How To Make a Hair Scrunchie with a Sewing Machine

Hair Scrunchie is an important thing to highlight the beauty of your hair as it helps to tie the hair and maintain it and work to highlight the hair neatly and elegantly especially when exercising or doing housework or swimming and where it works to keep the hair from dirt or make the hair scattered as a result of extreme sweating and therefore must have the right hair association which does not work to break the hair and bend in this article you will find a lot and a lot about the proper hair bond for you and we will also help you design it yourself.

How to make a hair scruncher with ties

What do you need for a hair scruncher?


  • Measuring ruler (preferred metal).

  •  Scissors.

  •  Rotary cutter.

  •  Duct tape.

  •  Rubber bands when you want to decorate.

  •  Pen calligrapher to identify marks.

  •  A mat is suitable for work and shears on them.

You need

  • 1/8 yard fabric 

  • 1/4 yard 1/4"-wide flat elastic

  • Matching thread.

Note that: 

  • The ideal fabrics for scrunches are flat or lightweight fabrics such as rubber velvet or velvet.

  • silk fabrics for scrunches should be avoided for crunches as not to slip from the hair.

How to make a hair scruncher with ties

Make alone, your hair scruncher 

These simple tips for making hair scruncher with a sewing machine let's apply now :


Firstly cutting fiber:

  • The flat mat is placed to work on.

  • cut 8 pieces of elastic.

  • cut flexible fabric strip 3" x 22" using a rotary cutter.

  • fold the cloth from the middle with sides right together.

  •  stitch along the long edge.

How to make a mini hair scruncher

Secondly, sew along scruncher tube:

  • Fold the tape so that it measures 3 x 22 in the middle of the right sides so that it matches both the right and the long sides.

  • Open the previous crease1/4. Attach the elastic band to one of the short ends.

  • Thread through the short ends to secure the tape.

  • Sew the long edge.

  • Close the ends at the beginning and end of the seam so as not to loosen the sewing. Take off the sewing.

How to make a mini hair scruncher

 Thirdly, turn the scruncher tube out:

  • Fix the pin on the free end of the elastic band.

  • turn the long tube of scruncher outward from the open end.

  •  pull the elastic tip mounted out of the open end.

  • hold the end of the rubber band when turning while turning the cloth outward.


Then, Attach Elastic Ends Together:

  • sew the free end of the elastic band at the closed end of the scruncher.

  • Remove the pin from the front of the rubber band.

How to make a mini hair scruncher

Finally, close the final seam: 

  • make the scruncher straight one to secure the petition in the same situation

  • remove the open end of the scruncher tape on the end with the exposed rubber band and sew it with the sewing machine with a straight back and front stitching.

How to make hair scruncher with tie?

These steps are additional steps to make your hair scruncher more elegant and distinseams and with a beautiful tail. follow these simple tips to have a more beautiful scruncher :


  1. Fold a strip of stretch fabric so it's 8 inches long

  2. Make this strip with tapered ends in half with the right sides

  3. Use a sewing machine to thread from one point 1/4 inch toward the center and then stop.

  4. Sew also from the other point toward the center, then stop.

  5. Reduce size by cutting the seams. 

  6. Turn the right side out.

  7. Use a sewing machine to close the hole.

  8. Attach the extra piece around the hair scruncher. where the ends of the elastic band are attached.

  9. a narrow sewing thread to make a good fixation.


With these steps, you have added aesthetic touches to the tie.

How to make a hair scruncher with a tail

How to make hair scruncher with tail?

  1. Cut and thread the main scruncher as in the previous steps.

  2. Cut a piece of flexible straw on a small rectangular scale.

  3. Fold the small rectangle until it reaches one edge.

  4. Make the other end of the rectangle a tapered shape, then sew it.

  5. Do not sew the ends to each other as in a scruncher.

  6. Place the tail over the sewing line for the scruncher.

  7. Cut a piece of the straw into a rectangle smaller than the tail.

  8. The straight piece will be used to wrap the tail and the scruncher.

  9. Sew a straight line to hold the pieces together.

How to make a hair scruncher with a tail

How to make a mini hair scruncher?

  • You should keep scalps that are large enough to bind and use them to make lots of scruncher materials for all types of clothing.


  • When you have scraps that are 3 inches wide you can keep them for making mini hair scrunchies.

How to make a hair scruncher with a tail

You must use it for your hair and maintain it during different works as it increases the appearance of hair in a neat and coordinated way, which increases the attractiveness of the hair and its beauty and also easy to learn how to design it from this article through easy and simple steps and also using tools available to everyone.


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