Pet Health Clinic Nampa | 9 Different Services For Your Pet

Pet health clinic Nampa has been the best for your animals since 1994 as it has a professional staff offering full services including medical, operations, vaccination, dental care, ultrasound, and more.

Pet health clinic Nampa

Pet health clinic Nampa services:

First, let's start to learn about Pet care:

Pets aren't only our animals but also our friends.

We should take care of its needs. Neither was love, a sense of safety, healthy food, cleanliness, and going out for a walk.

So in the Pet health clinic Nampa you will find all you search for.

Cleaning services:

Cleaning with sterilization. For excess hair will be removed, for excess nails will be trimmed, and for insects will be treated.


Medical Examination:

Take your pets for examination periodically as that will help in discovering diseases in the early stages so that treatment will be easier.

Periodically examination is recommended for all pet's and this will remind you of the vaccination times.

Pet health clinic Nampa

Vaccination Schedule:

You should be aware of the benefits of vaccination as it protects your pets life.

In the pet health clinic Nampa you will be informed by vaccination schedule.


Care of teeth:

Veterinarians in pets health clinic Nampa give great concern to dental care to prevent diseases, bad odor, infection, and more.



Investigation Facilities:

1-Ultrasound is very important in diagnosis and follow-up.

2-Endoscopy, through the incision of one-centimeter diagnosis and treatment of many diseases can be done with less pain  and time.

3-X ray is useful in orthopedic problems.


Surgeries are an emergency state so it needs a rapid response which you will find in Pets health clinic Nampa with professional veterinarians.

Remote health care:

Nampa clinic offers through its telephone an application for home care of your pets. Try to use this facility by downloading 

Tele Vet application from Google play store and start to order any services you need.

Don't forget to create your profile on the application to teach services.



Service of Visiting Home On Order:

Chemistry, urine analysis, CBC, and more allowed as in house services. Also, a doctor can visit you with radiology and minor ultrasound.


With pet health clinic nampa vaccination services, you can get another service:

As you can take a dog license to prove that your pets took the vaccination.


Phone  (208) 465-6572

Address 1007 Lake Lowell Ave, Nampa, ID 83686


Pets health clinic Nampa is the home of your pets as all interest will be given to it.

Written By/ Dr.Ferial Mo



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