. Amika hair products formula ensures you keep that golden glow that looks like sunshine tresses glitter in the light. 



This formula consists of wild cherry bark extract, hydrolyzed keratin, and avocado oil which work to restore moisture, elasticity, and luster. 



2 fl oz: $12

8 fl oz: $20

10 fl oz: $24 

33.8 fl oz: $70


3-Amika Vault Color-Lock Shampoo:

With this color-preserving shampoo formula, you can change the hair color you want such as a cute pastel pink or an in-your-face strawberry red, dying your hair is a great way to change up your look and attitude. 



This Amika color-preserving cleanser consists of soybean oil, UV filters, amino acids to protect your hair from signs of shading.  The soybean oil contains antioxidants that also help hold your color, while the amino acids boost health and elasticity. 



2 fl oz: $9 

8 fl oz: $16 

10 fl oz: currently sold out 

33.8 fl oz: $55


4-Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo:

One spritz of the Perk Up Dry Shampoo gives you a full clean on a short schedule. This formula is invisible which leaves any of that unwanted white residue on your roots or strands.

Must be in your travel bag, and keep it on hand to use when you’re in a rush and can not get a proper rinse. 


The Amika dry shampoo consists of two main ingredients, rice starch,h, and sea buckthorn.

This formula can eliminate dirt, oil, and other impurities.



1 oz: $10

5.3 oz: $25 

5.3 oz (with limited edition hair to stay): $25


5-Amika Velveteen Dream Smoothing Shampoo:

Amika hair products brand knows what you want in a shampoo. They've developed a creamy, lightweight shampoo.



Amika Velveteen Dream Smoothing Shampoo gets its soothing properties from aloe vera, the calming remedy that delivers cashmere-soft hair that looks and feels flawless. 


It is infused with the formula with provitamin B5, a protective ingredient that adds resilience, strength, and durability.


Amika shampoo review :

You will find a variety of options ranging from color-friendly shampoos to toner-control Amika purple shampoo. 

Amika shampoo cleans the hair of oils and stressors.

It makes your hair smell good.


2-Amika Hair Masks:

1-Amika flash instant shine mask:

It's a good hair mask that gives your hair nourishment with a shining look using your favorite Amika shampoo.


2-Amika Triple RX Mask:


Consists of wild cherry bark extract, hydrolyzed keratin, and avocado oil which give your hair moisture, elasticity, and luster. 


3-The Soul Food Nourishing Mask:

Ingredients :

The main formula is with jojoba seed oil and sea buckthorn with antioxidants and other crucial nutrients that hydrate and improve the overall quality of your hair.


Soul Food Nourishing Mask is enriched with vitamins and fatty acids, which is like a bowl of superfoods for your hair.


This rich and creamy lightweight formula is also suitable for all hair types. You can use it as a weekly treatment or as an everyday conditioner after washing with a shampoo of your choice from the Amika hair products collection.


The Soulfood Nourishing Mask comes in three suitable sizes in price and amount : 

2 fl oz: $12 

8 fl oz: $28

16 fl oz: $42 


4-The Kure Intense Repair Mask:


The Kure Intense Repair Mask is made with a blend of shea butter, sea buckthorn, and borage oil, the Kure Intense Repair Mask is designed to restore moisture and leave your hair feeling and looking healthy.


The Kure Intense Repair Mask must be used before applying any heated styling tools, such as the Amika waver. It's considered as perfect as either a one-time at-home remedy or as an intensive weekly treatment.  



it comes in three handy sizes: 

2 fl oz: $14 

8 fl oz: $38 

16 fl oz: $52



Amika Hair Masks Review: 

Amika hair products have a selection of hair masks that can give you a lustrous shine or even revive and reinvigorate damaged hair.


3-Amika Velveteen Dream Smoothing Conditioner:

Live the Velveteen Dream with Amika. Their Smoothing Conditioner is rich in active nutrients to produce velvety smooth tresses that are a doddle to manage. 

Designed to add hydration and moisture to dry, brittle hair.



