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The Animal health center of Wichita is a perfect choice If the problem is related to the health of your pet because they know how people love their animals, they provide the best level of veterinary care at all.


The animal health center of Wichita is interested in animals to make them happy and healthy, they believe there is a bond between the pet and his friend, a pet is considered one of his family, the animal health center of Wichita is loving and caring to their patients.

Animal health center of Wichita

Where is the animal health center of Wichita?

The hospital of Wichita is located at 2930 E. Harry St, Wichita, Kansas, United States.

Once you choose this center, you will assure that your pet will take high-quality services by following the newest medical protocols and medical equipment. They provide care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

You can call them by:

Phone: (316) 267-4738



Services of the animal health center of Wichita:

1- Examination and Consultation:

You can talk to the staff of the animal health center of Wichita in case you observe any trouble or strange symptoms with your pet, the veterinary will ask you about its diet, exercise, vaccines that it received to ensure that your animal is in healthy condition, after that, one of the veterinarians will do a physical examination, the hospital checks the weight and growth rate of pet, this all examination to discover any problem earlier, treating the problem early will become easy, rapidly and may make a full recovery.


2- Nutrition

Animal Health Centre of Wichita believes that overweight is a serious problem for animals, it may be the main reason for many diseases, so pets should take dietary needs and are within a healthy weight, the national needs change by age of animals.

So veterinarians specialized in pet nutrition help you to find a healthy diet plan that is related to your pet's condition. 

Animal health center of Wichita

3- Vaccination:

Vaccines are very vital especially now, many diseases are very dangerous for our pets, vaccines protect animals from illness, the animal health center of Wichita provides different types of vaccines and will discuss with you the most essential vaccine according to your region.


4- Surgeries 

I know it may be troubling and discomforting but in some cases, the pets undergo surgery but don't worry about that, your pet is in good hand, the surgeons in the animal health center in Wichita are highly trained and use a high level of medication l technology, everything will be fine, the center does it's best to provide excellent service.


5- Dental care 

A Lot of pet owners don't know how dental hygiene is essential. 

According to statistics, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats over three years suffer from some dental issues,  dental problems may lead to other diseases in the heart, kidney, and liver.

There are many ways for protecting a pet's teeth and cleaning them, such as home brushing, dental chews, and professional cleaning, that's the most effective way for dental hygiene.

The animal health center of Wichita provides professional cleaning, so if your pet has bad breath, any color on teeth ( yellow, brown), or isn't able to eat these could be signs of a dental problem.



6- Pharmacy

Pharmacy is filled with a variety of medications in all categories to provide your pet's prescription needs. In addition to the pharmacy in the animal health center of Wichita, they have an online pharmacy service, you can order all you need for your pet.


7- Microchipping 

Microchipping is the most effective way to ensure your pet will be safe if it is lost, a small electronic card is inserted under the skin, it's a tiny chip so it's painless.

The microchipping is recorded with vital information about the animal and can be scanned by any animal shelter or animal clinic so that it's easy to return your pet.



The animal health center of Wichita is the best place because they provide all services whether medically or non-medical to get your pet healthy and happy.

By: Dr. Aya Osama 


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