Olive Oil Calories, Top 10 You Must Know About Olive Oil

"Olive oil calories" are utmost to be known. Imagine olive oil beauty benefits start from applying olive oil beauty for weight loss, colon, applying olive oil on face and for acne and reducing inflammation.  

With us today, we answer; what is olive oil good for? Is virgin olive oil better than olive oil? and how to store it? What’s the best way to consume and store olive oil? 

Luckily, we also offer recipes of lemon and olive oil for weight loss. 

Only set your belt and discover your health journey. 

       Olive oil calories

Calories of olive oil for weight loss are different from the calories in essential oils. Olive oil calories are from healthy fat which called “monounsaturated fats”

Olive oil calories per tablespoon

Olive oil, or what is called sweet oil, has many benefits, on both home or medical aspects.

Olive oil calories 1 tbsp

Starting, what’s olive oil good for?

Olive oil calories are good for you if it is healthy to use. Check this below script for olive oil calories.

Olive oil doesn't contain carbohydrates, protein, sugar, or dietary fiber so it contains fewer calories.

Olive oil calories in 1tbsp:- 

If you are confused, we supply all the ingredients:















The previous table shows that a large teaspoon of olive oil is considered a high-caloric bite containing 119 calories and 14 grams of fat. It is noteworthy that most olive oil fats are healthy; only 6.7 gm are monounsaturated fats plus 4.6 gm of polyunsaturated fats.

Olive oil calories per cup

Olive oil benefits

Can I take olive oil on an empty stomach? 

Yup, olive oil for the stomach was widely used within ancient times, and thus it has been passed down through  generations until our time. 

Let's discover what happens if you drink olive oil daily?

Olive oil benefits

  • Olive oil for weight loss

Especially when consumed on an empty stomach. You can make your own recipe from lemon and olive oil for weight loss. Besides this, choose the type of extra virgin olive oil, as it is the most effective olive oil for weight loss and is extracted directly from olives by pressing it in a cold atmosphere.

  • What is olive oil good for you? 

  1. The fatty acids in olive oil create a feeling of satiety for long periods.

  2. Olive oil is the highest in calories and are healthy fats so It works to stimulate blood circulation and thus the body becomes more mobile, so weight is lost and toxins are eliminated. 

  3. Olive oil calories for weight loss; it does not contain chemical properties to burn fat, but The fat-soluble elements will not result in any degradation processes.

  4. Drinking olive oil on an empty stomach works to facilitate digestion and thus helps in the process of metabolism. 

Discover our home recipes for weightless

  1. Olive oil with ginger


  • Mix 3 cups of olive oil with 1 cup of ginger in a bowl until it boils.

  • Leave it on low heat for 10 minutes, let it cool down, then move to filter it. 

  • Massage the places to be lost with this mixture and leave it for one hour.

  • Wash these areas. 

  • Repeat these steps regularly.

2. Lemon and olive oil:

If you want more olive oil benefits for weight loss you can use olive oil with lemon.

You need:

  • 6tbls of olive oil.

  • 1 small tbs of Rosewater.

  • 5tbls of fresh lemon.

  • 4tbls of Skin cream or moisturizer.

  • 6tbls of Glycerin. 


  • Mix all the previously mentioned ingredients well in a closed bottle.

  • Put the bottle in a bowl of overwhelmed water, until the oil is heated.

  • We massage the areas to be slimmed with the mixture and leave it for two hours. 

  • Wash the areas well. 

  • Repeat these steps 3 times per month.

Olive oil calories per gram

3. Olive oil with sugar:


  • Mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil with 2 cups of warm water.

  • put into the mixture 2 teaspoons of sugar and mix them well. 

  • We take the mixture 20 minutes before food.

  • Repeat the previous steps three times a day.

  • Virgin olive strengthens immunity. 

Olive oil contains high levels of vitamin E; one of vitamins dissolving in fats and does not work to break and decompose fats and thus it is a safe oil to use

  • Strengthen the immune system by enhancing the normal nerve conduction.  

  • The fatty acids in it are anti-viral, thus it works to strengthen immunity and protect the body from various diseases.

Olive oil calories

  •  Olive oil for hair health 

Retaining moisture and nourishing elements of the hair to keep up your hair and its beauty.

Your hair is exposed to the sun, dust, and pollution, which leads to damage and exposure to dangers.

What is olive oil good for ??

  • Maintain hair moisture by absorbing the monounsaturated fats present in olive oil, and this does not happen with mineral oils.

  • Reducing hair strand breakage, as olive oil has an important role in providing hair with the nutritious facts, and thus reduces hair damage.

  • Olive oil acts as an anti-oxidant and thus relieves future stresses as it contains antioxidants such as vitamin E, K which resist oxidative stress eldering both hair and skin. So keep applying olive oil on face also. 

  • Olive oil for oily skin; olive box reduces dandruff when applied before showering, which results when a protrusion appears in the scalp and cracks as a result of applying shampoo and massaging. Olive beauty always wins there. 

  • Olive oil for stomach and colon:

Olive oil contains polyphenols, which acts as an anti-oxidizing substance and eliminates bacteria that damage cells and therefore its detrimental actions, and consequently drinking a small spoon of olive oil works to; 

  •  Protect cells from damage that leads to cancer of the colon.

  • Activates stomach movement and reduces constipation.

Olive oil calories

  • Olive oil and reduce inflammation 

Olive oil calories contain 30 types of polyphenols which act as an anti-oxidation and thus :

  • Helps reduce inflammation in the whole body. 

  • Reduces the risk of heart disease by promoting good cholesterol levels and reducing bad cholesterol.

  • You can apply a mix of lemon peel and olive oil for joint pain. 

Olive oil calories

How to discover the best olive oil beauty

Extra virgin olive oil is the best oil, and virgin olive can be used also for cost effectiveness, why? 

  •  The least acidic. 

  • Products of the best in the methods of the most nourishing flavor.

Olive oil origin

Now that we have learned how to choose the best virgin olive oil, we have to learn how to get the extra virgin olive oil we must follow the tips:

  • Not to heat or process chemically. 

  • Extract edited in alternative ways such as pressing the virgin olive grain itself or spinning it after mashing.

Olive oil calories

What is the best store for olive oil? 

Health methods should be followed in the storage of olive oil to ensure the maintenance of its flavor and nutritional characteristics and therefore should follow these tips for store olive oil beauty; 

  • Store olive oil in a dry, dark shelf to retain its oxidation.

  • Use of the oil within 6 months From opening the lock.

  • Put the oil in dark bottles to reflect the harmful rays of the sun.

  • Ensure the expiry date of the oil before purchasing. 

Olive oil calories

Our dew treats for you today is that you have to choose the best olive oil such as extra virgin olive or virgin olive oil If you have problems with weight, the immune system, inflammation, and colon and store olive with 4 ways to maintain its flavor and nutrition.

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