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Animal health technician salary increases yearly. In 2018 animal health technician inspection service hired the most employees titled animal health technician with an average animal health technician salary of 54.739$.

Animal health technician responsibility:

-He is a person who is concerned with animal's health and provides daily care for research animals of various species. 


-He cleans and disinfects cages and all types of equipment.


-As well as you begin as an animal technician you monitor the animal health, maintenance of animal activities, animal's diet, behavior, vital signs, and other data.  


-Follow standard procedures, biosafety, and animal welfare regulations, also collect samples, transport animals to and from a laboratory. 


-You perform many services to animals as a nurse does for human patients. 


-He works under the direction of a senior in a functional area and always takes from 0 to years of general work to be experienced. 


-Also means animal care technicians, research animal technicians, research animal caretakers, laboratory animal technicians. 


-In general, they help veterinarians and service veterinary programs.



Animal health technician jobs classification:

Under the general schedule payscale

Technician and medical support:

-Maximum pay grade animal health technician salary:57,015,00$/year

-Occupation family 27,000$/year.

-Starting pay grade of animal health technician salary:17,785,00$/year.



Animal health technician salary in the United States:

-The average animal health technician salary in United status 38,400$ as of May 2021(range between 36.991$ and 42.784$).


- Animal health technician Salary range can vary depending on many important factors as:

Skills, years of experience, education, and certification. 


Jobs that animal health technician have:

Government animal health technician jobs are classified under general schedule (GS) payscale, the minimum animal health technician salary pay grade is Gs-1, and the highest pay grade that can be obtained within this job series GS-9.


Common animal health technician salary pay scale:

Gs- general schedule:

  • They are 461 employers 

  • Starting pay grade: 19.730/year

  • Maximum pay grade:59.907/year

  • Category: technical and medical support. 

  • Occupation family:0700 vet medical science group.


For being a good animal health technician:

You should study the field of veterinary technology. Also, key responsibilities assist vet. With exams, diagnostic tests, surgery, treatment procedure, perform lab tests and keep medical records.



Certification is available for being a good animal health technician:

Every state has individual licensing and certification requirements for working as a veterinary technician, the American associational veterinary state board offers the veterinary technician national examination (VTNE)  for certifying and veterinary technician. This exam verifies your veterinary technician knowledge when applying for an entry-level position. 


Increasing of animal health technician jobs:

-The BLS reports that the employment opportunities for veterinary technicians and technologists are expected to grow by About 19% during the 2018:2028 decade. This will add 21.100 job opportunities for health animal technicians. 


- In May 2018 average animal health technician salary for all health animal technicians was 35.560, the majority of these workers about 90% were employed in professional scientific and technical services.


For being an animal health technician and getting a good salary you should take courses about chemistry, microbiology, anatomy of animals, also you should know animal nutrition, medical terminology, anesthesia, and animal disease. You also want to spend time studying animals, understanding the bond between animals and humans. 


By: Dr. Esraa Farhat

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