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Embrace pet insurance includes coverage for every illness, accident, and condition, plus the diagnostic exam fees, treatments, and ongoing care Policies offer accident and illness or accident-only insurance for cats and dogs.

Embrace pet insurance policy gives pet owners the confidence in taking care of their beloved pets depending on transparent pricing and customizable policies.

Customer Service:

Embrace limits customers' contact to be by phone or email only.

However, a pet health line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to share guidance and help with behavioral emergency issues, medical advice, and more. The service is offered via web chat and video conferencing in addition to phone service.

Embrace pet insurance coverage and services:

- Embrace pet insurance covers most types of care starting from exam fees to specialist care, it includes every type of veterinary care.

-Embrace’s online contacts make it easy to quickly build a policy that’s right for you and your beloved pet. 

You have to enter some basic information about your cat or dog and your location and you’ll get a reasonable plan that includes your monthly premium payment. 

From there, you can mix and match your deductible and annual limit to build a policy that fits your needs and budget.   

- Embrace pet insurance will review your pet’s veterinary records and tell you if your pet has pre-existing issues that won’t be covered, your policy will automatically renew annually and you won’t ever be dropped for any reason.            

Illness coverage policy

•Cancer treatment including chemotherapy

•Exam fees (with wellness rider)

Genetic conditions (such as hip dysplasia)

•Dental trauma

•Allergy testing

•CT scans, MRIs, X-rays, and ultrasounds

•General, specialist, and emergency care

•Alternative therapies (such as acupuncture)

•Prescription drugs

•Chronic conditions (such as allergies)

•Physical therapy (such as hydrotherapy)

•Hospitalization and surgery

Lab tests and biopsies


Accident-Only coverage policy

Embrace pet insurance provides accident-only coverage for newly covered pets 15 years or older. However, if your pet is already included in an accident and illness plan, they can keep it for life and will not be dropped upon reaching age 15. The accident-only plan includes:


•Torn cruciate ligament

•Prescription drugs for covered conditions


•Foreign body ingestion

•Hit by a car

•Cuts & lacerations

Wellness Plan coverage policy

Embrace pet insurance gives you the option of adding a Wellness Rewards strategy to your accident-only or accident and illness policy. You can use the policy to get reimbursed for routine wellness and preventative care services such as: 

•Fecal and routine blood tests


•Routine veterinary visits


•Teeth cleaning

•Toenail trimming

•Flea, tick, and heartworm meds

•Prescription diet food

•Training classes


•Anal gland expression

•Pet activity monitors

•Cremation or burial  

•Medicated shampoos

•Spay/neuter surgery

•Routine chiropractic care

•Massage and 


 Prescription Coverage 

Fortunately, Embrace Pet Insurance does offer coverage for take-home medications, including natural treatments, FDA-approved drugs, and under the umbrella of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia such as:


•Pain relievers

•Anxiety medication

•Oral chemotherapy

•Allergy medication

•Insulin and supplies

•Eye and ear drops


Dental coverage

Embrace Pet Insurance offers coverage for dental accidents up to up to $1,000 annual coverage and according to the policy limit you choose for dental illnesses. 

Your pet’s teeth are covered for:  


•Broken chipped, and fractured teeth

Root canals & crowns



•Periodontal disease

•Plan Exclusions


Embrace Pet insurance is a Safeguard for your dog or cat with customizable policies you can afford, The company offers illness insurance, accident, and wellness coverage with customizable plans, transparent pricing, multiple discounts, and exclusions


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Written by / Dr.Amira Hefisha



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