The formula contains a nourishing blend of glycerin provitamin B5; the duo's soothing qualities decrease frizzy hair and leave your hair healthy and happy.


4-Amika Hair Styling:

No one does style quite like Amika.  Add texture, volume, and long-lasting hold to your locks with the Amika hair products collection.


Amika brand serves every style and every form: choose between a hairspray, gel, or cream to sculpt those luscious locks to perfection. 


1-Amika Haute Mess Texture Gloss:

Amika Haute Mess Texture Gloss  This Haute Mess Texture Gloss helps you perfect the look and give off the vibe that you just woke up.  



Amika Haute Mess Texture Gloss is antioxidant and vitamins rich  The protective ingredients form a preventive shield from free radicals and environmental stressors.



2-Amika First Base Moisturising Styling Cream:

Amika First Base Moisturizing Styling Cream will be part of your hair styling selection. Amika hair products renowned for the quality of their styling products, and the First Base Moisturizing Styling Cream is the jewel in their crown.



The key material is coconut oil and defines texturized hair, repairs damaged cut out, and produces a glossy shine.

The nourishing remedy is powered by a wealth of vegan ingredients, notably the soothing properties of cetyl alcohol.


5-Amika Brushes:


1-Amika Straightening Brush :


The Hair Blow Dryer Brush is a fast for those who often find themselves short on time or impatient. 

This unique styling tool combines a round hairbrush and a blow dryer that banishes unwanted frizz. 

The Amika blow dryer brush is super-lightweight.

It is equipped with three different heat settings.



This 2-in-1 specials for an even $100.



2-Amika iRed Polished Perfection Straightening Brush 2.0:


The iRed Polished Perfection Straightening Brush 2.0 gives those smooth, refined strands in a short amount of time.

These Amika straightener features use iRED technology that regulates temperature to give you the smooth and shiny hair you want with less damage to your hair. 


The digital temperature control on this Amika straightening brush is made to suit the thinnest and thickest hair type.


This design is marked by safety. If you unplugged it before leaving the house, as it has a 60-minute auto shut-off for your peace of mind. 



The iRed Polished Perfection Straightening Brush 2.0 comes in at a shockingly reasonable $120.

3- Amika Polished Perfection Mini Straightening Brush:

It is one of the Amika hair products which is marked by its small size to be easy to put into your bag with your luggage. The Polished Perfection Mini Straightening Brush comes in a travel-friendly size that can fit in any makeup pouch. 

The Amika polished perfection straightening brush works at a temperature of 410°F, delivered through ceramic bristles with nylon tips that quickly heats the hair without damaging it. It works on two voltages of 110-240V to accommodate your needs during your journey.


Use the Polished Perfection Mini Straightening Brush after a Chair dryer for a sleek, tamed look without the dread of split ends or kinks.



The Polished Perfection Mini Straightening Brush comes at a suitable price of$35.  


4-Hair Blow Dryer Brush:

You can use Hair Blow Dryer Brush then make your hair by 

The Polished Perfection Mini Straightening Brush to get a sleek, tamed look without the dread of split ends or kinks.

4-Amika high tide deep waver:

Using the Amika high tide deep waver to get those classic beachy waves.


5-Amika curling iron:

Amika hair products brand recommends using Amika curling iron after putting on a Soul Food Nourishing Mask to get a perfect look.


Amika Brush Review:

The Amika hair products and tools brand offers a wide selection of brushes designed to dry and style your hair at the same time.

Their styling tools are also both effective and efficient, especially the brush models which combine two tasks in one to help out people on the go. On their website, their best-selling products have hundreds of reviews and average ratings of 4/5 to 5/5 stars. 

Where can Buy Amika: 

You can visit the  Amika website  

You can find them at other select retailers such as:





Amika’s Return Policy:

You can return your orders within 30 days of receipt by filling out the return form on their website.


How to Contact Amika?

You can contact Amika company through Amika customer service number: 1-866-833-3444 

Or on email:



Amika is clean, eco-friendly,d and is a worldwide distribution brand. Amika serves a wide range of different users. 

By: Dr. Yasmin Atta 


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